Renata Reborn

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: March 01, 2009

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Submitted: March 01, 2009




I awoke very comfortable. I wonder if I’ve died, I thought calmly. It didn’t matter if I had. No one would miss me, and I had no one to miss. I opened my eyes slowly and sat up, looking around. The room was softy lit by candles scattered around the room. I was in a monstrous bed with light blue covers, its carefully carved posts reached up high above, supporting a darker blue canopy. I stared around, for it was full of things I had never seen before. A rocking chair sat in the corner; it was swaying sightly from the cool breeze that blew through one of the open set of doors, blowing the blue curtains around carelessly. The breeze caressed my cheeks like soft fingers. I raised my own hand to my cruelly thin cheek. I had never felt the wind. I knew at once that I loved it. I tried to pull back the thick blankets that covered me, but I wasn’t strong enough. I contented myself to wonder where I was. Looking at the walls, I noticed they were blue as well. I liked this colour, it was calming and irresistible. I looked over at a desk in the corner; it had a piece of paper and a pen on it. The pen looked very nice, with a sea green, bluish handle. I liked this colour even more. Suddenly, another door at the other end opened. I squealed and tried to climb away, but my weakness wouldn’t allow me to do anything but cower, pulling the covers up. The plump woman, Leonine, walked in. Seeing how distressed I was, she moved slowly towards me, her hands held in front of her. I had never been with others, but instinct told me it was alright. I lowered the blankets slightly as she drew nearer. “Hello deary, how are you today? Can you understand me?” I shook my head slowly, I only understood a little of what she was saying. She sighed as she drew nearer, holding out her hand for me. I took it warily as she pulled back the cover and helped me out of bed. I lent on her allot, but she seemed not to care, for she mumbled as we walked, looking me up and down. “Damn bastards, if I got my hands on them… What they did to this girl… She’s such a wreck, doesn’t even understand English…” She led me over to the door she had come through, I was shocked by the light slightly, but my eyes were starting to adjust easier. We walked through a beautiful corridor, it was covered with blue, green and yellow hangings, all shining brightly, and I knew I liked this place, wherever I was. I went with her to a big room that was tiled in mosaics, all bright in the light that shone through the windows. A huge depression in the ground represented the bath, I was intrigued. I had never seen a bath, how amazing. I was even more shocked however when Leonine started stripping off my clothes which consisted of a rag draped like a toga. I couldn’t do anything; I sat on the edge of a large bench while she continued to mutter distractedly and filled up the bath tub. The room was filled with an intoxicating aroma when she poured a strange pink liquid into the water. She came over to me and helped me over to the bath. She let me dip my toes in, and then gently lowered me into it. I sighed once I was in the hot water, it was so relaxing. “There we go darling, you just calm down there, Prince Raewulf shall find out who did this to you. Poor girl” She sighed and started to un-knot my hair. It was slightly brutal, but I liked it. It was like having a mother, though I didn’t even know what that was like. She cleaned my hair first, scrubbing it and brushing it. I closed my eyes, as she did this, chattering away merrily. I opened my eyes however when she started to scrub my frail body. She pushed a soap bar into my hand and said “This is soap. SOAP.” She said loudly, pointing to the bar in my hand. I understood now. “Soap?” I said quietly. She gasped and splashed water down her front. “You can speak?!” She asked in awe as she patted herself down with a towel. This I didn’t understand. I shook my head slowly, not knowing what else to do, I pointed to the soap again. “Soap?” I asked. She nodded slowly, and then sighed. “O my dear, you have such a beautiful voice as well, if only you knew what it was for…” She resumed her scrubbing while I played with the soap. It delighted me, the way you could almost have it in your grasp and it would just slip away again. I laughed out loud as it went spinning across the floor away from us. Leonine froze half-way through scrubbing my back. Her mouth formed a perfect ‘O’ as she stared at my back. “Do you know what this is missy?” I didn’t understand but said. “Soap!”Seeming to regain herself, she restarted her scrubbing. “O what will the prince say? She laughs at soap…” I looked up at her; the word ‘prince’ had caught my attention for some reason. “Prince?” I said questioningly. She stared down at me. “Prince Raewulf. He rescued you.” She looked at me like trying to figure out whether I could understand. I shook my head once again, for I didn’t. She continued until she was apparently happy with my cleanliness. Pulling me out, she set me on the bench again. “Now deary let’s try something…” She said, pulling out a long piece of blue fabric. “Dress. DRESS.” She repeated loudly pointing at the fabric. I repeated it, pointing at the fabric myself. “Dress?” She clapped her hands, apparently delighted. She slipped the dress over my head, pulling it down over my frail frame. She helped me up again once she had dried my hair and brushed it. “Oh my girly, you’re going to be so pretty once you’ve been fed up and educated!” She exclaimed delightedly. Pulling me from the room, she helped me to a set of stairs, where we encountered trouble. “Well… err…. What shall we do here…?” She tried to take me down step by step but it was very awkward. Eventually she sat me down by one of the posts and ran to get a servant. I sat quietly, looking around at my surroundings. No doubt about it, it was very beautiful. Suddenly I heard steps behind me. But before I could say anything a familiar musical voice exclaimed. “W-what are you doing here?! Where’s Leonine?!” My rescuer ran to me by the stairs, staring in shock at my scared expression. He hesitated then roared “LEONINE!” I covered my ears and close my eyes. I heard him gasp, then next thing I knew a gentle hand was pulling my hands away from my ears. I opened my eyes to see his face mere inches from mine. His face was beautiful, his sea green, bluish eyes looking into mine. I couldn’t help but gasp a little once I realised how close he was. He was magnificent, as he helped me into the standing position saying as he did. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you!” He held me up pressing my body close to his. I didn’t know what this was, but I blushed anyway. Just then Leonine came running into the room. “Sire I’m so sorry, please forgive me! I couldn’t get her down the stairs so I went to get some help!” He sighed then said calmly “Well that problem is fixed now isn’t it?” At this he scooped me into his strong arms, ignoring my shriek, and carried me down the steps, a flustered looking Leonine following. He set me down at a dining table. Then he said quietly to Leonine “Make sure she eats something or she’ll die, and we don’t want that happening.” He glanced over at me quickly to see me staring at him. “There’s something funny about her eyes as well…” He said, more to himself than anyone else. Just as he turned to leave, Leonine grabbed his arm and said excitedly “Oh wait sire! Let me show you something! You know how she couldn’t understand us? Well look at this!” She then pulled him over to where I sat. She looked meaningfully at me, and then said loudly. “Prince Raewulf!” Pointing at the man. I exclaimed with excitement. Now I understood! “Prince Raewulf?” I said loudly, nodding my head towards him. He froze, staring at me, incredulity in his beautiful eyes. “She… speaks?” He asked quietly. “Yes! She said ‘Soap’ and ‘Dress’ in the bathroom earlier!” Leonine answered proudly. I giggled at the look on her face. There was a gasp and I turned to see Prince Raewulf walking towards me. He came close, then put his hand on top of my head “There’s something different about this girl… They wouldn’t have locked her up if she weren’t…” At that he walked away, leaving a pretty scent in the air. I looked back to Leonine, who was gazing at me. “Well sweetie, I have to hand it to you, I’ve never seen Raewulf act like that to anyone since his sister died. It was a shame but maybe you’ll be able to fix that…” Then she brought me some food and started to teach me how to say other things and eat properly.

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