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Chapter 4 (v.1)

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Chapter Four


I don’t know about everyone else out there, but I love 7 Eleven. It smells good in there, unless you go into the really bad one that smells like piss all the time. But I always liked going there and getting a Slurpee or something. And now, I was going there to see my brother kick my maybe-best friend’s ass.

Boy, do times change.

Marshall and I got out the car, and started walking past all the gas pumps and stuff to the store. It felt kinda weird though, like we were preparing to rob the place or something. And if Marshall got pissed off enough, I wouldn’t put that off of him.

“So, Marshall?” I asked hesitantly. I think he was still a little mad at me, because of the whole radio thing.


Good. He wasn’t mad. “So…what’s the story at school? What are people saying about you know, me and Dre?”

Marshall stopped walking and gave me a look that said, ‘really?’ “Dude, are you serious? What, do you feel sympathy for him or something?”

I bit my lip and raised my eyebrow at him. “Uh…maybe?”

“Are you freaking kidding me?!” Marshall exploded, causing a few people at the gas pumps to look at him. “You either do, or you don’t, Mel!”

I turned to the people behind us in the parking lot. “Everything’s fine, people! We’re talking about…pepperoni pizza. Who’s with me, it’s not the greatest topping, right?” I said, feeling a little nervous. Whenever I felt nervous, I basically turned into Mya. My palms get sweaty (sorry, that’s pretty gross) and then I just keep talking, like I can’t stop myself.

“Mel, stop avoiding the question,” He narrowed his eyes at me and grabbed me by the arm. I watched as the people at the gas pumps almost simultaneously turned back to their own cars. Well, that was nice to know. If some guy wanted to kidnap me in a 7 Eleven parking lot, the people there wouldn’t even pay attention to me. How nice.

“Do you want me to hurt Dre or not?” He said, his teeth gritted.

What could I say? I mean, I didn’t want him to, but Marshall wouldn’t be able to understand. He wouldn’t be able to understand the fact that I’ve practically loved Dre for years, and it’s not going to be easy for me to just give up those feelings. And – even though I didn’t want to admit this to Marshall or anyone for that matter – I still had hope for my relationship with Dre. Maybe he was just really nervous, or maybe he just needed some space or something…

“I’m going in,” Marshall said, which made me look up to follow his voice. He was already at the door, holding it open. “You can come in or not.” He didn’t say anymore, just walked right inside.

I turned, then stopped, turned back around, and stomped my feet. “Shit!” I cursed. I walked up to the door, took a deep breath, and opened it to the inside.

The smell of coffee engulfed my nose. I swear, once Mom stopped being a coffee-Nazi about how I shouldn’t drink coffee because it stunted my growth, I was going to drink coffee just about everyday.

I turned, and saw Dre, standing behind the counter, his eyes droopy with sleep. Marshall was waiting in line behind what looked like an 80 year old woman, and he was tapping his foot impatiently with his arms crossed. It was then I realized that I couldn’t let Marshall get into a fight with Dre. Nope, I cared about him too much.

The woman nodded to Dre, and walked past me out the door. Marshall stepped up, and stared at Dre. Oh no no no no! I panicked in my head. What could I do to distract them? I mean, how did I stop them?

Once I saw Dre’s face, a flood of feelings washed over me. Even though he was so tired, he still looked so very cute. With his ruffled hair from running his fingers through it, his brown eyes suddenly bright, and oh my, was he growing stubble? Okay, now anyone has to admit, that’s pretty hot.

It was a split decision I made. 50% of it was of my own logical thinking, and the other 50% was my hormones going crazy for Dre’s. Like a track runner – I seemed to be running a lot these days – and my eyes were focused on Dre.

He looked up at me surprised, as I finally reached him. His brown eyes widened in alarm, and he almost took a step back. But as I finally reached him, I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him.

This time around, he was the one who was surprised. But as I got to kiss Dre the second time, it was even more perfect than the first one.


He kissed me back full on, and I don’t know, I just felt myself rise out of my body and float to the heavens. When I was with Dre, everything felt so right. And I know that phrase is used too much, but there’s no other way to describe it. In my 16 years of life, Dre has been the only person I’ve ever loved other than Brite and my family. And I guess that’s what made it feel so…nice. If I didn’t have to breathe, I would pretty much just kiss Dre all freaking day.

