Chapter 1: Fiance Freakout

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 1~ Good Morning Death.


March 3rd at a New York Loft.


“Good morning baby.” I hear a deep husky voice whisper in my ear as I rolled over onto my other side. My eyes still closed, I felt his soft lips on mine. It was a quick kiss that still lingered on my lips afterwards. I smiled slowly opening my crystal clear blue eyes to see a rather handsome man sleeping next to me. I feel his hands search for my waist under the freshly cleaned white covers.


“Good morning Dean.” I said in a sleepy chuckle. I reached my hand up and wiped the grogginess out of my eyes. Dean kissed me on my forehead then pulled the covers away from his perfectly toned body. He stands up and stretches walking over to the window and opened the curtains filling the simple room with the warmth of the sun. I closed my eyes and snapped the covers over my head.


I flipped over and looked at the clock. 6:42 a.m. “Ugh babe why do you always get up so early?” I asked him laying on my back. I placed my hand over my head. I was still exhausted. When I got no reply I sat up looking around the room. All I saw was a dresser a lamp two desks on each side of the bed and cream walls all around me. Yes our room was dull but the rest of our house wasn’t. I thought to myself as I pulled the covers away and hopped out of bed. I shuffled over to the dresser and put on my skinny jeans off the top.


I pulled out my black comfy bullet for my valentine tee out of my drawer and placed if over my head. I walked through a wooden door that was place opposite of the window. I looked at myself in the mirror and washed away the sleep with some warm water. I dried my face then quickly replaced some of my wondering hairs. I had no need to brush my hair today. I thought to myself reaching up and placing my hair into a messy bun.


I turned around and walked back into the crème room then out another door that was placed right in front of the bed. I glanced around the kitchen/living area/office. The loft Dean and I lived in is a very weird loft. There are three rooms in one. It’s all an open space separated by single steps. The living room being the lowest the kitchen in the middle and the office on the highest step. I noticed Dean was drinking a cup of fresh brewed coffee while he read the daily newspaper.


“Well don’t you look cute in your suit?” I giggled under my breath as I walked over wrapping my arms around Dean’s shoulders. I reached down and stole the coffee out of his hands. Cradling it in both my hands I jogged over to the other side of the island and leaned against The island under the cupboards.


“Hey, that’s mine make your own.” Dean laughed as he jumped out of the chair and ran after me. He stopped right in front of me wrapping his hands around my waist. I placed the cup of coffee behind my back. He easily reached back and snatched it right out of my hands.


“It’s a good thing you’re cute.” Dean chuckled placing his face almost against mine. He looked into my eyes like he was trying to read my mind. I started biting my lower lip then turned my head.


“Oh well, speaking of suits, why are you wearing yours?” I asked him slipping out of his arms. I skipped over to his seat and sat down placing my elbows on the table so I could balance my head in my hands.


“Wait I never said anything about suits?” Dean asked me dumbfounded. He leaned forward balancing himself on the island with his hands. We had pure white granite for the island with those green little spots everywhere.


“Yeah well I did so why?” I snarled back at him. I smiled at him as I felt butterflies flutter through my head.

“Oh Zoe have I ever told you how beautiful you are, I have a meeting today with the CEO of Auto Parts incorporation, were thinking of starting a new location and I would be the manager of it.” Dean said smiling. Dean walked over to me and kissed me on the lips then turned around and walked towards the front door. “Happy birthday babe I’ll see you when I get home.”


“Love you.” I said following him and closing the door as he walked out. I let out a deep sigh and walked back into our bedroom opening my dresser. I pulled out my stretchy dance pants and my “Live to move” dance tee. I walked into the bathroom and put on my dance outfit and quickly brushed out my hair. I brushed my teeth and ran the mascara lightly over my eye lashes. I walked back into my front room and grabbed my green bag off the couch and grabbed my black berry off the counter. I fixed the bills making sure they were all straight on the corner of the table.


