Chapter 6:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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A/N: GUYS IM SO SORRY FOR THE LATE UPDATE! Forgive me? :3 Well, that better have been a yes, because theres gonna be a lot of updates this coming week ^.^

Chapter Six:

Ordinary, in a special way.


I woke up the next morning to bright sunlight filling the hotel room. I opened my eyes, and looked around the room. Alex's bed was empty and un-made. The room was silent, and Alex was no where to be found.I stood up, and fixed my clothes. Running my hands through my hair, and walked around the room. This was usually how I woke up in the morning.

After a long hot shower, I finally turned off the water and stepped out. The steam rose off my body and stretched towards the ceiling. I twisted my hair, and let all the excess water drip onto the towell on the floor. I wrapped the towel around my body, and made sure it was extra tight.

I opened the door the find Alex standing in the middle of the room. There was a bag of fast food in his hand, and two coffee cups in the other. He turned to face me, and our eyes met. I quickly looked away, and walked to my bag on the other side of the room.

Alex chuckled. "This needs to stop happening, I think we should let eachother know when we are in the shower."

I smiled, and slung my bag over my shoulder. "That would be a good idea."

I closed the bathroom door behind me, and got dressed. I planned on going down to the beach, so I slipped my baithing suit on under my shorts and tank top. After I was done, I walked back into the room. Alex had set up the table, and was waiting for me to sit down.

"Good morning!" He smiled.

Wow, some one was happy today.

"Why are you so happy?" I sat down, and opened the package of food. Baccon, Egg, and Cheese. My favorite!

"Because, I have a plan."

"A plan?" I questioned.

"Oh yes, and it involves you."

My eyebrows rose. "Is that so? What happenes in this plan?"

He smirked, and looked up from his plate of food. "Just eat Nina! Ask questions later."

"What if I already had plans?"

"I don't care."


"Alex! Where are we going?" I asked, again. Alex's body shifted beside me. His arms wrapped around my waist, and he pulled me close. We where on the beach, and walking aloung the boardwalk. His hand moved to the small of my back, and he gave me a light push.

"Theres a carnival happening at the end of the boardwalk."

I gave him a blank stare, trying not to look so shocked. "You're taking me to a carnival?"

He smiled down at me. "Yeah."

His chin rested on my shoulder. He forced me to keep walking. After about ten minutes, we reached the end of the boardwalk. There was a huge ferris wheel, and lots of games and rides. His fingers laced into mine, and he pulled me through the crowded boardwalk. We reached the Ferris Wheel, it was empty and only a few small kids where in line.

"Excuse me." Alex tapped the worker on the shoulder.The man turned to face Alex. His hair was short, and spiked into some sort of style.


"Can I reserve a bucket for later tonight?"

The worker looked around, to make sure no one was listening. "What time?"

Alex leaned in, and whispered something into the man's ear. They whispered for a few moments, but then Alex thanked him. I noticed how Alex slipped two twenties into the man's hands as we left.

"What was that about?"

Alex looked down at me. "Don't worry, but follow me."

He pulled me all over the place for the next few hours. It was late at night, and Alex was walking our way towards ther Ferris Wheel. He never let go of my hand. Not when he won me a prize, not when I screamed on the rides. Alex checked his watch.

"Shit!" He sighed.

Without asking what was wrong, he took my hand and started to run. I ran along his side, and we reached the Ferris Wheel. He cut right to the front of the line, and handed the worker a piece of paper. The worker nodded, and let us onto the ride.

I sat down next to Alex. He still hadn't let go of my hand. I was starting to worry that maybe he had glue on his hand, and just didn't want to tell me.

"Okay, so I have been planning this for the past three days." He admitted, and then looked at me. "I want this to be perfect." He whispered.


As soon as the words left my mouth, a large spark flew into the air. I turned just in time to see a bright yellow firework explode into the sky. This. More Colors started to explode into the sky. Purples, reds, blues, greens, and every color you could think of. One after another they filled the sky with color. The show lasted for the longest time, and the grand finale was about the start.

I looked down. We were stopped at the top.

"Nina..." Alex breathed my name.

I turned to face him. His hand reached out, and cupped my face. His thumb moving in circles just under my ear. Without any warning he leaned in. His lips lightly brushed mine, and I almost melted.

Alex was kissing me.

Kissing me!

He pulled away, and I opened my eyes. His eyes where still closed. "That's much better than last time."

"That was perfect." Was all I could say.The ride came to a stop, and we had to get off. We walked out of the carnival, and onto the beach. We found an empty spot, and Alex sat in the sand. I sat next to him, and rested my head on his shoulder.

"You take away my pain."

Had I herd that correct? "What?" I mumbled.

"I was so lost before I met you. Every girl I met, I just wanted to be with for one night. To me, it didn't matter. It made me forget about Sophie, and that was all I needed." He looked up at the sky. "Then I met you that one day, and it was all by accident. The day I met you, I didn't sleep with anyone. Every day I saw you, all I could think about was you." He stopped, and looked at me.

"What are you saying?" I wasn't used to this type of stuff. Last time this happened, it was all just a joke.

"I want to be with you, Nina." He tilted my chin up so I was looking at him. "I want you to be my girlfriend."

"Are..are you asking me out?" I couldn't help but to stutter. Alex was amazing looking. He has a perfect face,and perfect body. His brown hair was the perfect length, and his brown-green eyes where the perfect shape. The simple on the right side of his smile was insainly cute, and he was the perfect height.

He smiled, and his dimple appeared. "Yeah, I guess I am." He pulled my lips to his very quickly. "What do you say?"

I sat back, and thought about it all. Was this going to fast? Did I know Alex well enough? Sophie wanted us together. I would do anything for Sophie, but this was for me. I needed a break from everything. I needed an extra hand around the boutique. I needed some one in my life, that wasn't a female. I needed Alex.

"Yeah." I said, and then kissed him. I could feel his smile, and I knew his dimple was still there. I flattened myself onto the sand, and pulled him over me. One of his arms was next to my head, the other was next to my chest. He pulled away, but it was all to soon.

"Okay." He smiled. "That was something new."

That was something new. It was the start of something amazing. Something, that I don't want to ever come to an end. Something, I want to last forever.


A/N: LALALALALALLAALA! So i'm not really sure if I like the way this came out buttttttttttttt....................

That ^ is a really awkward looking sentance. Its like a Unicron without a horn. Or to small of a horn. Whatever makes you happy.

So it's like 2 am, and I have no control over what I am saying. I probably sound like I was just out smoking with the homies, but I wasn't :D

Tell me what think ^.^


Submitted: February 18, 2013

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Ugh, love it yet again and yay! They are together. Keep me updated.

Mon, February 18th, 2013 11:41pm


Too flipping cute *cue my English accent* bloody ell (I am English by the way lol)

Tue, February 19th, 2013 4:08pm


I love english accents *__*

Wed, February 20th, 2013 12:48pm


Gossh...Cant breath,Nina did change Alex!!! I can tell, Nina is soo cooool...She was a remarkable character I've ever read.

Thu, February 21st, 2013 11:23am


thanks you for reading! Im glad you like it! And I will ^.^

Thu, February 21st, 2013 2:59pm

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