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Submitted: June 11, 2012

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Submitted: June 11, 2012



October 25, 2011


Life is getting really...annoying. I'm just sick of life and all of the stupid people it brings. Sometimes I just think why the fuck bother? Everyday it's the same thing. Nausating English, dumb Spanish, gym is alright, studyhall-whatever, lunch .<

I dont know. It's just school, then summer, then school then summer. The pattern repeats itself FOREVER and whats the point? After highschool I'll go to college (Same Routine) then get a career. Yay right? Hopefully. What I'm acutually sick of is being a KID! I could totallly live on my own at this point. Just sayin. Okay maybe I'm a liitttllleeee ahead of myself. But hey, Mom got emancipated at age 16!! Why can't I?


Excited for tomorrow, finally something that doesn't seem so far away! By the way! I LOVE JAKE <3


Blah. It's like, yeah, so what, I'm in 8th hour, my last class of the day. Well this is how i feel, who cares. Woopdy do I get to go do random crap then tomorrow start the day with English ALL OVER AGAIN! meh. That's why school is stupid. For once I wish we had block schedualing instead of all my classes each day.

Life is just...bad. I've never felt this depressed before. Somebody help me get out of this..slump. I don't even want to be here half the time. I can honestly say, Jake and my parents re the only real reasons I wouldnt do anything bad.

Life sucks.


Somebody please tell me.


I wonder if you miss me as much as I miss you...

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