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Chapter 39 (v.1)

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A/N: Originally, this chapter was too long to put in one, so then I just cut it in half and put the rest in the next chapter, chapter 40.

Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Final Chapter

I didn’t have any fucking clue as to how I was going to fight against Evan and Azrael. I mean, I planned to give up my life for Dre and Ivan, but just what exact point should I even consider doing it? I mean, if I just whale down and let them blast on me right at the beginning of the battle, that’d be completely useless.

“Sister! It’s been a while!” Azrael called out sarcastically, still holding Evan’s hand while they landed softly on the ground just a few yards away from us.

“You mean a long time since you pushed me into that gaping trench?” I replied drily, thinking back to the point when I had first turned into a werewolf and I was trying to escape out of whatever realm I was in, and she pushed me into the hole that had opened up in the earth.

“Enough chit chat!” Evan said easily, like we were sitting down and having a cup of tea, not like we were literally about to fight to the death. “How’s my twin brother? I hope the acid didn’t hit in the eyes.”

His mocking tone made my blood feel like it was literally boiling. My fingernails dug into my palm, making drips of blood slide out.

“Why are you here?” Dre said sternly, staring at Evan and Azrael and handing out his own personal death stares like candy at Halloween.

“We just wanted to talk,” Azrael started to say in a sickly sweet voice. She casually started to close the distance between us and walked up to us, and Dre instantly stepped in front of me, protecting me from her.

“Don’t you come any nearer!” He yelled. I don’t know how I knew since I was behind him, but I could sense that his eyes had turned red— it was just an instinct I interpreted.

“Whoa, hold on there, Dre,” Evan said, holding up his hands in protest, but from his tone, I knew he was just being sardonic. “No need to get violent. We just want to talk.”

“About what?” I finally piped up, pushing Dre aside so I could see the both of them. I stepped a little closer, my fists still balled up at my sides, the anger I was feeling giving me a new sense of confidence.

“About…that,” Azrael replied dramatically. She lifted her eyebrows like she didn’t even want to utter the words aloud, and pointing her long, painted purple fingernails at my wrist.

I looked down. The heart tattoo, the Armageddon to my death. Momentarily, I’d forgotten about it. It didn’t matter anyway; I was basically committing suicide to save my friends. It didn’t mean anything to me.

“Doesn’t matter,” I said, somewhat smug. “It’s not even dusk yet— I’ve got all the fucking time in the world until then.”

I expected Evan and Azrael to, I don’t know, melt into puddles of their skin or something because they realized their plan was crushed – assuming that Dre and I could really beat their asses – but instead, they shared a look between the two of them.

I momentarily glanced at Dre and shook my head as if to say, “what the fuck?” But he just merely shrugged since he didn’t know what was going on between the two of them, either.

After Azrael had stopped whispering in Evan’s ear and turned her attention back to us, there was a wide grin across the both of their faces. They were definitely up to something evil.

“Mel, why do you think it’s called the Twilight Realm?” Evan asked, putting his fist underneath his chin like he was deeply thinking about what he was asking.

My face scrunched in confusion as I hesitantly answered, “Uh…because the hold the Twilight Elements.”

“And, just what,” Evan continued, when out of nowhere, two wooden chairs appeared out of thin air and both he and Azrael sat down in them like it was a completely normal thing for them.

“Are the Twilight Elements called that? You know, Twilight?” He said, sending me a derisively thoughtful look.

Just what in the hell is he getting at? I asked myself. I didn’t have a clue what he was really trying to tell me.

“Because they’re dark powers, and this realm is always…” I trailed off when I realized what I was saying. My eyes widened as I finally understand what he was trying to say.

“It’s always twilight here.” I breathed out, feeling fear grip onto me.

Dre sent me a questioning look, since he didn’t understand. After all, I hadn’t really had a lot of times to explain to him about this whole “heart tattoo” business on my wrist. He had no clue what we were talking about.

“Well, not exactly twilight,” Azrael finally cut in, giving me a humorless smile. “It’s either twilight, or you know, the darker part of twilight— dusk,” She looked down at her wrist like she had on a watch, but nothing was there.

“Which is soon approaching in I say about…45 or so minutes?” She said, looking pensive at first before smiling at me evilly.

“Oh God, no,” I breathed, my eyes far away as I thought about my fate. I didn’t realize why the earth was moving around me until I realized that I was sliding down to my knees on the ground.

“What, what?!” Dre yelled, getting angry from being shut out. “What’s so important about dusk?”

