Surviving San Diego

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Leia Sumpters is on her way to San Diego, with her three best friends. The hot sun, short shorts, cute bikinis, sandy beaches, and nice water. But don't forget about Ex-boyfriends, and Classic beach whores. Oh, and the totally hot new guy who just got out of Juvie.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Surviving San Diego

Submitted: March 12, 2013

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Submitted: March 12, 2013



A/N: So...I was crying about how summer needs to hurry her skinny butt up and get here, and then I came up with this. Enjoy ^.^

Yes, Sophie's neclace will still be up .

Chapter One: 

Every summer has it's own story.


Four years ago: 

Summer has started. Middle school is over. High school is starting. Forget school! It's time for summer! 

Alycia's shoes click behind me as we walk down the road. She walks as if she owns the place, and that she does. Alycia Vergado. The rich spanish beauty. If you don't know who she is, well you must live under a rock. She's got the perfect body, the perfect hair, the perfect clothes. She's Alycia Vergado. 

We stop infront of Amanda's house. Amanda Eason. The beauty with red hair. Kind, smart, beautiful. Long vibrant red hair. She was like an Abercrombie Model. Her perfectly tanned body, and perfect shape.

Alycia taps her foot letting a sigh out. "Hurry up Bitch! We have plans!" She screams, A smug look on her face. Second later Amanda is running out of her house, her bags over her shoulder. Her red hair pulled up high into a messy bun. 

"Sorry, Sorry." She whispers, and tucks a piece of hair behind her ear.

"Whatever, Let's just go get Gabby so we can move on." Alycia takes the lead.

We walk down to the end of the street, and reach Gabby's house. Gabby's twin brother, Gabe, is mowing the lawn. His shirt is off, and its hard to look away. Gabe is drop dead gorgeous. The same sandy blonde hair, and green eyes as his sister. 

Speaking of Gabby, she walks with her head held high. Her long beautiful hair braided down her back. She waves goodbye to Gabe, and then jumps over the small fence in her yard. She walks up to our group, and smiles. "Hey!" She greats us, and gives us all hugs.

She looks at me, and nods. I return it with a light smile. We were never as close as people thought we were, but this school year some stuff happened between us. Because of our group, we had to get over it, but it stayed me for the whole year. 

"So..." Amanda dragged on. "Why are we going to the beach house this early? The last day of school was just yesterday." 

Alycia laughs, then stops, and turns around to face us. "This will be our last summer in the beach house, Daddy is selling it." She looks at me. "Don't cry about it girls, he's buying me a new one in San Diego." 

She looks around, and then continues. "Anywhore, Daddy said that on our summer of Senior year, we can go to the new house. Like, by ourselves." 

"Just us?" Gabby asks.

"No shit Gabby!" Alycia turns around and starts walking again. "So girls, promise me that no matter what we will all go the San Diego the year we graduate."

I look at Amanda. Her long hair falling into her face. She looks at me, and shruggs. I give her a nod, and then look at Gabby. She smiles, and I smile back.

"Well, what do you Bitches Think?" Alycia turns around to look at us, then her eyes meet mine. "Come on Leia, I know you want to!"

"Look like we are going to San Diego in four years!" I shout, and throw my hands up into the air. All of the other girls join in, and we race eachother towards the beach.


I race around my room, throwing everything I need into my bags. San Diego, one more hour! Some how, this actually managed to happen. Of course, with a lot a Drama in between. The simple High School drama, nothing big. I throw my last Bikini into the bag, and zip it up. 

"Looks like that's it." I smile. 

Theres a knock on my door. I don't have to look to know who it is. It's Luis, my older brother. I turn around and smile at him. "Excited?" He asks.

"And scared." I admitt. 

I let out a low sigh. "Jeremy is going to be there." 

"Ahh, the ass of an Ex- boyfriend." Luis leans against the wall. "I still want to kick his ass." He whispers.

"Well don't, Alycia is going to." 

Luis smiles, and then laughs. "Damn, I would honestly just kill myself if I were him. If Alycia Vergado is after you, you know you're dead meat." 

I laugh and then hand a bag to Luis. "Be a good brother, and go put this downstairs for me." 

I look at the clock. Twenty more minutes until Alycia showed up.  I double checked to make sure I had everything. Toothbrush, hair brush, make up. Everything was packed. 

My phone started to ring. I answered it, knowing it would be Alycia. "Yeah?" I asked.

"Be there in five." Then she hung up the phone. 

I paced around my room, until I herd the sound of her car pulling into the drive way. I ran downstairs, and grabbed my bags. I waved goodbye to Luis, and headed out the door.

Alycia was in the car, checking her hair. She looked perfect, as always. Her long blach hair swept to one side of her shoulder. She saw me, and started waving her hands. "Hurry up, we have places to go." 

Rule number one: Always listen to Alycia. 

I threw my bags into the trunk of the car, and climbed into my seat. Alycia look at me. She smiled her evil smile. "Here we come San Diego!" 

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