I was in such a happy place, yet my dumbass brother Marshall had to ruin it. Sometimes, I would just really like to just lock him up in a room and leave him there for a while. I never even bothered Marshall about how much Criss is a bad influence on him, yet it was his idea to kick Dre’s ass. And so yeah, maybe he was trying to be my protective older brother, but I don’t think that’s the way it’s supposed to work.

“What are you doing?” Marshall cried out at me with hostility. “I thought you hated him!”

I (reluctantly) pulled myself away from Dre, who had now opened his wide brown eyes in shock. I looked at him, then Marshall, then back at Dre. What could I say? What, my girlish hormones were urging me to basically grind myself against Dre? Yeah, I don’t think I could really say that.

“Uh…no?” I said dumbly, and mentally kicked myself. Not only was I making a fool of myself in Dre, but I’m pretty sure that he wanted to run away from me again.

Marshall closed his eyes tightly and began rubbing the bridge of his nose. “I swear to God, one of these days…” He muttered under his breath. He started pacing up and down the aisles, which gave me the time to face Dre.

“Hey,” He said, turning to face me.

Hey? That’s it? Dude, I just basically made out with you in a public place. Can I get a little more credit here? “Dre, have you been avoiding me?” A little bit of anger began to flow in my voice, and the pent up sadness (well, maybe not so much as pent up, since I spent half the day crying to myself)  was turning into fury.

“I…well, yeah,” He admitted sheepishly.

Usually, I would have thought that his sheepish expression was cute, but now, I was just getting livid. “So, let me see if I’ve got this right: You kiss me, then run away. You then don’t text or even call me, and when I think that maybe I should give you a chance, you don’t apologize, you just say ‘hey’?” I said, my voice starting to get louder and louder. There were people waiting in line, but I didn’t care about them right then.

Dre flinched at the tone of my voice. “Well, it’s not really like that Mel. I’ve been at work, and then—,”

“WHAT ABOUT AT SCHOOL?” I said, slamming my fist against the counter. “You could have come up to me and explained. I shouldn’t have to come to your fucking job to get an answer out of you!”

By then, I had my answer. I didn’t need to answer Dre. I knew that we wouldn’t be anymore than friends, and knew that we could never be friends anymore. In a way, I had kinda ruined our friendship in the first place, but Dre could have just told me that he didn’t like me in that way. After everything he’s been through with his mom and abusive dad, I could understand that he might have problems. But we never had problems before!

“You know what, Andre,” I said, using his full name. The last time I had used his full name was the first time I met him. I hadn’t used it since then. But now, I knew that we didn’t have a close enough relationship to call him Dre. “You can forget it. I don’t want to be friends anymore.”

And with that last sentence – that I felt that I would soon regret – I began to walk off. Even though I didn’t feel very sad, two tears ran down from my eyes. It just really hurt me, you know? I’ve never been an emotional person, but when it came to Dr—, er, Andre, it was a whole different experience. He was the one guy I could trust and love, and now that was destroyed. Which meant in a way, I was destroyed too.

“Mel!” He called after me, apparently not in shock anymore. I felt him catch up to me, but I didn’t stop. I just didn’t want to see him anymore.

“Mel, wait,” He growled at me. That time, I turned around to look at him because I had never seen Dre get angry at me. Not once.

“What do you want?” I said tiredly.

He walked up to me, with a look of fury on his face. He stared down at me, and I felt myself shrink back a little. Oh shit, what had I done…?

Dre seized me by the shoulders and looked me dead in the eye. “Mel, I didn’t want to run away from you, a’ight? It’s just that, well, I would tell you, but you wouldn’t understand,”

The hatred I had felt Dre disappeared as soon as it had appeared. The look in his eyes; I could tell that it wasn’t hate. It was (well, I know this might sound a little spazzy of me but) it looked like love. He had love for me in those brown eyes.

“Dre, don’t worry,” I tried to assure him. There weren’t anymore people in the store, which was good because obviously, Dre was pretty occupied by now. “I can understand. Just tell me.”

“I can’t,” Dre said firmly. “You wouldn’t…understand. And I just have to leave it at that, okay? I can’t tell you why.”

I almost wanted to smack him in the face by then (I mean, come on, I was his BEST FREAKING FRIEND) but then I felt a high-pitched ringing sound emit in my ears. And suddenly, my vision wasn’t so clear anymore. It began to blur, and I felt woozy. My legs started to shake, and I was soon clutching Dre’s arms for support.