Tears were falling uncontrollably out of my eyes as I was blinking to keep them from falling, but I realized how hopeless it was for me. My chest started to ache when I realized that I was holding in my breath. I couldn’t breathe…I-I didn’t want to. What was the point? I was dying as we spoke.

“Dusk is when her time is up,” Azrael said simply, sending Dre a plaintive look. “I don’t know who put that ink hex on her, but whoever did a beautiful job of planning it out.”

“You shut the hell up,” Dre growled. He took one look at me, looking like a fucking idiot as I took in gulps and gulps of oxygen, like a dumb fish that had jumped out of water and onto land. It was the only motivation he needed before he started sprinting towards Evan and Azrael.

“Don’t.” I wheezed, fully lying on the ground trying to catch my breath as Dre sped off.

My airways finally opened and I was finally able to lift up from my spot and see Dre sprinting full on towards Evan.

“Stop!” I yelled again, but I knew he was going to listen to me.

Just as Dre was about to reach Evan, a cunning, evil grin cross over his face. He drew out his arm fast. In one moment, there was nothing in his hands, and the next, something that looked literally like a thin slice of black was in his hands.

I was confused as I saw what he held, until I saw those familiar inky black dots floating from what he was holding. It almost looked like a staff made out of like…acid.

And then, like a fool, I realized that’s exactly what it was.

There was nothing I could do as Dre ran straight into Evan’s staff. Unexpectedly, there was a blinding white flash of light, and I had to shield my eyes with my arms. A powerful wind was released with the light too, and even though I was on my knees, I was sent flying back.

I felt myself flying backwards, until I hit something hard and then something soft. I felt a warm sense falling slowly down my neck, and I realized that it was warm blood running from my head. I moved my hand around blindly, patting the spot, trying to find the wound.

“Oh no,” I gasped, feeling the literal small hole in my head. I did my best not to panic, I really did, but how couldn’t I?

When I was a toddler, I fell down the stairs to the basement after waking up from a nap on the couch. My parents didn’t hear me fall down the stairs because I was so little, and they thought I was asleep on the couch. But when they came and found my lying at the bottom of the stairs with Bojangles (unexpectedly) standing protectively over me, they took me to the doctor and found out that I had a concussion.

That’s why I never go anywhere, besides the fact how anti-social I am. That’s why I don’t try any sports, besides the fact that I suck every single sport there is on this earth. And that’s also why I don’t dance. Besides the fact I look like I’m having a seizure every time I do something other than the salsa.

“What’s wrong?” I heard Ivan said, and that’s when I realized that was the “soft” thing I had hit after flying back.

After the flash of white, it was completely dark, there was no more light streaming in from the top of the hole. God, I hated saying that.

“M-My head is bleed…bleeding,” I embarrassingly stuttered, trying to keep myself under control instead of heading into a full on panic.

“Where’s Dre?” He asked, his voice quiet, as if he didn’t want Evan or Azrael to hear us.

“I don’t know,” I whimpered, feeling a fear set its clutches onto me. “I don’t know what happened. It looked like Evan was going to him with that staff thing…but then there was just a really loud clash and then that light thing happened.”

As soon as I said something, the darkness gradually seemed to be lifted from the cave. Light started to fill the cave, and a different scenery was revealed.

Bright, vibrant, dangerously red and orange flames lashing and flicking hungrily surrounded us, almost as if they were embedded into the walls of the “vertical cave”.

I let out a frightened yelp, my hand compulsorily – and frantically – searing for Ivan’s pale hand against the rocky rubble of the ground.

I don’t know why, but I expected monsters or poltergeists or something to burst out of the flames and maul and Ivan and me to death— probably just a reciprocation of my out-of-control imagination. It was deathly silent, besides the roar of the fire and crackling that almost sounded like rolling cellophane.

“Where did they go…” I whispered quietly, so quiet that I barely even heard myself. My voice sounded eerie in the presence of the crackling flames, so ominous sounding as I felt sheer terror take hold in the bottom of my stomach.

Something bad was about to happen, I could feel it.

And as soon as I thought that, there was a deep rumbling in the ground.

Loud cracking sounds emitted through the entire cave, sending me rocking on my feet and grasping Ivan to gain leverage, while he just lie there with his one eye swollen shut, worry mapped all over his face.

I saw a flash of something bright in the distance in front me and Ivan, and I jumped back, confused. The cave wasn’t that big; how could something so close be obstructed from our view? And just what exactly was flashing in our faces?

