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Ruby is your average dog. She loves her house folk dearly, but gets pulled out of her family by the outside world. Will this strange love between her familyvp and outside pull her apart? Or will she choose to go with another? No copyright intended for WARRIORS By Erin Hunter....

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Mysteries

Submitted: June 01, 2013

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Submitted: June 01, 2013



Chapter 1: Ruby Ruby is an average dog. She has feelings, thoughts, loves and hates. She loves her family almost entirely. One night, a huge storm awoke ruby from her sleep. BANG! The lightning felt so close she could practically feel the electricity running through her body. She yawned and tried to fall back asleep, wondering if this nightmare of a storm would ever end. She awoke once again and just about bit her own paw. \"oh my sheep. My house folk almost scared me to death.\" she thought. She fell asleep for what seemed like minutes. Then she awoke to slow rubbing on her back. It was her owner, once again, getting her up. It was approximentally 3 hours after sunrise, so it was about 11:00 in the morning. Rubys bowl was filed with the non-filling, tastless pebbles that she ate everyday. One of her owners left, like they always do. The other stayed put though. She hoped out the doggy-door and span around, to see a dog like figure in the shadows of the forest not to far away. She had neighbors, prince and lovely. Lovely and prince were dogs, like ruby. They were awfully nice, too. Although Prince and Lovely were nice dogs, Ruby had a short attention span. The time went by fast for Ruby, for it was already moon-high. Ruby did have a mother, who lived with her. Her name was Emmy, or Emerald. They're dog owners called them those names because they had a collection of gems. Every single gem had been picked when Ruby was born, but they just got a new gem, a ruby, the second day of Ruby's lifetime. Anyway, back to present time. When Ruby looked closer at the strange object in the forests shadows, she saw a dog, carrying a pup. \"must be a stow away.\" Ruby whispered to herself, shaking her head in disbelief. She nodded her head in greeting, to only be ignored by the opposite dog. About 3 hours later, after eating, playing, and taking her afternoon nap, Ruby remarked on the strange meeting with the forest dog. In the late afternoon sun, Ruby's red & brown coat shone like a powerfull gem being tossed into the sun. She blinked her eyes from the blinding orange sun. She thought of her strange meeting again, knowing that there is no such thing as forest dogs. She thought to herself, \"maybe their just lost.. Next time I see one, I'll do all I can to help them get home.\" Ruby agrees to herself, and looks for hours apon hours, searching for another \"lost\" dog. The sun was just now setting, a red sliding egg yolk. And after the few days ruby has gone through, she finally sees it. Another stow away. She follows the dog to a camp, where she feels she shouldn't have come.

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