Surviving San Diego

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

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Submitted: March 19, 2013



A/N: PARTY TIME!!! Legit.

Chapter Three:

Arrival of the Queens.

(I don't know if this picture is San Diego, I just liked it)


*Two Days Later*

The car comes to a stop. I look up, to see that we are parked in a sandy parking lot. Gabby turns around from the front seat, her tired eyes locking with mine. I smile and clap my hands. Alycia stands up, and pops her head through the opened sun roof.

"San Diego, Make room for the Queens!" She throws her hands up into the air.

We all scream, and have our fan girl moments. Finally! After two and a half days of driving, I was in San Diego. I could finally relax. It was going to be nothing but relaxation, and fun.

The sun was starting to set, and the air was warm. We got out of the car, and grabbed as much stuff as we could. If we could find the guys, now would be a good time to use them.

Speaking of guys. "Do you think any of the guys are here yet?" I asked.

"Well, we know Ryan is." Gabby winked. "I'm pretty sure Calub and Jerremy got here yesterday. I think they flew down. Lucky bitches." She added the last part on with a snarl.

"How do we know Ryan is here?" I asked, rasing an eyebrow.

"Look." Amanda pointed. "Thats his car." She pointed to the house right across from ours. "And thats where the guys are staying.”

I look at their house. Nothing special. Just a normal beach house to hold six guys. It was a two story building, a light blue color. Not the prettiest color, they could have gotten a more cheerful color. It had a wrap around porch, and a few Palm Trees every here and there.

“Eh, not to shabby.” I looked around trying to pick out which house was most likely ours. It definitely wasn’t the gray one. Alycia would kill herself if she had to live there. It wasn’t the green one, it was way to ugly for her taste. “Uhm, Alycia. Where are we staying?”

Alycia let out a short magical laugh. “Right there.” She pointed towards a driveway. The drive way lead to a huge brown beach house. Except this wasn’t a beach house, this was a mansion! It was a dark brown color, and had three floors. There was a huge wrap around porch, and palm trees surrounding the house. “Close your mouth dear, you havn’t even seen the pool.”

Pool! Pool? We were on the beach, we didn’t need a pool! “Alycia, this is awesome!” Amanda clapped her hands together.

“Alright bitches, enough chit chat. Lets grab our bags, and leave the piece of crap car. I have our rides waiting in the driveway.”She winked, and then started to walk up the driveway. Her flip flops still flipping against the ground. Gabby took off after her, and I was left with Amanda.

“Why do we need a pool?” I whispered.
“It’s Alycia, she needs everything.” Amanda laughed, and we started to walk.

The whole walk through the driveway was like heaven. The house was beautiful! I hadn’t even seen the inside yet. We rolled our suitcases up the stairs, and to the main entrance. Alycia turned around, keys in her hand. She had a huge smirk on her face, and she nodded at us. He shoved the keys into the door, and turned. The door clicked, and she pushed it open.

My mouth instantly fell open. What the actual hell! This place was like heaven. The walls where a vibrant blue grey color, much happier than the other beach house, and the floor was a deep brown wooden color. As soon as you walked in there was a huge staircase. I’m guessing it led to the bedrooms.

“That’s the kitchen.” Alycia pointed to the right. I turned my head to see a huge, open room, kitchen. “And that’s the Living room.” She then pointed towards the left.

“Wow.” Amanda whispered, almost as if she was scared.

“If you go through the living room, there’s a door that leads to the laundry room.” She smiled wickedly. “Now, whose ready to see their rooms?”

“I am!” We all screamed at the same time. We then followed Alycia up the stairs, and to the right. We walked down a long hallway, until we reached a huge door. Alycia pushed it open.

“Amanda, Leia you will be staying in here. Meet you down stairs in a hour to continue the tour.”

I took Amanda’s hand, and slowly started to walk into the room. Alycia either did things perfectly,or totally over did them. She was known equally for both.

As soon as we entered the room, I froze. The walls where a tan color, and there was white Christmas lights hanging around the frame. One wall was all windows, and light pink shades hung from them. There was a glass door that opened to the balcony.

The floor was made of white a pink tiles, to match the windows. There was a huge couch in the middle of the room. It was tan, and had turquoise pillows on it. I turned my head to find a tan wall. It was a photo wall. There were pictures of the four of us, from the past four years. The pictures where all placed to make a heart shape on the wall.

Next, I turned and found the beds. They wern’t normal beds. They were inserted into the wall. There was a ladder going down the middle of the wall. There was a top bed, and a bottom bed. Each bed, was like a mini room. Kind of like being on a tour bus, I guess.

I looked at Amanda. Her mouth was actually hanging open. “If this is heaven, whats behind those doors?”

“What doors?” I hadn’t seen any doors.
“Those ones.” She pointed to a set of doors on the side of the room.

Oh, boy. Those looked interesting. I took one last look at the room, and then slowly walked over to the first door. “Holy shit! Amanda get over here!” I had opened the doors to a spa.

“Oh, Jesus Lord. I don’t even want to know about the other door!” She threw her hands up into the air and laughed.