“Mel, are you okay?” He asked. I could barely see his eyebrows furrow in confusion. I didn’t have time to respond because I collapsed down to the floor.

“Mel? Mel? Melita?!” Dre’s voice began to slowly fade out, and darkness began to wash over my eyelids.

“Just tell me,” I heard myself mumble before I fell completely unconscious.




“Mel? Melly? Melita, can you hear me?” I heard a voice say to me. Everything still seemed so hazy, and so blurry…

“Mel, can you please just open your eyes for me? Please?” Suddenly, my mom’s voice entered my head. What was my mom doing in my dream? Usually, my dreams are about Dre.

“Oh God. Her eyes aren’t opening,” I heard her say this time, and then I realized that she was being serious, and that this wasn’t a dream. She sounded so panicked and worried, it made me feel bad. Maybe if I told her that I was just too tired to go to school today, she would let me stay home.

I decided to open my eyes, but then I felt myself start to get panicked. They just…wouldn’t open. They felt like lead, and they hurt really badly. They hurt more than this one time I banged my knee against the bus seat in front of me, and the doctor had told me that I bruised the bone. It was like that, but two times magnified. I just couldn’t open them.

And I couldn’t open my mouth, either. It was like it was glued shut, and it just stayed the way. I really started to panic then, since I couldn’t open my eyes or even speak. I basically lost my motor skills and became blind at the same motherfucking time.


I was so nervous and panicked and just completely freaking out, but I couldn’t do anything about it. I couldn’t move – hell, I couldn’t even feel any one of my limbs – and then I just felt so tired. I was extremely exhausted out of nowhere, and it took over my entire body. Before I knew it, I felt myself falling into a deep, deep sleep…

“Girl I want you to know, I can’t get you out of my head, my head,” Song lyrics entered through my ears, and I felt myself slowly waking up.

I would definitely know that song anywhere. It was “Out of My Head” by Lupe Fiasco. It was one of my favorite songs from his album, ‘Lasers’, too. And there was only one of my friends that knew the words to that song as well as I did, since Brite listened to people like Katy Perry and Beyonce, and Charlie only listened to Avenged Sevenfold. They had to mean it was…

“Dre?” The sound of another voice sounded through the room, making me jolt up. I soon then realized that it was my own voice, and it only sounded weird because I hadn’t used it in so long.

“Oh, you’re awake,” He said, sounding a little bit surprised, and maybe a little bit unhappy (?).

I tried opening my eyelids, and it took a lot of time, but they finally slowly opened up an inch. I turned to the right, and saw Dre sitting in a little plastic chair in the corner. It was actually pretty funny, since Dre is just really tall, and his shoulders are a little broad. He was just cramped up, in that little plastic chair, trying to look normal. Sometimes, it crossed my mind as to why he ever quit the basketball team.

“I was just leaving,” He said, looking a bit uncomfortable. What was up with this dude lately? It was like he was PMSing or something. “Sorry to wake you up.”

“No, don’t leave,” I pleaded, but my throat was so dry, it came out sounding like ‘no, dlow levh’. I cleared my throat and tried again. “Don’t leave Dre. I want you to stay.”

With that, he got up and walked over to my hospital bed. He looked down at me, and smiled. But it wasn’t a happy smile; it was full of sorrow. “I shouldn’t be here in the first place.”

What? What in the hell was he talking about? “Dre, what are you talking about? Of course I want you here,” I said, feeling an ache in my chest. We still had unfinished business to talk about, since we didn’t really get to talk at the 7 Eleven. “I don’t want you to leave.”

He sat down next to me, and I scooted over a little bit so he would have more room. He laid down next to me, and – with a little maneuvering around the wires – I laid my head on his chest, right next to his heart.

We laid there for a while, not really saying anything. In a way, it was really sweet. But in another way, it was kind of awkward. I didn’t really know how to interpret Dre’s actions anymore; if there were just friendly, or romantic. And yeah, I know, I should probably just give up with the whole being in love with Dre thing, but I just couldn’t. I loved him too much. Way too much to just let him go.

“How long have I been here?” I said, breaking the silence.

“Two days. I brought all your homework over to your house,” He answered me quietly. He shifted on the bed, bringing me closer to him.

Shit. I was in a few AP classes, and those were really hard to make up. Good thing Dre had them with me. “Oh,” I said plainly. “Thanks.”

