Renata Reborn

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Chapter 4 (v.1)

Submitted: March 01, 2009

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Submitted: March 01, 2009



No dress code

I saw Raewulf occasionally over the next week or so, when he would yell for me and I would come running. He seemed very nice, listening while I talked about what had been happening at his mansion while he had been away. He never revealed much about where he went when he left, but he always brought back gifts for me. I was flattered that he thought so highly of me. He would leave them on the end of my bed, so that I would wake up to find a precious gem, or a beautiful new dress in a box. I liked spending my time outdoors, in the mansions many, beautiful gardens. One day, I got so dirty, planting a rose, that I decided to have a relaxing bath in the evening. I sighed as I sunk into the water and started to wash myself. I giggled slightly when I saw the soap, remembering the first word I had learnt. After drying my hair and brushing it over my shoulder to the front, I realised I hadn’t brought another dress with me to change into. I bit my lip; surely no one would notice if I quickly ran back to my room and got changed there? I decided they wouldn’t and wrapped a towel around myself, setting off down the corridor. I opened my door and slipped in backwards, hoping like hell that no one had seen me. I heard a sharp gasp and I wheeled around. Oh. My. Gosh. Raewulf was standing by my bed. “I-I-I just came to-to bring you this. Leonine had said you had never seen yourself in a mirror so I-I thought you might want to… ” He stuttered. I flushed a bright red. This was awkward “I wanted a bath but I forgot a change of clothes!” I blurted out, highly embarrassed. “Sorry.” I whispered mortified. “D-don’t be.” He choked out. “Here…” He gestured towards a huge full length mirror by my bed, where I could see myself clearly. Leonine had explained what a mirror was, but I was still shocked to see my reflection staring back at me. I walked up to it, not even noticing when Raewulf shuddered as I passed. I gazed at the girl in the mirror. Her beautiful golden hair waved down to her ankles, though it was pulled over her shoulder, swirling around her as she walked. Her bright eyes which seemed to change with the light, blue-teal, then green, yellow, back to blue, stared back at me. Her long, fluid and graceful body was carelessly draped in a towel, leaving her neck, legs, arms and back completely exposed, showing the unique and beautiful tattoo on it. Her face was what had me captured though, as she looked back at me, far more beautiful than I could have imagined, her skin white as snow, her full lips a light pink. I glanced at Raewulf in the mirror; his face looked torn in indecision. This distracted me quickly as I gazed at his wonderful face. He wasn’t looking at me, merely staring at the bed. Just as I turned, planning on asking what was wrong; he closed the space between us, sliding his hand up and around my neck. I shivered delicately, as what felt like an electric shock went through me. His breathing was hard in my ear, but I didn’t care. His fingertips traced my spine, barely touching my skin. I shivered again. I had never felt this way before, never even been touched this way before. My eyes closed of their own accord as his hand went back up to my neck. I sighed slightly. “Renata…” He moaned quietly. I turned to him wrapping my arms around his neck and up, twisting through his deep roan, luxuriously soft hair, pulling him closer, as one of his hands went down my own back, the other twirling through my wet hair as I pressed my lips to his. He shuddered as my tongue slipped across his lips. Making me groan slightly, he pulled me closer, melting my body into his. His lips burnt mine as the kiss went deeper, forming around each other like two pieces of a puzzle. He ran his tongue over my teeth as I pushed myself closer, determined to make it last. Finally we broke apart, though we didn’t let go of each other. I laughed quietly looking up into his puzzled face. “I’m not sure how that happened…” He mumbled and I laughed again. He looked down at me curiously; I dug my head into his shoulder so that he couldn’t see me as I answered. “Well, you were right… That definitely wasn’t a sisterly love.” He chuckled as he pulled my lips back up to his.

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