Alycia finished the tour about two hours ago. I forget where everything is. The house has a fricken roof top pool, and it glows in the door. It was just to much to deal with! I had all summer to learn tho.

“Leia! Hurry up, and go get ready!” Alycia screamed from the bottom of the stairs.

“I don’t want to go!” I screamed back at her.

Ahhh, the party. I was never a party person, expecially with Gabby. She always got over the top waisted, and I had to look after her. She was such a pain in the ass, but I needed to stick with her.

“Get you ass in that sexy red dress now!” Amanda screamed from our room.

You can’t argue with Amanda. With that being said I dragged my feet up the stairs, and into the room I shared with Amanda. Besides the room being the size of an apartment, there was also two walk in closets. I don’t just mean, a small open space. They were huge! Like they could fit Four Harry Potters.

I opened the doors to one of the giant closets, and peered inside. Alycia had stocked one of the closets with dresses, and everything you need for a party. I scanned through, quickly finding the red dress they wanted me to wear. My hand grabbed a pair of heeled ankle foots, and I made my way to the bathroom.

After getting dressed, I stared at my blank expression in the mirror. There was still a small cut at the top of my forehead, nothing a little make up couldn’t clear up. I grabbed a bottle of foundation, and went to work.

Forty minutes later my hair was curled, my make up was done, and my cuts and bruises covered. I wasn’t even going to drink tonight, I didn’t see the point in me going. Everyone knows I’m usually the designated driver.

Okay, that was stupid. No one even needed to drive, we just needed to walk down the street. I havn’t even arrived at the party, and I’m acting stupid.

I gave one last sigh, and then walked down the stairs. I found my way to the kitchen, and found three girls sitting at the table. All of them looking stunning. There heads turned around, and all three of them stared at me.

“Someone’s getting the hook up tonight.” Alycia smirked. She winked at me, then blew a kiss. Typical Alycia.

“Oh, I was praying for that.” I stuck my tongue out.

She was about to say something, but Gabby cut her off. “Lets go already! I’m bored!”

Alycia smiled, then led the way to the guy’s house. We walked through the sandy walkways, our heels slowing us down a little bit. Finally the sound of loud music filled our ears. Our heels clicked on the stairs as we walked up to the door.

Gabby opened the door, and walked in. The hallway was crowded with people. How did the guys even know this many people? They just got here, Jesus Christ.

I walked through the door, already alone. What can I say, my friends where hard party people. I turned the corner, and some one took a handful of my ass. I turned around, and smacked the person on the face.

“Wow, nice seeing you too.” Jeremy slurred. Oh, the ex boyfriend. How wonderful.

“Just wonderful.” I snarled. I knew coming here was a bad idea.

His hand slowly moved from my butt, and up my back. His hand stopped at the back of my neck. He started to pull my face towards his. At first I didn’t understand, but when his lips met mine I freaked out. He was trying to put his tongue into my mouth.

“Jeremy stop!” I screamed over the music. I pushed him away, but he came back. “Stop, get off of me!” I did the only last ting I could think of. Quickly, I brought my knee up and kneed him in the balls. He stepped back, and let a gasp out.

When he realized what happened, he was pissed. “What the fuck!” He screamed. He pushed my back against the wall. I thought he was just going to kiss me, but instead he brought his hand up. I came flying towards me and hit my cheek. My eyes stung with tears.

“Shit! I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean it baby-”

Before he could finish his sentence, I pushed him away. His body hit a table behind him, and he fell on top of it. I took my chance. I quickly ran out of the house, leaving the loud music behind me. Tears pouring from my eyes.

I slammed the front door behind me, and started to walk down the stairs.
“Leia! Leia wait!”

“Please, Please don’t be Jeremy.” I whispered to myself.

I turned around. I was a little bit shocked when I saw who was calling me. Ryan.

“Ryan?” I squinted into the dark night.

He ran up towards me, a smile on his face. When he reached me though, the smile faded. “Leia? Whats wrong?” His hands reached out and grabbed my wrist. “Are you crying?”

“Look, can we just not talk about it?” I snapped. I instantly felt bad, and looked down. My eyes scanning the tattoos on his arms. “Sorry, Sorry... I just- It dosn’t matter.”

“Cool.” He murmured.

I kicked around some rocks with my shoes. Dust started to build up, and I bet down to clean them up. “Well...anyways I should get going.”

He took a long chug at his drink. It smelled strongly of vodka. “Okay.” He shrugged.


“Why were you locked up?” I asked, then instantly covered my mouth. Ryan’s eyes locked with mine. They were cold and dark. He threw his cup onto the ground, and pushed me against the car door behind us.

“Thats my business, and my business only.” He growled. He strong arms holding me against the door. My back was digging into the handle, and it was starting to hurt.

“I-I...I’m sorry.” I stuttered.

“Didn’t mean to?” He asked

I gulped, then nodded my head slowly. He backed away, and then walked away. He looked back at me when he reached to house. His eyes still insanely dark.

Okay, three things were for sure. One, Ryan had anger problems. Most likely bipolar. Two, He was keeping big secrets. Three, I was going to find out what they were.

Oh Ryan, you just started a game you don’ want to play.

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