I didn’t know what else to say. In fact, I was having a little bit of hard time remembering just what exactly happened at 7 Eleven. I don’t even remember why and how I ended up in the hospital. And in a way, I was sorta afraid to ask. What if they found out I had some rare infection or something, and it was fatal? That would completely suck. I hadn’t had enough time to get Dre on my side yet.

I summoned up the courage to ask, hoping it wouldn’t be awkward. “How…how did I end up here?”

I could literally feel Dre’s body tense up against mine. He didn’t say anything for a while, and I thought that he was just going to get up and leave me.

“You, I don’t know, freaked out when you came to er, ‘visit’ me at the 7 Eleven,” He said, sounding bemused. Of course it was funny that I had come up to fight Dre; because that would totally never happen. And maybe it was a little funny that I basically had a heart attack when I saw Dre. So, yeah.

“That isn’t embarrassing at all,” I said sarcastically, feeling myself blush, since Dre was LAYING RIGHT THERE NEXT TO ME. Why hadn’t I been freaking out before??

“Don’t worry,” He whispered, assuring me, and I actually did feel a little more relaxed. It’s like whenever Dre was there, he could work spells on my mood. “I thought it was…cute, in a way.” He said, and I could feel him smiling.

I had a spaz attack right then, BECAUSE DRE JUST CALLED ME CUTE. I swear, I could have straddled him right there on the hospital bed, wires attached to me in all, and dry hump him right there. I don’t care even if my f-ing dad walked in, I was that energized then. I felt like Rudolph when that doe Clarisse said that he thought he was cute, and he started flying everywhere.

Ah. The ways Dre could affect me.

“You…think I’m cute?” I whispered. It didn’t even sound like my voice, it was so quiet. Usually, I was all over the place, being loud, but now that I was around Dre, it was a whole different story.

He looked down at me, and smiled. He almost looked like an angel (I know, that sounds pretty corny) with his hair lying against his eyes, the smile on his face so kind and full of love. I think at that time, I realized why I had fallen in love with Dre in the first place. Yeah, it was because he was nice and everything, but I realized that it was because he understood me. He knew what it was like to be Melita Young, and I knew what it was like to be Andre Young, and I understood then why I loved him so much.

“I’ve always thought that you were cute,” He said a little quietly, and he looked away from my eyes.  I could tell that he was getting a little uncomfortable, and it made me laugh. No matter what the situation, Dre had always been calm. But w hen it came to love, apparently, it was a whole different matter.

I scooted closer to Dre, making him look over at me again. “So you think I’m pretty and/or cute, and you’ve kissed me. So…what does that mean?” I said, raising my eyebrow at him. Was it going to any farther…?

The smile from Dre’s face dropped, and my heart literally dropped. My heart monitor thing started beeping like crazy, and then a bunch of nurses came in, pushing Dre off the bed. It all happened so fast, I didn’t even see where Dre went. It was the strangest thing, but the farther Dre got away from me, the more I started to feel myself lose consciousness.

“She’s dehydrated!” One nurse yelled, looking like she just literally graduated from med school and got hired the same day.

Another nurse pushed past her, looking at me frantically while my eyes slowly drifted to the back of my head. “That’s not a reason as to why her heart is failing to beat!” The older nurse said. Her voice was so loud; it woke me up a little.

“Well it is,” The young nurse retorted, “If her entire water supply is almost depleted,” She said, shocking me in the process.

I was dehydrated? How would that even happen, there was a little plastic bag full of water hanging right there! As I turned to look at it (since my eyes stopped doing this weird fluttering thing) I noticed that all the water was completely gone. Which was weird, because it’s not like I felt myself absorbing it.

Some other nurses jammed a needle into me, and some water started to trickle into my system. My heart started to slow down, but it was still going pretty fast. I started to feel myself become a little panicked though, because I couldn’t see Dre anymore. Had he left the room?

“Where’s Dre?” I raised my voice hysterically, making some of the nurses look at me with shock written across their faces. “I, I just really need him here, please!” I yelled again.

The older nurse looked at my monitor with astonishment. “Nurse Conda, look here,” She said, pointing at it.

Well, okay. They were just going to ignore my Dre request? I’m having a panic attack right now, and they just ignore me. That’s nice.

The nurse – Nurse Conda apparently, - walked over and looked at my monitor, too. Her mouth dropped open when she looked at it. No seriously, it literally DROPPED open.

