Renata Reborn

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

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Submitted: March 01, 2009




Weeks later, I had seen no more of Prince Raewulf. I had started to walk on my own, though I would have to rest quite frequently; I was still very weak. One day, Leonine, who had taken it upon herself to become my teacher, exclaimed with delight “Oh my! You’re getting so pretty! Look at your beautiful figure filling out before my eyes!” I had indeed been eating allot, third helpings at every meal, which made Leonine very happy. The servants around the huge mansion which I was now living in, had gotten used to my presence, occasionally I would say hello, just to prove I could. They would look at me like I was so very strange, but then again; I thought to myself, I guess I was in their eyes. My language had improved greatly in such a short time; I was now able to have full conversations. One day, six weeks after my arrival at the mansion, the man with the glasses I had seen the day of my rescue appeared in the house. “Well, well, well. It looks to me that she’s improved greatly since I last saw her. Yes, your taking special care of her indeed aren’t you Leonine…” Leonine puffed out her chest and said proudly “She’s been eating more each meal than I think she has in her entire life! I swear she’s growing stronger every minute and she’s started having proper conversations lately!” He looked at me curiously and held out his hand “Hello little miss, my name is Doctor Herald Gano, how are you?” I took his hand and said proudly and fluently “Hello Doctor Gano, I’m fine thank you.” He looked so shocked I couldn’t help but giggle. He laughed as well then turned back to Leonine “Does she know her own name?” At this Leonine looked quite stressed “Well no but… I found a marking on her back when I first washed her, maybe you should look at it, and it seems more like a tattoo than anything else.” She pulled up the back of the dress I was wearing to show Herald Gano this marking. I was intrigued seeing as I had never heard of this mark. He gazed at my back for a moment, seeming to decipher something, then he gasped and stumbled backwards. “What? What is it?” Leonine exclaimed terrified. I was starting to get scared “Leonine? What’s happening?” I asked her in a small voice. Leonine stood between Doctor Gano and I, when he said “Get away from her Leonine, she shouldn’t even exist!” I was definitely scared now as Leonine ran to Herald Gano and stared at me from behind him. “Why are you here Aspix?” He asked angrily. “Aspix?” I asked confused. I looked to Leonine, for she was the one who normally helped me with words I didn’t know, but she was cowering frozen behind Herald, her face a mask of terror. “Leonine?” I asked loudly, letting the fear penetrate my voice for the first time. “Now we know why they had her locked up! We should never have let her escape! Now she’s gaining back her strength!” Herald exclaimed loudly. “Run Leonine! And make sure Prince Raewulf comes here immediately!” She left the room running, as Herald looked turned back towards me. He pulled a gun out of his jacket and pointed it at me. I screamed and ran for the table behind me. I heard the gun go off a few times, as I screamed again. I hid under the table, knowing it would do no good to protect me if Herald took another shot. I heard him reloading his gun as the door at my end burst open. Prince Raewulf stood framed in the doorway; the look of anger on his face was enough to make me cry out again. He glanced down at me; shock coated his magnificent face as he looked from me, cowering under a desk back to Herald Gano, who was pointing a gun at me. “HERALD! WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?!” He roared. Herald shot at me again, scraping my thigh. I screamed out in fear and pain. Raewulf dived at me, picking me up in his arms for what felt like the millionth time, and holding me protectively against his muscular chest. I grasped at his vest, trying to hide myself from the terrifying man with the gun. “Herald! Have you lost your mind?!” He yelled. “Sire! Put her down! She must be killed! And quickly!” I shrunk into Raewulf as Herald started to raise his gun. “Herald, stop this right now! I want to know why you are trying to kill the girl!” Herald lowered his gun slowly. “There is a tattoo on her back Prince Raewulf, the tattoo only very, extremely rare people are born with! She is an Aspix!” Raewulf gasped looking down at me, shaking my head. “I don’t know what that is!” I exclaimed, scared that Raewulf would drop me and let me be killed. “I’ve never seen the sun until now! I don’t know what an-an Aspix is!” I cried. He stared down into my eyes, trying to find who knows what. It looked like he found it though as he said calmly “She doesn’t know what you’re on about Herald, I can see it in her eyes.” Herald lowered his gun, stowing it back into his jacket. “I hope your right sire, because if not, may God help us…” Raewulf carried me out into a large sitting