I walked back over to the front door and opened it heading out into the cheap looking hallway. I locked the door behind me then pivoted over towards the stair case. My brown hair fluttered a crossed my face and down my back, since I had pulled it out of the bun and brushed it through.


“Good Morning Zoe.” I heard the lobby check in man chime through the noisy loft lobby. I nodded at him and smiled. He had said good morning to me every day since I moved in. I walked into the parking space for people who lived in the building and hopped into my old 1964 Chevy Camaro. Dean had fixed up the motor and re-painted the car to be a midnight blue. I put the key in the ignition as ‘the veronicas’ blared through the speakers. I turned around and slowly backed out making sure not to hit any other cars. Once I was finally out I sped down the road and through the winding parking lot.


***23 minutes later***


I walked into the fresh air conditioned room as the girls all gathered around and stretched. They all had the same outfit on as I had and I walked over to one of my best friend named Brandy Shelford. I was now at work. I worked at Tally’s Dance Studio.


“Hey Zoe, You’re here.” I heard Brandy screech in a high pitched voice as she ran over to me flinging her arms around me. Brandy squeezed me tight and I tried to squirm away from her.


“Brandy. I. Cant. Breath.” I gasped between breaths. Brandy lightened her grip then pulled away smiling. She gazed into my eyes and I just smiled awkwardly.

“Sorry. So how’s Dean and you doing?” She asked me pushing her elbow into my arm. I looked at her awkwardly then pushed my hair behind my ear.


“Perfect as always, I’m so excited for the wedding in 3 months.” I stated holding up my hand and admiring my ring that Dean had given me about seven months ago. I had waited long enough I was ready to marry him this second, well of course if all the wedding plans were all set together.


“Oh my, he did give you a lovely ring didn’t he?” Brandy bragged as she grabbed my wrist and pulled it closer to her face to examine the ring.


“Yeah he did, didn’t he?” I said mostly to myself but still loud enough she could easily hear me. Brandy was beautiful. Much prettier than I could ever be, she had long wavy blonde hair and sparkling green eyes. I envied her for one reason. She was prettier, though I probably shouldn’t because I’m getting married and she isn’t. I hope that didn’t sound mean.


“Well let’s get this class started.” Brandy said running back over to the group and yelling out over all there muffled conversations. “Everybody, everybody settle down and let’s get started, Zoe is going to show you the routine.”


“Me, what you know it so much better than me?” I protested as she grabbed my hand again and ripped me up in front of the class. I waved awkwardly and told her to hit the music. I stood in first position waiting for the beat to start.


The song going’ Crazy by Ashley Tisdale blared through the speakers. I flipped my hair back and moved in rhythm to the beat as I showed them the routine. I gracefully slid a crossed the floor as I noticed the shocked expressions on so many of the students faces. There were about twenty-seven students in just this class.  There were different classes each day of the week.


I did a little spin and ended in the finished position as the whole class cheered. I smiled and took a bow walking over to take a drink of my water bottle.


“Okay this is the first move.” Brandy said taking the lead as she showed them how the arms and legs were supposed to correspond with the music. I walked back over to the front of the class after I had caught my breath and just jumped right into the routine dancing in perfect timing with Brandy dancing right next to me. “You got it?”


The whole classed cheered again with a couple of whoops and yeas. Brandy ran over and restarted the music and the whole class started to mimic me as I started dancing gracefully sliding on the smooth tile floor..


***After the Class***


“That was a nice work-out.” I said grabbing my water bottle and heading towards my locker grabbing my dance bag I had accidentally left here the night before. I smiled at Brandy as she nodded her head taking a sip from her water bottle.


“Yeah it really was, so what are we going to do for you birthday, you birthday girl, how old are you anyways?” Brandy asked me as we walked out of the studio locking it behind us.


“You don’t know my age?” I asked her confused considering we had been friends since we were six. I walked over to my car and hopped in as she walked over to the driver’s window and ducked down.


“No I don’t focus on that when I’m trying to work on the best dance in the world.” Brandy said as she took another sip of her black water bottle.