“Her heart slows down and she becomes hydrated when the boy is near her,” She said in amazement.

“Wait, what?” I said, and sat up to look at my monitor, which made the wires attached to me make a bunch of annoying pinging noises. But I did get a look at the monitor, which stopped beeping once Dre returned to my side. All the nurses simultaneously turned to stare at Dre, who just plainly looked tired.

I looked between the nurses and Dre back and forth. “Were you going to leave me?” I demanded, my eyebrows furrowing together as I stared at him. “Because you know, you could have given me a warning, you d-bag.” I said, a little angry at the thought of him leaving me.

He smirked. Apparently, my name-calling wasn’t a threatening as I thought it was. “I wasn’t leaving, I was getting out of the nurses’ way,” He said, trying to control his laughter. “And you should lie back down, and let them do their job,” He pushed my shoulder back, making me lay back down on the pillow on the bed.

The older nurse (who’s name I still didn’t know) grabbed Dre by the shoulder and dragged him to the door, her eyes still focused on my monitor thing. Almost immediately, it sounded off, meaning that my heart rate was speeding up and I started to get a little dizzy again. She dragged him back next to my bed, and then everything went back to normal.

“Well, that’s peculiar,” She said, looking between me and Dre. “Conda, go get the doctor,” She ordered, not even bothering to look at the nurse she was talking to.

Nurse Conda ran away to go get my doctor, leaving the creepy older nurse staring at me. It was quite awkward, since she had those glasses where she looks down at you ‘cause they’re hanging off her nose, which made her seem like a rapist or something.

“So…” I said awkwardly. “Is someone going to tell me why I’m here in the first place?”

“We’ll get to that later. For now,” Nurse Conda walked over to me and started adjusting the wires, by taking them out of me. The whole time, she had this weird leering glance at Dre, and I started to feel a little uncomfortable. So yeah, it was pretty weird that whenever Dre was around, I wasn’t having a panic attack or suddenly being dehydrated, but couldn’t we just leave it at that? I mean, did we really have to go any further?

“I’m gonna be upfront with this,” She stood back with her hands on her hips. “Have you two ever engaged in sexual intercourse?”

If I had been drinking anything, I would have spit it out in shock. “N-no, of course not!” I stuttered, my face turning red. “I mean, do you even have the right to ask me that?”

But at that moment, the doctor walked in with the younger nurse, upon the situation I was currently in. He stepped up to my bed – after giving Dre a somewhat charming smile – and gave the same one to me. “Hello there, Melita. I’m Dr. Watson, yes, just like the character from Sherlock Holmes,” He said, making me feel a little at ease.

“Oh, hi,” I said. “We haven’t met before, have we?”

He chuckled. “We have, but at least not when you were conscious,” He said, all smiles.

I don’t know, his smile and laughter at first made me feel a little better, but now it just sorta…creeped me out. He seemed like one of the people who just smiled and stuff just because their job made them do it. Maybe there was just a lot of sugar in his mouth, and that’s why his smile was as wide as it was.

Or maybe he just really hated his job.

“Now, Nurse Jackie,” (Ha, her name was Jackie) “tells me that this young man here, Andre, settles your heart rate and keeps you…hydrated?” I thought it was just weird if you knew about it, but it sounded even weirder once he said it out loud.

“That’s what seems to be happening,” Nurse Conda interrupted, not really even letting me to answer Dr. Watson. What a bitch. I mean, it was my question. “But I don’t really understand it. I’ve never—,”

“I’ll take it from here,” Dr. Watson, completely interrupting the nurse. It was pretty funny, her just standing there with her mouth wide open. “Nurses, you may leave. I would like to see Miss Young alone,” He said.

Was it just me, or did that sound a little bit creepy?

Dre turned to leave, and I started to feel my palms sweat. “No Dre, don’t leave!” I said, sitting straight up, which made my back hurt.

Dr. Watson smiled. “How sweet. Are the two of you dating?”

Unfortunately not. I said bitterly in my head. I mean, what else could I really say? Oh, well, he kissed me earlier today at school, but then he ran off and then I got really depressed. So then I went to 7 Eleven to have my brother beat him up, but then we kissed again, and I passed out so here I am now.

Sometimes, I think my brain just really needs to slow down. Maybe I’m the one who should start smoking weed, instead of Marshall.

