When it Rains, it Always Pours

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Submitted: May 15, 2010



Chapter Fourteen

I look at Rick skeptically before grabbing the phone. He keeps refusing to tell me who it is, so I have no choice but to give up. “If you don’t mind my asking, who’s this?” I ask the handset in an irritated tone.

The voice on the other line laughs deeply, and I immediately know who it is. “Rick, why wouldn’t you tell me it was him?” He just shrugs and pulls my mother out of the room. She looks like she’s willing to kill a drifter just to be a fly on the wall and hear the conversation; she can be nosy at times.

“Wyatt, look, about last night..” I say carefully, not wanting to trip any mines during this conversation. It’s hard to say the right words, though, when I can’t even gauge his facial expressions like I normally would.

“It’s okay. That’s kinda why I called in the first place; I didn’t really give you a chance to explain last night, and I owe you that much. I’m sorry for being so mad at you. It was the jetlag talking,” he quips jovially.

“Wyatt, I’m not sure what to say. You should be mad at me. And you‘re not the one who‘s sorry; I am.”

“Fine,” he agrees, “But I still want to see you again before I leave. I won’t be back in town until May, so this is probably the last chance we’ll have to, you know, discuss things in person. Face-to-face.”

“Okay, yeah, that makes sense. When and where do you want to meet?”

He laughs nervously on the other line before answering. “Well, umm, I still have that present for Press, and I know you were planning on having company over later, anyway, so…I guess what I’m saying is that I wanna see you tonight.”

I should be happy to hear him say that, but I honestly can’t be more apprehensive of this idea than I currently am. Being the pessimist that I am, I only see this going one way: badly. Disastrous, even. Ben and Wyatt in the same room, at the same time, just doesn’t sound fun to me. I can’t exactly tell him no, though, or he’ll think something really is going on between me and Ben, when in reality, what we had is completely -and safely- in the past.

“Yeah, that sounds good,” I lie, “I know Press was looking forward to seeing you, anyway, so it works out.”

“You’re sure okay with me coming over? Even after I yelled at you earlier?” he asks skeptically.

“Of course I’m okay with it. Wy, I deserved that, anyway. You had every right to be upset with me. You know I didn’t mean what I said, though, right? I just haven’t seen you in months, so Ben’s been the only guy I’ve hung around for a long time. I guess I’m just not used to being around you again. I‘m so sorry,” I tell him. The last part barely even comes out even in a whisper, due to the fact that silent tears are forming in my eyes. I know that if I’m lucky, he’ll be able to look past my blunder, but lately, Lady Luck just hasn’t been on my side.

“Babe, it’s okay, I promise. It’s not like I want to throw away our relationship over a slip of the tongue. I know nothing is going on between you two; it’s just in my genetic makeup as a guy to be really jealous sometimes. Just for the record, it’s been really hard without you in Minnesota, too. I thought I’d be fine, but I’m really not. Next summer can’t come soon enough.”

I smile at his admission. It’s nice to know we both feel the same way. Although, hypocritically and selfishly, I can’t help but hope he hasn’t taken care of his loneliness in the same way I did with Ben.

“That reminds me of something. Wyatt, there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you for a little while now, maybe a couple of weeks. I really don’t know how to say this, because I don’t want to hurt you, but-”

“Babe, just spit it out. You know you can tell me anything,” he says, cutting me off. He’s wrong about that; there are things I can never tell him. But he does calm me down quite a bit by saying that.

“I’m not going to Minnesota for school, Wy.” The words come out in an unfortunate blur, but I’m positive he heard every single word.

He doesn’t say anything for what seems like forever, and when he does, I feel like a horrible person and, not to mention, the absolute worst girlfriend quite possibly ever. “Oh. I gotta go. I’ll see you later, Kiley.” I can’t help but notice the fact that he used my full name; he only ever does that if he’s in a bad mood, which is extremely rare with him. At this rate, I’m going to end up breaking him into pieces by the end of dinner tonight.

