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This is a series i am creating.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Flaawless

Submitted: April 08, 2013

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Submitted: April 08, 2013



I'm in the last year of high school and instead of studying to get the greatest grades I could possibly achieve, I had a more laid-back attitude towards study; as any Social King can happily admit, the social life of the last year of high school is way more important than grades.

Hi, my name's Brendan Thatcher and I am the most popular boy in school, it's almost stereotypical - I'm the captain of my school's rugby team which is currently coming in second place, I am a huge ladies man and girls flock themsleves towards me every chance they get, and I am quite attractive if I do say so myself. I stand tall at around six foot and weigh about 96 kilos (roughyl 212 lbs) in lean yet toned muscle, I have dyed blonde-almost-caramel blonde hair and a natural glowing tan.

My life is pretty good. I get decent enough grades to stay on the football team, have a huge group of friends and of course, I get it in every opportunity I get. Girls in my town are more than willing to put out if it's with Brendan Thatcher.

But this year brought an unexpected curveball that would change my what I thought was perfect life forever...

At the beginning of the year due to conflict between subjects, I was forced to drop a subject or take up Dance as a subject. Each subject was worth 2 units and you needed at least 10 units and I was already on 10 units so I was unwillingly forced into choosing Dance as a subject. The only upside to this was the chance to perve on all the hot girls in the class.

The minute I showed up to class, all the sexy girls flocked to me, making playful jokes about me taking this up as a subject and they all surrounded me. I would have to say that I had sex with 6 of the 12 girls in this class. 50%. Nice work.

It wasn't until the circle of girls around me started leaving that I snapped back to reality. I followed them and saw that they were approaching Rayne Marshall, the school queer who despite being openly gay, was very popular. He was supposedly the girl's version of me - for lack of a better term, he was the Social Queen. He had brown tanned skin, these striking brown eyes and messy dark hair that looked like it had never met a hairbrush but it looked stylish like that; in a sense, he was exotic looking. He was shorter than me, around 5'9 and hadn athletic yet femininely curvacious body.

I didn't have any particular problem with Rayne but I didn't want to get changed in front of no queer.

Rayne saw me outside the class and laughed. He walked passed me without acknowleding my existence and we all followed him inside into the dance studio. I had never been in this room so seeing all the effort that goes into a dance studio actually seemed like a huge joke to me. The girls flocked to their end of the room into their changing room while I awkwardly followed Rayne into the boys changing room.

I sat on the opposite end of the room to Rayne as he began to unpack his things as if I wasn't there. He had his back to me as he stripped his pants off and I couldn't help but glance at his impressive lower body; he had thick trunk thighs and shapely and toned calves, his legs being completely shaven and smooth. He also had a nice plump ass that I am sure most other gay men would drool over. He took his shirt off and began to get changed into his dance attire which consisted of a tight black shirt and these tiny black shorts that showed off his ass and legs.

He looked over his shoulder at me and rolled his eyes.

'Stare on, buddy. Hurry up and get dressed.'

I was startled at the superiority Rayne spoke with as I was usually the one who spoke down to others; usually, I would react to this angrily and start a fistfight, but the way Rayne stared at me was almost intimidating. Without a word, I got up and started to undress and get changed into a pair of track pants and a tank top to show the girls my arms.

'Come on,' Rayne ordered me.

Taking another order from Rayne, I followed him out to the dance studio where we were the first ones ready. I stood awkwardly against the wall as Rayne made his way over to the bar. I almost gasped when I saw Rayne flick one of his legs up into the air as if it was effortless and flung it onto the bar and he began to do stretches in his tight little shorts. I watched as he bent forward, stretching his hamstrings. His legs were so toned and curvy and tanned and smooth and...

'Wait, what the fuck am I doing? I'm not a fag,' I thought to myself.

I tried to turn away but the way Rayne moved his legs around the air was captivating. I snapped out of my trance when I saw Rayne looking at me with a look of confusion.

'What are you doing?' he asked me.

'Nothing,' I replied, feeling like a worthless mouse yet again.

'Warm up, stretch, get ready,' he ordered me once again, 'I'm pretty sure you brainless jocks do that before games.'

A blatant attack towards me and my friends. This would require me tackling him and pummeling him. But I didn't move an inch. Instead, I laughed at his remark and fell down to the floor to get in some push-ups.

I don't know what it was about Rayne. He had this outspoken and sassy attitude that no one else could dare try. Rayne could walk up to a woman, tell her that she was fat and blocking his way, and she would apologise and compliment him on his hair. Simply put, he could get away with things that most other human beings couldn't.

I had finished my push ups as the girls walked in and I was expecting them to surround me but instead, the Queen's Army all surrounded Rayne without paying me proper attention. Surprised, I joined the crowd without thinking as the teacher began to give us instructions.

After class we had to get changed again and I soon found myself watching Rayne get changed back into his school uniform.

'Can I use your phone?' Rayne asked me.

I didn't even notice he was right in front of me; without thinking, I handed him my phone from my pocket and watched him curiously. He snapped a picture of himself with my phone camera and tossed it back to me.

'Pictures last longer,' he almost growled at me.

He left quickly before I could even think of a comeback. I glanced down at my phone and saw the picture of himself he took. There was really only one word to describe him in this picture - flawless.

'What's on your mind, bro?' my friend Jayden asked me at lunch.

'What do you mean?' I replied.

'You look all confused and thoughtful and shit. Thinking about a special girl?'

I shook my head and forced a smile. Jayden shrugged his shoulders and ended the conversation abruptly.

Jayden was right in a sense. I was thinking about someone special. The only problem was, it wasn't a girl.


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