“No,” I said, and left it at that. I’m pretty sure my doctor didn’t want to hear about my messed-up romantic life.

Dr. Watson walked over and sat next to my bed, writing down some stuff on my chart from my heart monitor. I guess everything turned out normal, since he in the end, he just said, “Well, I didn’t find anything wrong. I suppose you just get nervous whenever Mr. Young is around,” He concluded.

That’s it? Even I knew that. I guess there really wasn’t anything wrong with me, I was just a spaz that had too many sudden panic attacks. Seriously, though, I freaking fainted just because Dre kissed me. What if he asked me out, would I just panic every time we kissed? I mean, we could probably never even get married, because at the honeymoon, I would probably fall into an orgasmic-coma.

Did I really just say ‘orgasmic-coma’? Jesus, I need to get my head out of the gutter, for real.

“So…can you get me on some meds or something?” I pleaded, trying really hard not to look at Dre, who I could hear trying to smother his laughs. “I’m not a druggie or anything like that,” (I cringed, since I thought of Dre’s mom on the word ‘druggie’) “I just don’t want to pass out every time I talk to Dre. He’s my best friend.”

Dr. Watson shrugged, like he didn’t really even care. “I think you’ll survive without meds,” He said. “Your mother and siblings are in the waiting room. I’ll have your mother sign some papers, and then you can return home.” He told me. And without another word, he walked out the door.

I raised my eyebrow at him with frustration. “He didn’t have to be a beyatch about it,”

Dre laughed, his beautiful smile spreading across his face. God, how I loved that adorable smile. Goddamn, he was hot. “Mel, I don’t think he’s going to give you meds just so you’ll stop fainting,”

I wanted to slap Dre right then. Not because I was mad, but I just felt so…frustrated! No one was listening to me, and I was the one in the hospital! Aren’t doctors supposed to listen to their patients? Or are they so self-absorbed that they fall in love with each other and have sex in the on-call room like they do on that T.V. show Scrubs? What douches. And my own dad is a doctor, and I’m pretty sure he’s not that self-conceited.

“You’re like the only person I talk to besides Brite and Charlie,” I began to rant. “How the hell am I gonna survive all my classes if you’re in half of them, and I can’t stop fainting and all this stupid shit? Did they ever think of that? I mean, AP classes are really hard to make up, and they just pulled me into the hospital without my consent. And well, I was unconscious the whole time, but it’s the principal.

“Well, what about Drew?” Dre interrupted me, not even paying attention my rant.

“What about Drew?” I said. Dre may have kissed me two times (well, I kind of forced the second kiss on him) but I still didn’t want him going on about Drew. And I know this sounds petty, but she’s a little bit prettier than me, and I really don’t think I could handle it if another girl basically stole Dre away me.

He shrugged, drawing a little back since I kind of yelled at him. “You said you only talked to me, Brite, and Charlie, so I was saying what about Drew? She’s one of our friends, too,” He said, like it wasn’t a big deal that he was talking about a girl that was probably in love with him. “She’s our friend, right?”

I have to admit, my heart soared when Dre concluded me as another part of him, in the word ‘our’. “Well, I guess. But…”

“But what?” He asked.

What was this dude’s deal? Why was he so insistent on Drew? What, was he in love with her or something? OH MY GOD, WAS DRE IN LOVE WITH DREW???

“Well, I don’t really want her around because I’m pretty sure that she’s in love with you too, and she’s a  lot more prettier than me, and I don’t want her to steal you away from me, even though you’re not technically mine!” I shouted in one big breath. I was glad I got that out though, since it was like a big weight being lifted off my chest.

Dre looked at me like I was crazy (even though I know that I already am, considering the whole hydrophobia-since-I-was-five-years-old thing) “Drew’s in love with me? Are you sure about that?” He said, obviously confused. “Why would she think that? I’m obviously in love with you,” He said, like I was dumb not to even know it.

I swear to God, my heart literally stopped.

Dre said he loved me. Dre said he loved me! OH MY GOSH, DRE SAID HE LOVED ME, AND NOT DREW! Holy shit!!! I, I think I’m having a heart attack…I can’t breathe, shit I can’t breathe.

And if you’re wondering how I knew my heart literally and physically stopped, it’s because my heart monitor started beeping like crazy and the last thing I remember is seeing Dre’s smiling face looking at me before the darkness settled in.

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