Fading Past

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RockClan, LeafClan, OceanClan, DarkClan, CliffClan, and the newest clan MountainClan, have a startiling past; they were apart of the ancient clans and tribe.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Fading Past

Submitted: April 02, 2013

Reads: 72

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Submitted: April 02, 2013



Fadingkit stretched until her back legs quivered. The dawns milky light spilled into the nursery, bringing in warm and spring scented air.

\"Viperkit! Wake up!\" She hissed into a slender tabby she cats ear. The kit raised her head of her delicate paws and blinked at Fadingkit lethargicly. \"Yes?\" She mewed. Fadingkit's forest green eyes glinted with mischief in the little light.

\"We're becoming apprentices' today,\" She meowed, flicking her honey coloured tail.

Viperkit yawned and closed her brilliant green eyes again, trying to fall back asleep. Her once normal dream turned into a feral battle with cats hissing and spitting in each other's derection. 'Fading, Viper,' A mottled gray tom whispered in front of her. \"What?\" She flicked her light tabby ears annoyingly.

\"You two, are the chosen ones of DarkClan.\"

*** Fadingkit slid past Hawkpaw, who was currently sleeping on his paws, amber eyes closed. She meowed into the apprentices' den, awaking Jaypaw. The blue-gray tom with thin black stripes jumped to his paws. 'C'mon!' Her eyes pleaded.


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