Renata Reborn

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Chapter 6 (v.1)

Submitted: March 26, 2009

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Submitted: March 26, 2009



Unworthy Princess

The ball really was soon. Raewulf had gone to the counsellors to plan it. He didn’t come to my room anymore, and I never went to his. I would often cry myself to sleep, only to wake up screaming after having nightmares of faceless men caressing my back, holding my wrists while Raewulf watched pitilessly and a harsh voice laughed coldly. I had stopped talking to people as the imminent dance came closer and closer, only nodding or shaking my head when I was asked something directly. Leonine explained the night before the ball what would happen. “Renata?” I heard a knock at the door and looked up hopefully, only to be let down as I realised, if it was Raewulf, he wouldn’t have knocked. I went to open the door cautiously. Leonine entered looking slightly downtrodden. “I’m sorry you’ve been shoved into this sweetie, but it really is the only thing to do at your age.” She said sadly. I went back to my desk and looked down to the piece of paper I had been working on. It had a beautiful picture of a young girl with long hair, being swept around in the arms of her handsome dance partner. Leonine looked down at it as well and gasped “Did you draw that?” I nodded slowly “Well do you have any other drawing?” She asked. I sighed slightly and got up, rummaging through some drawers. Some of the pictures were embarrassing, as they expressed my feelings. I was still trying to find other pictures while Leonine ruffled through my drawings, looking at them closely. Finally I found the one I wanted, though I would never show it to anyone. Tears filled my eyes as I stared down at the delicate drawing of Raewulf, his eyes shining perfectly under his beautiful hair, even I the drawing. I shoved the drawing back under some clothes and dried my eyes on my dress before looking back at Leonine. She was gazing enraptured at my pictures. I sighed again and sat down on the bed. “Renata, these are wonderful! Where did you learn to draw like this?” She asked. I shrugged unhelpfully, staring at the canopy above me. Leonine set down the pictures and sat next to me, grasping my hand in hers. “Oh deary, I know you’re still recovering, but this could be great if you would only speak! Imagine if you went to that ball tomorrow and fell in love!” I turned back to her and said in a lifeless voice. “I will do what you want Leonine, but don’t expect me to enjoy it. Please leave me now…” She sighed as she got back up and walked away. As she went to close the door, she stopped and said abruptly “But dear! Why are you so down about this?! Falling in love isn’t that bad!” I sighed as I got up and walked over to the door where she stood frozen, looking expectant. “That’s the problem Leonine, what if I’m already in love? What if I already know how wonderful it is?” The tears spilled and cascaded down my cheeks as I closed the door in her face, throwing myself onto the bed.

Leonine said nothing of that nights talk when she helped me get ready for the ball, if only being a bit more careful with what she said when I was near. I was dressed in a beautiful gown of blue and white silk and Leonine exclaimed excitedly “Oh how pretty you are! Your hair is beautiful! I’ve never seen a colour like it in all this land! You ask Prince Raewulf, most of the women here have plain brown hair! If I had ever had a daughter, I would have imagined her to be just like you.” At this I hugged her tightly and whispered in her ear “If had ever had a mother Leonine, she would have been exactly like you.” As I pulled away I was embarrassed to notice there were tears in her eyes. While she tied up the corset for under my dress the door opened. Leonine gasped and her hands slipped on my corset forcing me to catch it before my chest was exposed. I turned, intending to growl her only to freeze when I noticed Raewulf standing stock still in my doorway, staring at me. I turned and ran into the bathroom, not wanting to see him. “Oh my!” I heard Leonine whisper, understanding all through her voice. “You… her?” I heard Raewulf sigh as he said sadly “I… no Leonine, I only came to give her these.” Then I heard his footsteps fade as the door closed. I peeked through the door to see Leonine standing there in shocked silence, only to come back down to Earth when I walked back into the room. I noticed a box in her hand, but I ignored it when she offered it to me. I turned my back, so that she could continue with my tying up. I was finally dressed when Leonine turned her back on me, only to turn back with some beautiful jewellery in her hands. The gems were spectacular, they changed colour in the light. “Just like my eyes…” I whispered to myself, staring at them. They were set in a plain yet elegant silver chain and locket, and a pair of beautiful earrings. I sighed and let Leonine put them on me, since I had had my ears pierced only a few weeks ago. Once she had pulled my hair up into an elegant bun, leaving some of my long hair to fall freely around me, she led me to the full length mirror. I looked at the beautiful girl reflected, with her flowing gown, beautiful jewels and shining eyes -which were a topaz yellow in this light -she looked like a Princess. The thought hurt me. A Princess that wasn’t good enough for the Prince.I turned to leave the room but Leonine stopped me. “Here sweetie, this is for you. I’ll be waiting outside for you.” She handed me a folded piece of paper and left the room. I sat down on the bed and opened it.
If tomorrow comes
And your heart has been taken
I will not complain
But I will not be forsaken
Please forgive me
My silly mistakes
For I believe I have lost
What I once held most dear
I folded the paper, tears pooling in my eyes. A poem. That was all he left me. A poem. I got up and put it under my pillow; then I went out to meet my fate.

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