A few hours later, every single toddler in our neighborhood is in my house playing with balloons, throwing crayons, and smearing cake on the walls. I’m not even close to exaggerating, and I really wish I was, to be honest. I hate cleaning up after people, especially twenty of them at the same time. That’s part of the reason I’ve always liked Press so much; despite his age, he’s not very messy at all. He does, however, like to talk to my friends, which we all find pretty funny. Poor kid is convinced he’s gonna marry Ella someday. I’m eighteen, have the nicest boyfriend I could ever possibly find, and I don’t even have any sort of idea of how my love life will play out in the next twenty-four hours, yet my three-year-old brother has everything planned out.

Luckily for me, the toddler portion of today’s festivities come to a close early. Something to do with naptime. Although, once the kids all leave, Press just reminds me of the fact that his three favorite people are coming over later. It makes me want to leave town for a few hours, honestly. I just have this feeling that tonight’s gonna be a disaster. I know Wyatt’s not mad at me anymore (at least from the way he was talking earlier), but he’s gonna be bummed out because of what I told him this afternoon about not wanting to go to college with him like we’d been planning. Then there’s the awkwardness that’s sure to surround me when Ben’s just in the same room. I still haven’t decided whether or not I’m gonna confront him about that kiss. I can’t really be mad at Ella, even though she’s the one who obviously initiated the kiss in the first place. She’s not the one who was at my house confessing pent-up feelings followed by quite possibly the best kiss I’ve ever had. No, that was Ben. He was the one who betrayed me. Come to think of it, he betrayed his girlfriend, too, which is bad all on its own. I know it’s hypocritical to say this, but cheaters really do disgust me. I disgust myself. Story of my freaking life.

“Ella’s here! Ella’s here!” Press starts shouting, thrusting me from my reverie. I look out the front window, just to make sure, and sure enough Ella’s walking up our driveway. She’s not with Ben, though, and I don’t recognize who the guy that’s holding her waist is. Press certainly won’t like that. Ben probably won’t, either, though.

“Hey, Ella,” I greet her with a somewhat forced hug, “Who’s this?”

Press repeats my question, “Yeah, who’s this?!” That causes me to laugh and both Ella and her date, who I recognize from being at the concert, to blush crimson.

“This is Chase, Press. He’s my friend.”

I can’t help myself. I don’t know why, but I just honestly can’t. “Where’s Ben? I mean, why didn’t he come with you?”

Ella turns red once again and scratches her temple nervously, “We, uh, we broke up the other night. He said he wasn’t sure if he’d be coming today. I haven’t really talked to him since.” What? That makes no sense.

“But, the other night, that’s when I saw you guys…”

“Saw us what, Ki?” she asks, sounding genuinely worried.

“I saw you guys kissing. You practically knocked him over in your front lawn, for Christ’s sake! Why’d you guys break up?”

Her eyes widen in shock and quite possibly horror. “Chase, would you mind going inside with Preston for a little bit, please?” she asks him, so we can talk on my porch in private. I nod toward Press so that he knows it’s okay to play with the stranger.

“What were you doing at my house, Ki? And you were right, I did nearly knock him over. If you’d been paying closer attention, you’d have seen that he didn’t want me to kiss him. I can’t even believe you right now,” she says, sounding both angry and offended at the same time.

“I was looking for Ben,” I reply honestly, “I know I shouldn’t have been spying, but that’s not what I meant to do. I was just looking for him, so we could talk, and I happened to see, you know, that.”

She starts smirking at me before talking again, “You’re jealous, aren’t you?” I just shake my head emphatically, due to the fact that I don’t trust my mouth to say the word, ‘no.’ “Ki, it’s fine if you are. Ben’s jealous, too, you know.”

I stare at her in confusion. “Why? This is, what, your first date with Chase? Ben’s got nothing to worry about.”

“You don’t get it, do you, Ki? The only reason Ben might not come later is because of Wyatt. He’s jealous of Wyatt.”

“No, he’s not. Ella, that’s crazy.”

She sighs impatiently at my naivety. Grabbing my shoulder lightly, she pulls me in the direction of the treehouse. “There’s something I need to tell you,” she says on the way to the backyard, “I know I shouldn’t, and Ben might kill me for it, but it needs to be done. You have to know. Just promise me one thing, though.”

“What’s that?”

“Please don’t hate us.” 

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