“What the…,” I trailed off, trying to gather my senses. “Wait a minute. That’s fog. Right in front of us. How in the hell…?”

And just as I said that, I saw a spherical object covered in flames come hurtling straight towards my face.

“Holy shit!” I screamed, immediately ducking down and covering Ivan in the process. The “ball”, per se, of fire exploded violently as it clashed into the rock wall literally 3 feet above our heads.

Sparks and bursts of flames began exploding all around us in the air, coming out of nowhere and electrically charging the air, making the fire that had seemed to be embedded in the walls to come to life, roaring higher and louder, and flashes of lightning and thunder flashed through them.

Terror was running rampant throughout me, the fear of having a full-fledged panic attack so vividly apparent in my mind. What the hell was going on? And where was Dre? Where in the hell is Dre?! I continuously screamed in my mind, trying to get a grip on things.

My eyes watering from the heat of the fire, I suddenly realized that the fog was slowly lifting— along with the fact, I also become conscious of the fact that it was smoke and not fog, from the fire and clouding the cave.

I blinked the tears away from my eyelashes, and searched frantically as the blanket of smoke lifted from the cave.

And right dead center in front of us, was Dre and Evan, literally fighting to the death.

Although Evan had a smug grin on his face, it was apparent in his eyes that he was fearful for his life as he fought with Dre. Both of their faces were flushes, sweat beaded along the sides of their faces, their eyes locked with each other in deadly combat.

What was most troubling was the weapons they were using.

Both of Dre’s hands were covered with flames, and fear coursed through my veins as I saw that he was on fire. But as I looked closer, I realized that the flames were extending from his hands, lashing out and burning Evan in the process.

I watched as Dre’s hands curled into fiery fists, as he continuously pummeled into Evan’s chest, making burn holes appear in his shirt.

But I wasn’t sure what weapon Evan was using, with that cocky grin still plastered across his face. He held up his hands, seemingly creating an invisible shield, and Dre’s hurtling fire-balls exploded on contact with the invisible shield.

Evan finally gave up on his defense and launched himself at Dre, sending the two of them in a flurry to the ground. They wrestled around, trying to get leverage over each other, but it was a constant struggle; as Dre repeatedly sent fiery punches to Evan’s face, but Evan somehow rebutted as he would try to slam Dre’s face into the ground, and the cycle was repeated again.

I tried scrambling to my feet, bracing my hand against Ivan, who was still silent and snoring softly. The one place he sleeps— during a battle that will determine the fate of our (well, mostly mine) lives.

“Stop!” I yelled at the top of my lungs angrily. I didn’t have a plan as what I was supposed to do, but I didn’t care as I charged towards Dre and Evan, hell-bent on putting Evan’s idiotic actions to an end.

My “stop” got Dre’s attention, and he unexpectedly turned his head to mean, giving the chance for Evan to strike back, right at Dre’s face.

He stuck out his arm stiffly to the side, and I watched as a huge sword appeared in his hand— what he had been using before, but it had been cloaked in a sort of invisible shield, I realized, the truth dawning on me.

“No!” I screamed once again, when Evan took the sword and swung it…

…almost decapitating Dre, straight from his shoulders.

But, just at the last moment, Dre flung the upper part of his body back, so the tip of the sword nicked him in his cheek bone, cutting out a literal chunk of skin and exposing blood that ran spilling from his would and curling around his strong jaw.

My eyes wide, I ran even faster, trying to reach where Dre and Evan were. Just a few minutes ago, before the whole vertical cave-thingy filled with fire, I had only been a few feet away from them. But now it felt like I was miles and miles away; like I had to run years just to get to them.

Dre did a flashy backwards flip, landing on his feet all catlike, away from Evan, who was still grinning as he took the tip of the sword, tasting the droplets of Dre’s blood from it.

I was disturbed by what I had just witnessed Evan do, and my eyes were transfixed on him in a cautionary fashion as I finally reached Dre, stumbling several times in the process, and crouching down next to him, as he was still crouched on his feet.

“Are you alright?” I asked frantically, my breath coming out fast, from running for what seemed like a physical mile.

“I’m fine,” He said, taking in a deep breath. Apparently, flesh wounds that cut out a piece of his skin didn’t bother him. He looked to me, my hand still cupping his cheek in a somewhat protective manner, his eyes wide with adrenaline.

Suddenly, without warning, he leaned in and gave me a kiss on the lips, not a peck, but something about a seemingly two stages harder than that; a kiss strong enough that it made me instantly flush, even considering the position we were in: almost about to be killed.