“For your information I’m twenty-two today.” I said pushing the key into the ignition and turned it as the car roared to life.


“Oh my your old.” She joked as she took a step back from the car. I glared at her.


“I wouldn’t be talking little miss twenty-three, you’ve got to remember I’m one year younger than you.” I said as I sat up straight. I felt smart.


“Shut up!” She snapped back jokingly as she turned and walked away. I heard her yell as she walked away. “I’ll text you later babe.”


“Okay.” I screamed out the window as I pulled away from the curb and headed home. Brandy and I had been dancing for two hours now. When I got home I checked the clock and it said 9:00 a.m. I let out another sigh and walked over to the stainless fridge. Before I opened it up I noticed there was a note taped to the front of it. I ripped the note off pulling the tape with it.


Dear Zoe,


I’ll be back Monday; the boss says he wants to take me on a trip to see the other factories so I can learn how to run the company.


Love Dean.


I tossed the note on the table and walked over to the pile of bills I had straightened before I left. I read through them and threw away three realizing they were just advertisements. The other two I opened and did what I needed to do. I set them back on the table so I would remember to mail them tomorrow.


I turned around and ran into my room quickly grabbing my nano IPod out of the stereo it was plugged in and ran back into the kitchen plugging it into the stereo out there. I placed it in the slot and clicked shuffle. The song, when you love someone by Kid Rock came on and I went and hopped on my computer. Opening up Face book I noticed I had four new friend requests. One was a man named Erik Thompson then the other two were Dean’s parents and random cousin I haven’t met. I accepted all sending Erik a message.


Do you know me? I quickly typed and click send then jumped up and started just randomly dancing around my apartment singing along to every line. I danced my way all the way back into my room and put on a white tank top with one of Dean’s plaid work shirts over top and a pair of denim mini shorts. I pinned my hair up and placed a matching head band around tying the material into a perfect bow on top of my head.


I walked back into my kitchen and walked over flipping on my TV in my messy but clean front room. I searched the guide and noticed there was nothing good on so I just turned it off. I watched the screen flash black as I walked back over to the stereo flipping through the songs tell I found one I wanted to dance to. When I got to the song Headstrong by Trapt I stopped it.


“Your circling, your circling your circling your head, captivated everything you ever said, well now I see the, truth I never doubt, Different motive and your eyes are out of amount, so see you later, I see your fantasy, you want to make it a reality baby, both feet inside, well it’s out of our hands yeah, well now that’s over, I see good motives inside, Decisions to high.” I sing the verse in perfect pitch as I flip my head and dance around the room like a maniac. I was rocking out. Then I started to sing as loud as I possibly could for the chorus. “ Back off I’ll take you on, headstrong to take on anyone, and I know that you are wrong, headstrong or headstrong, back off I’ll take you on, headstrong to take on anyone, I know that you are wrong, headstrong or headstrong.”


I danced and freaked out for a total of three hours. When I looked at the clock I knew it was an okay time to finally text my friends and invite them over. I switched the song over to a simple slow love song by Gary Allen. I spun around and pranced over to the red extended couch and picked up my new blackberry phone off of the glass table. I quickly unlocked it and ran my finger a crossed the little motion box. I scrolled through my contacts and found my best friend Brandy’s number and texted her first.


Hey babe, scary movie night my house meet me in about an hour? I quickly typed clicking send and then scrolling through my contacts again to find my other two best friends, Blaise Vincent and Carmen Jenkins. Blaise and Carmen and I had just recently met through Dean. We had only been best friends for about two years. In my eyes that’s a new friendship compared to Brandy and Mines.


Hey Carmen, Want to come over for a scary movie night? Birthday bash starts in an hour. Again I hit the send button and watched the annoying arrow spin in a circle. A small little compact box popped up telling me that my message had sent. I then found Blaise’s name and wrote the same message sending it quickly. I threw my phone on the couch and walked back over to my computer to see if I had any replies.


