Day D (part2)

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Day D (part2)

Submitted: October 24, 2011

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Submitted: October 24, 2011




-After a successful interview with Monica and Greyson = arranging, Monica is currently in a hotel in New York with her fiancé Justin started in the evening and revenge! ->
"Crnk! Crnk" Monica just showering and Justin sees Monica's cell phone on the table and going to pick him up ->
"Baby? Ringing your phone." Justin tries to call his fiancee but she does not hear that!
-Justin received a call decided ->
"Hello? Monica? I just wanted to say that last night was amazing. They rose around, champagne, strawberries and everything around it. Especially those much look forward to seeing you again, I miss you." the phone is answered Greyson! Justin was in shock and fills a call, and knew not what it is ->
-Monica came into the room with a smile ->
"Who was that?" Monica said happily
"Do not you know? I really do not know?" Justin is still looking down
"No, I have no idea." Monica laughs
"Hmm but I did. It was Greyson Chance and said that he misses you and that you would like to see again .. tell me have you vzpom?la?" Justin talks "has" quietly ->
"Mmm yeah ... You know yesterday I was with him and became more than I myself expected. You kiss too unknown girls" recaptured Justin Monica ->
"Hmm .. But I really do not think so .." Justin looked down again and he was really sad.
-Justin turned and tried to leave the room but ->
"Hahahaha" Monica uttered laugh
"Justin, promise me something. Never again do not take girls to the clip without my permission, nor are there do not kiss, without my permission Okay?" Monica said fairly
-Justin was rotated back to Monica, then smiled and walked quietly to her ->
"It's as fact? So between you and the Greyson nothing happened right?" Justin said
"Haha, no nothing happened," she added with a smile Monica
"And he do not you like it?" Justin demanded ->
"No," Monica said with a laugh
"But he likes you more than me?" said Justin quickly
"Do not worry, you're like me more! Hahaha," said Monica
"Uff, I breathed a sigh: D" laughs Justin
And he took Monica-waist and hugged her closely ->
"Promise me that you do not have to kiss the girls with some clips without my permission," said Monica
"I promise," said
"I really say?: D" laughs Justin, and Monica, too. Then they kissed and both were happy.

Marinna species, is currently in New York. Tomorrow's tour in Oklahoma .. It is a look into the record store and listen to some. But the way she meets Cody ->

CLOTHING: Marinna species is wearing white shorts, white shirt, a high white boots and loose hair.
Cody has a dark blue shirt, white pants and white sneakers. The interview could have begun! ->

"Yeey, Marinna species Hi!" Cody met a Marinna species in the street outside her hotel so it immediately began to talk ->
"Hey Cody, what are you doing here?: D" laughs those of marine
"Right now, I wanted to go a little father to walk and go out: D What about you?" asked Cody
"Oh, I'm going to the record store and then I go to the doctor to control the vocal cords." said
"Oh, so it will not disturb you." Cody laughs
"No, not at all destroyest, I have a lot of time: D," said
"Well, how are you today? How's everything going?" asked Cody
"Today I am fine and everything goes according to plan .. that means concerts, book signings, interwium and so on. What about you?" said marine species
"Uff, so I have super as always. Even though yesterday I was pretty tired before I become .." Cody laughs
"Oh, and why? Up like that? Hahaha," laughs those of Marinna
"Well, I've had enough. I flew from Australia here in NY so I was pretty exhausted." said
"Wow,: D At least you have more" Simpnozer "Hahaha it was a joke." said
"Hahaha but seriously you are right. There, I feel a lot better, it's my country, where I was born, grew up. I can not imagine that I would not go there for Christmas, my family holidays, birthdays. There I was at home :-)" Cody talking
"I understand you completely. I have exactly the same with Atlanta. And what sister? How is she? I have not seen her," said
"Oh she is really great, writes me that her home will not leave the room, the very letters, signatures and so on. She would also like to once again you saw. What now?" Cody said
"What? Today? She is in New York?" she asked urgently Marinna species
"Hahaha, yeah I wanted it to be a surprise.'s In LA for about 3 days and is looking forward to you." Cody said
"Wow, that's a surprise. You got me: D" marine species have been happy without each other
"So what about today in a four-quarter to 9 in Club La Fuente? You I'll be there, Ali, and Greyson Ally.Co you say?" asked Cody
"I like to come. I look forward to seeing you. Yay escaped me time, I have to go to the doctor not manage it. Take care and Cody tonight okay? Bye." said last Marinna species and left
"Yeah, hi." Cody said last and I had left.

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