“How wonderful,” Both Dre and snapped to the right, facing Evan, who had an evil grin spread across his entire face.

“They’ve made up and finally figured out where they stand,” He cooed mockingly, tilting his head to the side and smiling, giving himself an eerie, scary look. “I’m glad that you finally figured everything out— right before your impending deaths.” He growled.

I wanted to come up with a snarky comeback, but before I could even open my mouth to say anything, Evan lifted the sword up and sliced open his own arm, leaving a long, thin would from his wrist to his forearm.

Another sickly grin crossed over his face as the blood spilled out all over onto the ground. Still keeping deadly eye contact with me, he wiped the blood with his index finger and then wiped the tip of the sword, creating a small puncture wound and letting Dre’s blood mix with his own.

He started to laugh, loud and long, making my ears ring as the sound bounced off the vertical cave’s solid rock walls. The ground started to shake again, as he continued to laugh, the green veins in his neck suddenly bulged out, all the meanwhile, his laugh turned into something even more sinister.

His voice became deeper and colder, and it almost sounded as if he his old voice and the newly adapted one were mixing together in one, creating a sound as terrible as listening to a recording of someone backwards; it gave me a creepy feeling that sent literal chills up my spine and sending my arm hairs on the fritz.

Dre and I, both in shock, watched in horror as Evan morphed into a legitimate monster. His eyes rolled to the back of his head as he tilted his neck back, and the neck veins started to pop out in his arms like they had done in his neck.

His skin started to almost…deteriorate right in front of our eyes. Weird white vines started to crack around his skin, as it changed from his original fair tone, morphing from white, to blue, to a dark purple, almost the same shade as bruise.

Long, light purple horns started to grow out of his forehead, through his temples, and his entire body started to swell to the size of a body builder’s. His veins that ran across his neck and arms turned an odd, neon orange, as they almost busted out of his skin.

He had turned into a literal monster.

How in the hell were we able going to defeat him like this?

He held out his dark purple hands, with the same neon orange coloring on his elongated claws. He beckoned his index finger forward, and it crooked it at me and Dre.

I looked to Dre, but he wasn’t even paying attention to me, his eyes were completely transfixed on Evan.

“Ready for the fight of your life?” Evan growled, still in his creepy as a recording playing backwards voice. Another smile spread across his face, and I could see that he had five inch long fangs and orange tongue.

Dre didn’t even reply, just started charging right at Evan.

“Dre, no!” I screamed. My knees were shaking as I feared for his life. What if Dre died by Evan’s hands? And because of me? How could I ever even forgive myself? If I was still alive by then, anyway.

If only we could think this through beforehand, if only I had known what I really was a few years before all this happened. And then we could have all been prepared, we could have fought Aerial and all of them off. But now? We were destined to die. And we all knew it.

But we were still going to fight, the fight of our lives.

To the death.

I broke out of my small little trance when I heard another inhumane growl, coming from Evan. I whipped my head around to see Dre still charging towards him, and my hands clenched into fists as I tried not to freak out and just simply calm down.

And it was like everything started to happen in slow motion.

One minute, Dre was running straight towards Evan, and then, he leapt into the air. And while he was airborne, I saw him transfer into something that I wasn’t exactly prepared for.

Out of complete nowhere, black nubs began to sprout out of his back, right where his shoulder blades were located. The nubs started to multiply, almost looking like a mix between black scales and feathers, and I realized that wings were growing out of his back.

Gigantic, 10 foot span wings sprouted out of his back in under a mere 15 seconds, to my shock and surprise. But, apparently, he wasn’t done.

Just as rapidly as the wings grew, long, black talons grew out of his fingers, and I watched as curved horns sprouted out of his temples, just like Evan’s had. His eyes turned red, unlike their usual chocolate brown, but besides that, he looked the same.

It scared me that I could see the similarities in normal Dre and this monster that he was now, and that’s when I realized why he hid it from me so long— why he had hidden the truth away from me. As dumb as it seemed, he really was protecting me. But I was too stupid, thinking that nothing would faze me. But because I was here I now, I guess that proved just how much I could actually handle without freaking out.

Evan raised his sword triumphantly, like he was a pro with it, while Dre froze, and then I saw those weird, black, inky bubbles rising rapidly from around him, like when he bandaged my arm when I had cut myself in my depressive state, when I had saw them.

They started fighting; their hands a blur as Dre narrowed his eyebrows in deep concentration – along with frustration – while Evan wore that same cocky, grinning expression on his face.

