Renata Reborn

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Chapter 5 (v.1)

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Submitted: March 26, 2009




Raewulf and I kept our relationship secret, for he doubted his councillors would like him dating an Aspix. I laughed at his explanation, realising as I did, that of course he would have councillors! They didn’t call him ‘Prince’ and ‘Sire’ for nothing! My life slowly adjusted to the routine:Bath, breakfast, lessons, lunch, free-time, dinner, Raewulf.Of course everyone thought I just went to bed when dinner ended, and Raewulf to his own, though often, he would sneak to my room, or I to his, if only to sit on my bed so that we could talk in peace. It was a night like this when Raewulf and I were both sitting on a small couch in the corner of his room, intertwined to the extreme. The kiss was just starting to get deeper when the door opened. I fell to the ground with a flump as Raewulf stood up hurriedly. He bent quickly to pull me to my feet so that I could see a stunned looking Herald Gano standing framed in the doorway. Raewulf pushed me slightly behind him as Herald opened and closed his mouth a few times like a gaping fish. “I… Why… What is she doin-“ Herald’s yelling voice was drowned out as Raewulf covered his mouth, dragging him over to the chair. I moved quickly out of the way, terrified of the look on Heralds face – he was glaring at me, eyes full of hatred. “Herald! Haven’t I told you to knock?!” Whispered a furious Raewulf. He slowly uncovered Heralds mouth so that he could whisper back, just as angry “So what Raewulf? So that you could hide her in the curtains before I entered?! You know what she is and yet your still letting her muck around with you?!” I snarled ferociously. “What do you mean ‘letting her muck around with you’?” I shrieked indignantly. Raewulf covered my own mouth, sochildishly Ipoked out my tongue and licked his palm. He shuddered and took his hand away, barely suppressing a smile to match my own smirk. “See! She’s got you controlled!” Herald exclaimed loudly, looking from one smiling face to the other. Both smiles were wiped off our faces as I growled and Raewulf said calmly “I don’t know why you think she’s ‘controlling me’ unless that’s what they are calling love these days!” I reached my arm around his waist. He looked down at me quickly, and I was sure he was thinking the same as I was. Love.Herald looked from one stubborn face to another. He sighed as his face slackened a bit. “I don’t care what you think your majesty, I still don’t trust her. She’s an Aspix, and that’s all she’s ever going to be. I’ll keep this quiet, but if there ever comes the need, I will not hesitate to spill the beans on you two.” I hissed angrily, I had much more trouble with my temper than Raewulf did.“You know ‘she’ is in the room right?” I said grumpily. Herald looked up at me, as though measuring me with his own personal ruler. Then he stood up - I was still slightly taller than him - and said to Raewulf “Goodbye sire, I only came to give you this” He held out a grubby looking letter “let us hope she doesn’t eat you.” With that he left the room. Raewulf looked down smiling at my confused face “You’re not going to eat me are you?” He said in mock worry. I hit him over the back of the head as he laughed.

Leonine was teaching me how to read and write now. She would lock me up in the library, ignoring my grumbles of ‘could be doing something else’ or ‘what a waste of time’ At this she would say “Prince Raewulf wants you to learn how to read and write, it is the most important thing in our world so you had better get used to it Renata!” She sighed at the glazed look on my face. I was daydreaming; only one word in that sentence had registered in my mind. Raewulf.Leonine didn’t give up though; I soon knew how to read quite well, not to mention my handwriting had improved greatly. Occasionally, our lessons would be interrupted by a visitor or two. One time, an annoyed looking Herald Gano had entered the room, seen me there, then turned and backed out without a word. “Serves him right to be scared! Shooting you for no good reason!” Leonine exclaimed, looking down at me sternly “Not that it did much good hey Renata?” A musical voice echoed across the room as Raewulf entered from the other side of the room. He had only come to see me in my lessons a few times, but Leonine hated it as I got so distracted. She stepped in front of me, folding her arms and glaring up at him. His step faltered as he saw her face, and then picked up again when he saw me poking my tongue at him from behind her. “Well Leonine, are her lessons going well?” She looked quite stunned at his choice of subject as she turned to look at me, who was grinning at Raewulf while he winked behind Leonines’ back. She turned back to him as said proudly “Why yes sire, she’s doing very well! She’s been reading a good amount of books, and she has such a pretty way of writing, so fluid! Why with the way she’s going I’m sure she’ll be able to get a husband soon!” She stopped and looked around as I choked and spluttered incoherently, staring at Raewulf. He avoided my eyes, still looking at Leonine. “What?!” I managed to gasp, turning my gaze back to Leonine. She looked at me sternly. “Well Renata, you can’t expect to be living here for the rest of your life can you?! You’ve got to be one of the most beautiful girls in the land! Fine young men will be lining up in the hope of your hand in marriage!” I had to remember to breath. “Why can’t I stay here?” I asked, hurt by the thought they wanted me gone. Raewulf finally looked at me, his eyes were anxious, yet full of some pain I didn’t recognise. I tore my gaze away, back to Leonine who had burst out laughing. “My, my, my, Renata you’re so funny sometimes! You can’t stay here! No. Prince Raewulf said he would make sure you were cared for, and that you were returned to good health, but that was it. Be grateful for what you have received these past few months!” I sighed, defeated. So this was all I was to Raewulf, a scapegoat to play around with until I was taken to be married to a complete stranger. Tears welled in my eyes, but I blinked them back rapidly before either could notice. To late, Raewulf was staring at my hurt face, torn indecision on his face once again. He suddenly turned and left at a run, leaving a stunned Leonine and a hurt me. “Well at least you know what to expect now… There will probably be a ball held soon, to offer you a choice of whom you want.” I looked back at my book, heart filled with dread.

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