Chapter 5:

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A/N: GUYS SCHOOL WAS CANCELED TODAYYY!!! (: That means I have time to put up another chapter. Thank you mother nature for 'Freezing Rain'

Chapter Five:

Where do we go now?


Alex kept his promise of picking me up early in the morning. He wasn't talking to me, and wouldn't even look my way. The whole ride to the airport, was silent and deathly still. Alex kept his focus on the road infront of him, and I kept mine on the scenery outside the window.

Some how we lasted the whole seven hour flight without even talking to eachother. It wasn't fun, but I don't want to fight with him. So now, here we are at the hotel. An amazing five-star beach hotel. This was crazy! I can't just let him pay for all of this.

Alex threw his bags down onto the bed closest to the door. They bounced up and down, and then settled right in the middle of the bed. For this first time in a few hours, he looked at me. His eyes still angry, but softer than beofre. I quickly turned away, hoping he wasn't still staring.

I felt him move behind me, and then I was pushed up against the wall. My hands tangeling with the blue curtians hanging from the windows. I held in a gasp, not wanting him to know his power over me. Very slowly, he turned me around so I was facing him. His eyes no longer dark, now soft and sad.

His large hand reached up, and tucked a loose strand of my hair behind my ear. My knees buckled, and I had to place my hands onto his chest to steady myself. "Nina..." He breathed. His hand moved to my chin and tilted my face up so I was looking right at him, and his other hand was against the wall right next to my shoulder. Our eyes were locked onto eachothers. None of us daring to move. To afraid to show weakness to the other.

"I can't do this." He said."I can't have you mad at me. That first day I met you, you took away a piece of the sadness and filled it with happiness. I knew you were that true friend that didn't care if my sister was sick. You didn't know me, and you didn't judge me." He closed his eyes for a brief moment, before opening them again. "Last night, I didn't mean anything. I was just being an arrogant idiot."

"I know you didn't mean it. I kept telling myself that, over and over again."

"I would do anything to take back what I said...anything."

His eyes drifted from my eyes, to my lips. Then they slowly made their way back up. Slowly he started to lean in. My breathe caught in my throat. My eyes where still open, and just as his lips brushed mine they closed. His lips where warm and soft. Almost perfect. They molded into mine perfectly.

His hand traced up and down my neck. His lips pulled into a smile, and then he pulled away. My eyes remained closed. My finger tracing across my lips. slightly swollen, but not noticable.

"Nina..." He whispered again.

This time my eyes opened. I took in everything. His hair was a mess, once again. Had I done that? Surely I couldnt have...I was sure my hands stayed against his chest the whole time. He still had me pinned against the wall. His hand reached out and touched my cheek.

Thedoor to our hotel room swung open, and Mrs. Dailey walked in. Alex instantly jumped away from me. He landed next to me, and the sound of his body hitting the wall filled the room. His mom stood there, with her mouth half open. She looked from me, to Alex, then back to me.

"I suggest you go talk to Sophie." She pointed at me. "She wants to talk to you before she goes into the hospital again."

"Mom!" Alex groaned. His hand trailing down his face.

"Alexander, she came here for Sophie, not to spend her day in the hotel room doing dirty things with my son!" She scolded Alex, and then turned back to me. "I suggest you hurry."

I nodded my head, and then walked out of the room. I walked to the room across the hall, and let myself in. Sophie was sitting in bed, watching TV. When she saw me in the doorway she turned of the TV and smiled. "Nina!"

"Hey Sophie." I smiled, but it didn't feel right. I sat down in the chair next to her bed.

"Are you okay, Nina?" She asked, her smile slowly fading.

"No, not really."

"He kissed you?" She asked, her smile back on her face. "He did, didn't he! Oh my gosh! Do you know how long I have been waiting for that? A long time! How long have you guys known eachother? About a month? Yeah, I waited that long."

"It was perfect." My fingers started to trace my lips again. "But then your mother walked in."

Sophie's eyes widened, and she threw her head back and laughed. "Oh thats priceless! I bet shes in there right now yelling at him."

"She is." I laughed.

Sophie was about to say something, but her mother walked in. Why is that woman always walking in durring coversations? I swear she had super hearing powers. Sophie grabbed my hand, and gave it a little squeze. "Go talk to him."

"I will."

"Now!" She pointed to the door.

Not wanting Sophie to get mad, I walked back across the hallway and walked in our hotel room. The shower was running. I walked over to my bags, better start unpacking now. Just as I was starting to put away a few shirts, the bathroom door flung open.

The shirt in my hand dropped onto the ground. Alex walked out of the bathroom in nothing but a white towell, hanging dangerously low on his hips. His muscular body sripping with steam, and water. I tried to look away, but it was like he had a magnet attach to him.

"It's rude to stare." He smirked at me, then turned away.

He looked through his bags for a while before pulling out a shirt, and some shorts. He then shot me a sly smile, and walked back into the bathroom to get changed. I went back to unpacking my bags. The bathroom door opened again, and Alex started talking.

"You know, that wasn't supposed to go like that." He shrugged.

"You walking out of the bathroom?" I asked.

He chuckled. "No, that when according to plan. I'm talking about our little...kiss."

I looked away from him, and down at my hands. I could feel my face heating up, and I could hear him walking around the room. His walking stopped, and he was standing right next to me.

"Shit happens." I whispered.

I herd him laugh again. Kiss me! Just kiss me again! I was craving another kiss from him. Just as he started to lean it, he pulled away. "Well I have to go see Sophie now. Have a nice day." He wincked, then left me standing alone. Again.



A/N: LALALALALALALA did you guys like? Yes? No?


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Oh, and yesterday I forgot the song for the chapter, but its up now


Submitted: February 11, 2013

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I'm in love with Alex now! This chapter was so cute! KMU?

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I am to !! And thank you for reading :)of course ^^

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