Renata Reborn

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When Renata was born, no one knew what she was. She was put in a cell, and the most she ever saw of any creature was a human hand, putting some foul food into her prison of darkness. That was until 18 years later. Finally, Renata lived up to her names meaning: Reborn.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Renata Reborn

Submitted: February 20, 2009

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Submitted: February 20, 2009



"Love forbids you not tolove"

Renata reborn

A path in darkness

The darkness closed in on me, myself and I. I looked around my dreary home, though I did not know what a home was. The walls I hated enclosed me, where I longed to be freed from, and the only place I had ever seen. The place I knew I would never leave. I had always been alone, never in my pitiful life had I ever seen another soul, except for a daily piece of flesh that shoved a bowl of gruel through a sliding flap at the bottom of my cells door. The creature outside would always laugh harshly when it heard me scrambling frantically towards the food. I did not care. My food was the only thing I had ever known, though I had tried many times to kill myself by starvation, I always ended up giving in anyway. I had learnt not to try. My cell was dark, tiny and crude. A hole in the ground at one end, represented where I must go to the toilet. A blanket on the other side was my bed. I appreciated it all the same though. It was better than nothing. Once again I sat on my blanket, pondering what the outside world must look like. I imagined it was full of darkness, like my room, it must be empty and hurtful if they (whoever they were) kept me locked up like this. It didn’t matter. I would never be freed. My skin stuck to my fragile bones, like blankets on thin sticks. My hair was matted with sweat and dirt, reaching down to the floor if I stood on my pitiful excuses for legs. I hadn’t done that in a long time, I thought. It hurt too much. So I decided to give it a try. I reached up balancing on my hands as I tried to pull myself into the standing position. It was useless. I fell to the ground as my wobbly knees fell out from beneath me, grazing both in the process. I sighed heavily and decided to get some sleep, seeing as it was the only entertainment I had. Bright colours I had never known weaved in and out of my dreams, punctuated occasionally by a deep cruel laugh. I awoke with a slight cry, realising as I did there were voices outside my door. “Do you reckon there’s anything in there?” I didn’t understand any of it, but I tried to remember the sounds anyway, it would give me something to learn. “Naaah! Even they wouldn’t keep anything down here!” I heard heavy footsteps leaving, but another set coming closer. “I’ll just check!” The voice yelled to its companion. “Just in case.” It murmured to itself. My door creaked open slightly, a bright light, that of which I thought unimaginable slipped through the crack. I cried out in pain, it was blinding! “Oh jeez! Come back! There’s something down here! GET THE PRINCE!” The voice yelled as my door slammed shut again. Tears were pouring down my under-nourished face, it had hurt so much. The footsteps increased as more and more of these strange creatures came running. What was happening? There was allot of yelling and it was all very confusing. Finally, a musical yet powerful voice roared. “SILENCE!” All went quiet as the voice asked in a level tone. “What did it sound like Joseph? Did it sound like any creature you know?” All went silent as the other thought about its answer. “I’m not sure sire, but I’d take a guess at human.” All the creatures outside gasped in unison, but the musical voice interrupted “Get out of my way!” It growled. “No sire!” They all yelled. I wondered what they were talking about, for I understood nothing. Then the door opened again, just slightly. I kept my eyes open this time, though I cried out again. I savoured this precious light, for it may be the only I ever see. Suddenly a figure stepped inside. I now understood what a human was, for it was of the same flesh that frequently shoved my food through. I shrunk into wall, crying, yet staring at the tall figure. I assumed it was a he, for his deep roan coloured hair was roughly cut, his sea green, bluish eyes shining brightly from underneath it. It was his turn to gasp. “No, it can’t be…” He said quietly walking slowly over to me. “What is it sire? Are you alright?” Another voice yelled. “I’m fine, it’s human alright.” He answered still walking towards me. He held out his hand “Are you alright?” He asked. I didn’t understand, so I turned away, trying to protect myself as good as possible with my weak arms. He stared down at me, and then suddenly reached for my wrist. I shrieked and tried aimlessly to pull away. He ignored my attempt like he hadn’t even felt it. His beautiful eyes were full of pity as he reached down and scooped me into his strong arms. I struggled some more, but it was pointless as he carried me out into the light.

It was horrible; I was quickly blinded, ignoring all the scared squeals around me. I kept my eyes open however, as the tears cascaded down my wasted cheeks. I didn’t want to miss anything, and I figured I would only be able to see if my eyes adjusted to the bright light. “But she is just a girl!” One of the people cried. “Oh the poor dear! I wonder how long she’s been down here?!” Another said in a terrified whisper. “Look at her eyes and skin! She can’t ever have seen the sun!” One exclaimed. “I’m afraid I must agree with you on that one Leonine, she didn’t seem to recognise me as human!” The person that was holding me said softly. I looked around as my eyes adjusted slowly to the light. More figures like the man carrying me became recognisable, all different shapes and sizes though. They were all staring at me with the same deep curiosity in their eyes. I took in all the colours around me, all the ones I dreamed of, though more so than I could have imagined. It was amazing, though I couldn’t help but wonder when they would take me back to my personal prison. The voices rapped me in a thick blanket; some stroked my cheeks, only to stop when I flinched away. “She seems traumatized. I shall take her back to my home and she shall be looked after properly. I have never seen such a pitiful thing…” My carrier said to the rest of the humans. Most nodded though some looked disapproving. “She probably would have been such a pretty girl as well, it’s such a shame she was locked up like that. Look at the state of her! It’s a good thing you thought to check the cells Joseph!” A woman said to the rest. The man named Joseph hung his head humbly, mumbling unintelligently. “I’d take a guess that she’s around 17 or 18 sire, just by her bone structure. But don’t worry; I’m sure she’ll pull through.” A man with glasses said in a deep solemn voice. I was starting to understand things better now. Suddenly, my holder decided to set me on my own feet. He bent me down to the ground slowly then let go. The man with the glasses caught me before I hit the ground; my legs shook horribly as I clutched at him. “My, she can’t even walk! What have they been doing to this poor girl?!” He said thunderously as the man with the musical voice picked me up once more. “I don’t know, but I’m very happy we decided to capture the city today, she may not have lived much longer… Leonine, you will care for her; she needs some one who will keep a sharp eye on her.” He said quietly. I saw a plump, kind looking woman nod. I glanced up at my saviour. He was staring at me, curiosity mixed with sadness in his pretty eyes. “Can you understand me?” He asked. I didn’t. He shook his head hopelessly as I continued to stare at him, my eyes still streaming. I was taken to a carriage pulled by horses. I gasped as they came into view, what were they, these strange creatures? I thought. I was set in the carriage, next to the man. I huddled into his chest, not knowing or caring who he was as I fell into a fitful slumber.

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