Chapter 3:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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A/N: You guys really like this, so far. Yay! :D I feel acomplished in life (:

Chapter Three:

Stop jumping into fountians just to pick up all the coins.


Theres always that pit in your stomach, when you know you have done something wrong. I havn't herd from Alex, or Sophie for days. Alex used to stop by everyday, and now he's...gone.

It was Sunday, and the boutique was closed. I don't usually close on Sunday, but Sophie's necklace made an exception. The box of beads I baught came in, and I now have everything I need to finish the necklace. The beads are the same gold, and pink color as the originals, and they match the charm perfectly.I also had to order a new chain, because the old one was not fixable.

I left charm at the boutique, and had to go back and get it. I was trying to glue it back together with potery glue, but it just wasn't working. I might have to buy a new charm.

I slipped into my jacket, and grabbed my purse. I locked the door behind me, and started the short walk back to the boutique. I passed the local bar, and saw something that surprised me.


In a physical fight with another man.

"Don't talk shit about my sister!" He growled before slamming his fist into the man's jaw.

The man growled in pain. "She's ugly now, no one will ever love her. She's a cancer freak!" The man slammed his right knee into Alex's stomach.

I watched as Alex fell back, and landed on his back. There was a cracking noise, probably one of his ribs. The man mounted himself over Alex, and started pounding at his face. My feet started to move, and I followed where they wanted me to go. They stopped right infront of the fight.

"Stop!" I tried to pull Alex out of the man's death grip.

Neither of them moved. Alex's eyes locked with mine, but they wern't focused correctly. I dropped my purse on the ground and tried to pull them apart.

"Stop it! Stop it both of you!" I screamed.

I was pushed to the ground, my head hitting the ground. I blincked back tears.

"Don't touch her!"

"Oh, I'm sorry Alex I didn't know you daited people like her now. You really took a step back."

I sat up from my spot on the ground. My vision still blury, but I could make out two dark shapes fighting on the ground. Alex seemed to be in control now. His whole body twisting and turning as he faught against the man. Then, with a blink of the eye the man was gone. He was on his feet running. He was gone, just like that.

Alex walked over to me. He reached me, and then collapsed to the ground next to me. He had blood dripping from his nose, and lips. There were bruises forming on his face, and around his eyes. His hand reached out and touched my face. He let it trail from my forehead, down to my chin.

"You okay?" He whispered. I nodded my head yes. "I thought he knocked you out. What are you doing out here this late at night anyways?"

"I..I left the charm at the boutique and-" I started crying. It wasn't a cute little cry either. There was probably snot bubbles coming out of my nose. Gross, I know.

"Hey, hey don't cry."

"I was so scared. I thought he killed you, and then I thought I was going to pass out." I pushed away the tears and stood up. "Come on, lets go to the boutique, I have a First Aid Kit."

I started walking, and he followed me. He walked right next to me, his fist clenched, ready to throw at anyone who bothered us. We walked in silecne, until we reached the boutique. I unlocked the door, and turned on the lights.

Alex walked in, and then sat at his usual spot. He threw his head up, and pinched the bridge of his nose. The blood was coming out at a fast pase. I hurried over to the counter, and found the First Aid Kit. I grasped it in my hand.

"I'm sorry you had to see that." Alex said, when I returned.

"I wish I hadn't, but I'm glad I did."I dapped a cotton ball into the cleaning liquid, and started dabbing it onto his lip. He flinched in pair a few times. "Sit still, or it's going to hurt more."

"It dosn't hurt."

"You are such a faker, Alex."

"And you are such an angel, Nina."

I laughed, but still felt the blush creep onto my cheeks. "Why is that?"

He smirked, but more towards his own satisfaction. "I might tell you one day, if the plan goes well."

"What plan?" I raised my eyebrows in confusion.

"That, is a secret."

I pushed his shoulder back playfully. "You're no fun."

"No fun?" He challanged. "You're to fun."

"To fun? That's possible?"

"Oh yeah, I didn't think it was but then I met you."

"Hey!" I slapped his chest, but he grabbed my hand and pulled me closer.

"Tomorrow, I want you to come to lunch with me. They are letting Sophie out for a few hours, and I need her opinion on something. I want you to be there, and Sophie misses you."

"Tomorrow...I have work."

"We can order take out, and bring it here."


"Please?" He stuck out his bottom lip, and pouted.

"Okay fine. Only for Sophie."

He smiled and then stood up. "We will be here at around noon. Mark down in your calander 'Date with extreamly hot guy, and his sister' just so you remember."

"You're so cocky."

"Most girls can't stand it."

"I'm not most girls."

"I know."


I looked up at the clock. Eleven forty-five. I looked back at the young girl I was helping pick out a dress. She was about Sophie's age. Her hair was long, and straight black. "I like this one, but the shoes don't go with it."

"You can order a pair of shoes from the book over there." I pointed towards the magazine area.

"Thanks" She mumbled, and than handed the dress back to me.

As I turned around to hang it up, a pair of small fragile hands wrapped around my eyes. "Guess who."

" it Sophie?"I questioned.

She let go, and I turned around to face her. She had a pink bow in her hair, and it hid most of her missing hair. She threw her arms around me, and hugged me tightly. "I missed you!" She squeled. She was holding on so tightly, I thought she would break in half.

"I miss you too, you should call more."

"They dont really let me use the phone, unless it's to call the doctor."

"I'm pretty sure Alex has a phone."

She smiled, and turned to face her brother. "Yeah, Alex don't you have a brand new iPhone I can use?"

"Yeah sure kid, can we just eat? I'm starving."

"Yeah, go set up at the counter, I will be right there. I just have to help some one." I pointed towards the counter, and they went to go set up.

I walked over to the magazine section, only to find that the girl was gone. An order form was filled out. I picked it up, and put it in my purse. I will have to mail it tomorrow.


"Okay, Nina your turn!" Sophie yelled. "Would you rather eat snails, or go skinny dipping in the artic waters?"

"what kind of question is that?" I asked.

Alex and Sophie looked at eachother and laughed. "We have done both." Alex shrugged.

My mouth fell open. "Forget the snails, you went skinny dipping in the artic?"

"It was terrible!" Sophie cried. "The water was so cold, I felt like I rather be eaten by Polar bears."

Alex laughed, then looked down at his watch. "Sophie, we have to go soon. Anything you want to tell Nina?"

Sophie looked down at her hands and started to play with them. "I'm being moved to a Cancer Center in California."

My mouth fell open, and I gasped. "What! When?"

"Tomorrow, but I'm coming back! They are jsut going to operate, and then send me back after some testing."

I looked at Alex, but he was looking down. "We want you to come to the airport tomorrow."


"Sophie....and I." Alex seamed to look down even further. "But you dont have to. It's going to be boring, and probably a waiste of time for you."

"No! No! I want to go! What time?" I questioned.

"I will pick you up from here at around nine tomorrow morning."


Sophie smiled, and then stood up. She gave me one last hug. "I will be waiting outside, you and Alex can clean up." She poked her tug out, then left me and Alex standing alone.

"You really don't have to-" He started.

"I want to." I cut in.


"You guys mean something to me." I shrugged. "Go help your sister get into the car. I will see you tomorrow morning."

He walked out the door, and pulled out his lighter. A cigerette in his mouth.

Submitted: February 10, 2013

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Again, I love this story. Keep me updated.

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Of course ^.^

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Black hearts

#Memories xD great job!

Mon, February 11th, 2013 7:04pm


Thanks (:

Mon, February 11th, 2013 11:28am


Nina and Alex forever!!!!

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