Nope, yet I had like seven new notifications. I opened the globe button to see what I had, most were status likes as others were comments on status. I’ll check those later. I thought to myself clicking on the only one that was a comment on a picture. I clicked on it and the screen slowly popped up. When the picture started uploading I turned around and walked over flipping the TV back on hoping that maybe something would be on now.


I searched through the guide and found ‘cribs’ playing on MTV. I clicked select then turned around and glanced at the computer to notice the picture was loaded. I walked over only to see the picture of Dean and I hugging in the middle of winter. We were both wearing just plain long sleeve shirts and hats. I was smiling and my hair was about four inches shorter and my bangs were formed more like the girl from salt. I had my contacts in that day; well at least I had my green ones in. I never wore than anymore because I never needed to wear them in the first place.


That’s when my phone started buzzing. I ran over and it started buzzing again. About four seconds later it buzzed again finally knocking itself of the couch. I bent down and grabbed my phone off the floor. I opened my messages only to see that Brandy, Carmen, and Blaise had all said they were coming. Brandy said she was on her way now and would be there in about five minutes. I sent both Carmen and Blaise replies saying okay or that’s fine. Just basic little things like that.


I walked back over to the computer and opened my email. I waited for my computer to load which took forever. Finally the bright green screen popped up almost blinding me. I clicked on my inbox only to see all the emails were from face book. I stood up and walked over to the kitchen leaning against the island.


“What am I going to do?” I muttered to myself as the door bell chimed through the loud echo-ish loft. I stride over to the door and twisted the knob opening it to see a blonde beauty standing in front of me.


“What movie are we going to watch?” Brandy asked me cheerfully with a great big grin plastered on her face. Sometimes I just wanted to smack that grin right off her preppy little cheeks. I loved her though so I didn’t.


“I’m not sure we were just going to Netflix something.” I said walking back over to my computer. Switching the screens I went from yahoo to face book. I clicked on the messages and found Erik’s name. After clicking on it I swiveled the chair around to face Brandy. Figures, Brandy had already settled herself onto my couch and changed the channel to America’s Got Talent. I chuckled to myself and turned back to the computer. I click on the photo, except my computer was being miserably slow. I exited out of the window and stood up gliding over towards Brandy. I plopped myself onto the couch only to have to stand up again.


“Hey Carmen, Blaise.” I greeted opening the door and gesturing for them to enter. They did so and waved at the beautiful Brandy. I stared at Carmen for a while; Carmen was care free and girly. Her blonde hair suited her nice pale complexion.  Her blue eyes shot crystals of beauty at me. Carmen had always begged Brandy and I about being a dancer with us.


Then on the other hand you had Blaise. Blaise had gorgeous brown hair with big brown puppy dog eyes. She had the lips of an angel and was always smiling showing off her perfectly white teeth. Blaise floated a crossed the room with such elegance it was painful to watch. I hurt so bad with envy for each one of my friends here today.


“Happy Birthday!” Blaise said in a sing song voice as she went and sat down next to Brandy.


“Thanks, What movie should we watch?” I asked them all. I pushed my way over to the microwave and pulled some bags of popcorn out of the cupboard just above. I placed them in the microwave for two minutes and thirty seconds.

“How about Jason X?” Brandy suggested with a smile.


“Or we can watch it.” Carmen piped up after Brandy.


“How about we watch both?” I questioned mockingly as I strolled over to the living room making sure I pulled the sizzling hot popcorn out of the microwave before it beeped. I grabbed the controller and set up the Netflix.


“Man, isn’t this supposed to be done before we get here?” Brandy snarled at me.


“Oh be patient.” I snarled back as we smiled at each other.


I started with the movie it and hit play. I sat down next to all the girls dispersing the popcorn bowl to them all. The movie started and a hush fell over the room.


*Authors Note* Hey Guys thank you so much for reading this novel, I’m glad you followed me this far, it means the world to me, I’m glad you guys like the idea, oh and what do you think of the new cover for it, I like this cover the best. Please Comment On The Character profile pictures, Thanks : ) *Authors Note*

Submitted: July 27, 2011

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