room. Leonine and a few other people were there. Leonine shrieked and tried to come to me when she saw my bloodstained skirt. A man by her side held his arms around her as she struggled. “Nooooo” She moaned “She’s innocent I swear!” She seemed very upset at lacking courage earlier. “She must be killed sire! You know it!” Cried Herald entering the room after us. “I know but…” Raewulf seemed torn as he stared down into my face. “She’s not your sister Prince Raewulf! Don’t pretend she is!” Snarled one of the men in the room harshly. Raewulf growled lowly, sitting down on a couch, me in his lap. I sobbed into his chest; the pain in my leg was so bad. “I know she’s not Nari! Don’t insult me! She just doesn’t seem capable of that sort of thing, I mean… She can’t be much younger than I am!”The man called Nari smiled grimly “You sire must know that though don’t you? They portray themselves as innocents then pounce when it’s least expected!” He was grinning now. I hated this Nari man. “LIAR! I’VE NEVER BEEN OUTSIDE THAT CELL!” I yelled struggling to get at him, but Raewulf held me down. “Herald, the marking, what did it say exactly?” He asked, never letting me go until I slouched back into his chest, defeated. “It said ‘Aspix of the Earth: Renata’” Herald sighed “Of all the powers, Earth is the rarest, not to mention the most powerful…” He looked up at Raewulf pleadingly. “Sire, what is she changes? This was all before our time! What if we can’t control her! I doubt anything less than a true love could stop her if she lost control! It’s an extremely hard thing to do, to put your whole life and people at risk for one silly little girl!” My fear had gone by now, anger at his words had replaced it. I snarled viciously. “I would never hurt anyone! NEVER!” I shouted the last word. Herald looked slightly scared, but Raewulf looked oddly satisfied. “I trust the girl… hmmm… what did you say? ‘Renata’? That’s a pretty name, it means Reborn” He told me. “Wow” I said lightly. “Do I have a name?” Raewulf burst out laughing as Leonine giggled hysterically. I blushed, and he looked back down to me. “Yes… Renata… As I said, I trust her Herald, you never doubted the judgment of my father before me, so don’t doubt mine now that he’s gone.” He stood up and took me from the room, Leonine following, leaving the stunned crowd behind us. “Err… you can put me down now…” I said quietly. Raewulf looked down at me, surprise written all over his face. “But didn’t you get hit by one of the bullets?” He asked confused. “Well yeah, I got scraped, but I’m fine now.” He stared at me for a moment then said gruffly “Don’t be silly! You could be seriously hurt!” I sighed quietly and gave in. The truth was that my leg didn’t hurt at all anymore; I was just quite enjoying the closeness to Raewulf’s muscled chest. Raewulf took me down to the kitchens, where he set me on a bench and told a servant to fetch some bandages. “Now, show me where you got hit.” He said sternly. I shrugged; he was the one pushing it. I pulled up the blood stained skirt and stretched out my leg. Leonine and Raewulf gasped and I quickly dropped the skirt back down. Raewulf however, pulled my leg back up, along with the skirt (all the way up to my thigh) to reveal my fully healed, perfectly smooth leg. I was slightly embarrassed to have Raewulf staring at my bare leg. I tried to yank it out of his grip, but he seemed frozen. “How… What… The blood?!” He finally managed to choke out. “I don’t know.” I said shrugging. “Surely this is in all of your silly legends isn’t it? You’re the ones who know what I am, not me!” The thought actually made me angry. Imagine not knowing what you are when every other person does! Raewulf still stood frozen so I tried once again to pull my leg from his grip. Realising what I was doing, he seemed to snap out of it, letting go. He ran the fingertips of one of his hands along my leg as the other pulled the skirt down. Goosebumps erupted on my skin as the hair on the back of my neck stood on end. He however tore his gaze away and looked over at Leonine who was leaning against a large pillar, looking slightly faint. I jumped down from the bench and ran over to her, trying to cover up the awkward moment between Raewulf and I, my long hair, which was plaited, swinging wildly behind me. “Leonine!” I cried as she slumped against me. “Blood… bullets… Aspixs’… What on earth will I do with you?” She gazed at me dazedly until she fell into a dead faint. I almost fell over when she passed out. Raewulf quickly caught her arm and pulled it over his own shoulder while I pulled the other over mine. We carried her up the stairs to her room and laid her in her bed. I sighed and rubbed my shoulder, looking up to find Raewulf gazing at me curiously. “Thank you.” I whispered not knowing what else to say. He stepped closer and wrapped his arms around me. “No matter what they say, I don’t think of you as a little sister. Goodnight Renata.” With that he left, leaving me in stunned silence.

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