Dre would strike out, black slashes from the bubbles floating around him turning into long, thin blades that would slice right at Evan’s face. He would barely flinch if once grazed his cheek, giving him a scar similar to Dre’s.

I was paralyzed, really. I had no idea what to do. If Dre was focusing on all his energy on fighting Evan, and Ivan was passing out from his burn wounds, who would be able to help activate my powers? Since the Muses had sort of taken them away.

Fighting Evan and Azrael? This was going to be—

Wait a minute. I thought to myself, feeling an ominous feeling tickle its way across my spine. Where’s Azrael—

And just as soon as I thought it, I felt someone push into the small of my back forcefully, making me fall off as they knocked the wind out of me.

I felt my knees and hands, my eyes wide with shock and confusion. Hurriedly, I scrambled on my hands and knees, flipping over onto my back so I could look up and see Azrael, in her werewolf form.

Well, I thought I had been pretty cool as a wolf, but Azrael? She had probably about 100 pounds, tops, on me in her wolf form, and her teeth almost seemed razor sharp, almost like an Exacto knife.

She snarled at me, sending a saliva dripped from her teeth to the ground, right beside me as she stood on top of me, her four legs adjacent to my shoulders and waist, ready to pounce in a second.

Fear gripped me tight, and I felt a pang in my head as I closed my eyes, not sure of what to do. I then felt a ripping sensation, and then a white-hot signing fire burst through my entire head, making me scream bloody murder.

I opened my eyes to find Azrael’s jaws locked in my head, her teeth most definitely breaking through skin and grabbing onto raw muscle. She jerked her head, trying to tear out a piece of my brain.

The sheer shock that my own half-sister was trying to kill me didn’t faze me— it was the pain and fear that did. Tears quickly cradled my face, and a lump grew in my throat. What was I supposed to do? Let her rip out my brains? I couldn’t—

And then I felt it. That feeling I always get before transforming. It’s this weird, tingling sensation that creeps its way up my back, and makes me shiver in my shoulders. And before I knew it, I felt the change coming.

Incredible strength launched itself into my arms, and with a fierce growl, I threw Azrael off of me, sending her crashing into a wall and letting out a whimper as it made contact.

I stood to my feet, almost falling back down in exhaustion – completely having forgotten heart tattoo that depicted my looming death – and felt my body start to morph.

Fur replaced my “mane” of hair and sprouted everywhere, the copper and black hair spurting up like flowers in the spring time. I felt my mouth elongate into a long snout, and my teeth grew into long, sharp, razor blade teeth. I kneeled down on all fours, my senses heightening immediately— making the terrain around me sharper and clearer.

And then, I felt my gaze glow red.

Killer sense took over me as my paws thundered against the ground beneath me. One minute, I was screaming as Azrael tried to rip out my skull, and now, I was trying to do the same to her.

She quickly recovered from being slammed into the wall, and unexpectedly, jumped mid-air and pounced onto my back, throwing my weight and making me roll back against the gravel, sending spray of small rocks around us.

My spine slammed into the ground, and she was on top of me once again. I don’t know how she gained so much strength and muscle as a wolf, whereas in our human forms, we were exactly the same— you know, being twins in all.

But being smaller had its advantages as I was able to dislodge her jaws from clenching around my scruff but lifting up my hind legs and digging my claws deep into her belly. She let out a yelp, and I took aim.

I jumped up from my back, my paws scratching against the rock to gain leverage, as I rammed myself into her side, sending us flying once again. But this time, I had the advantage.

I pounced on top of her, and evaded her snapping jaws as she tried to rip out my throat. I snapped right back at her, and landed right near her jugular, tearing out clumps and clumps of her dark, russet fur.

She let out another whimper, and I knew that I had to go in for the kill. I dug my claws into the underside of her shoulder blades deep, feeling my claws go through flesh and muscle, and tried not to think of how satisfying it was to feel them go bone deep.

She slowly stopped squirming, and that’s when I bent down, the life in her almost gone, and stretched open my jaws as wide as they could go. Even in her wolf form, I could see the surprise and fear in her light grey colored eyes.

But it didn’t matter anymore. Like I said:

Fight to the death.

I had ripped out so much of her excess fur that her skin was finally closed, and my jaws snapped shut as I pulled on her flesh, and ripped out her jugular, just like that. Blood spurted out everywhere, matting bout our fur, and her eyes went dead. Because she was dead.

I had killed my second half-sister.

And the worst part of it all?

I didn’t even care.

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