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Submitted: June 11, 2012

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January 4, 2012


I just read through my other entries for the 1st time since i wrote them -- and I'd like to show how far I've come:

Vicky-Broke me down, now I realize I have WAY better friends.

Jake- I still think about him cheating...basically everyday, the hurt has gone down slightly, until I start thinking about it too much. Then it's back to normal. But besides that, our relationship has actually been doing really well.

Family- eh.

Friends- Amazing, although I cant tell all of them everything, they're all there for me when I need them. Special shoutout to VICTORIA! I love you =) lol

Life- Actually doing a lot better. I dont look at things as...sadly as I did before. I'm actually enjoying life again =) Tomorrow is always a new day!

School- English, LOVE; Spanish, ughh--but Kristih is in here =) Gym, OMG sooo fun with Victoria and Emmie and Millisa. Especiallly Victoria. Studyhall, actually getting shiz done. Lunch, it's alright(: History, sooo much fun! Sam+me+will+shawn=FUNNIEST class ever! So many laughs! I think I cry everyday in that class from laughing SO hard! Plus, they give their HONEST advice about things. Chem, I'm trying SO hard and acutally bringing up my grade =D and math, Still, some of the dumbest people EVER, but its a nice, relaxing class. Plus I got my bestie in there =D <3

So as you can see, my life...looking up a little bit! :D

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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