Genesis: A Magnum Opus Novel

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The first book in the Magnum Opus series, telling the stories of the 3 males and 3 females that change the new human race forever.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Introductions Are Overrated...

Submitted: April 20, 2013

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Submitted: April 20, 2013



Phoebe Duemont, New York City, North American Cognitive Republic, December 12, 2049-

It started with me as a child. The numberous remarks about my long hair, or my deep and soulful eyes- physical things I always took for granted until I turned thirteen in '48. I had my first boyfriend, Kaleb. He was the sheer example of perfection with his silky blonde hair that slightly hung in his eyes, his hair that I'd always parted when I kissed him or when I just needed to sneak a peek at  his beautiful, cat like gaze. Sometimes, my friends at school would make fun of us for getting multiple detentions for PDA's (Public Display of Affection) that we'd stock up on in the hallways- or the janitors closet- or anywhere seemingly vacant. My dad didn't favor Kaleb all that much... must have been the way he kissed me when he dropped me off after our third date, the only one my dad had ever witnessed before. If he'd been used to it before hand, he probably wouldn't have chased him back to his car with his 45 Caliber. But, he got used to us kissing, unwillingly, as we became more and more involved with eachother's lives. It wasn't long until we were the golden couple.

That was only weeks before the disease was discovered.


Fara Nemiche, Hamburg, Eurpoean Cognitive Republic, December 12, 2049-

Surrender is for those who claim defeat- I will never submit to mainstream ways. And I'll continue my little rebellion until the world is free from the evil ways of the Cognative Republic... of course, I'll save the world after I convince my father to break the sutures that keep the world together. He is, after all, the founder and leader of the new world, something that he prides himself on, and glorifies his "Accomplishment" to recieve world peace. All he did was take advantage of a world that was already in tatters. It's sickening, I know, but after we discovered the genetic disease of the seventh chromosome, all the governments of the world decided it was time to end the major problems like World Hunger, Global Warming, and Civil Unrest, so that we could focus on our current genetic disease. At first, we'd all gone under multpile tests to divide us into seperate groups- those of us who carried the gene and were directly infected by it, and those of us with no genetic trace whatsoever. I was one of the 6 million who weren't infected. The rest were sent to camps to be studied and expirimented on, but eventually, they were killed by tests and the project was aborted, since the disease had become "Extinct" and could no longer be studied. 


Shawn Carev, Grand Rapids, North American Cognitive Rebulic, December 12, 2049-

I didn't have any mirrors in my house growing up. I spent long hours wondering why I could see my parents and my little sister, but the thought always triggered never ending self conversations with myself about why I didn't know what I looked like. Eventually, once my parents stopped homeschooling me and sent me to a public school, I saw myself for the first time in my entire life. I had dark brown hair and very pale grey eyes... But, I'm sad to say that it took my awhile to figure out that this person standing in front of me and copying my movements was me. I told the teacher that I was trapped inside of the "thingy on the wall", but she chuckled and told me that I was fine. Then I started to assume the worst- that i'd been dreaming and none of it was real- so I started smacking myself to snap out of the dream. I probably looked like a total idiot standing there, repeatidly hitting myself, but no one even noticed. It was so busy already in the second grade room that the teacher was too preoccupied to notice the ludacris child standing in front of the mirror giving himself bruises.


Jana Malcovich, Bandon, North American Cognitive Republic, December 12, 2049-

As lucky as I am not have carried the Farnoid Disease, I can't help but think about how my life would have turned out if the disease had never been discovered. My entire family was abducted and murdered on the account of the discovery. Well, not my biological family, in sense, since I am- was- adopted. I vividly remember the days and nights we spent waiting at the hospital, counting the minutes until we could get our blood drawn and be tested for Farnoid. We hadn't eaten for at least three days, and the only thing provided to us by the hopspital was water in order to keep our veins thick and easy to draw from. It was complete madness between the organization on the hospital staff's behalf, and as well as the greedy paitients, some of which stole medication out of store rooms, took syringes and drew their own blood without any previous knowledge of performing the skill. I used to think of hospitals and say that they were safe places, but once the tests started- it was more horrifying than any nightmares imaginable if you had to go to the clinic.


Braidyn Yang, Iksan, Asian Cognitive Republic, December 12, 2049-

I am perfect. And I mean that as seriously as I possibly can. What most don't realize is that between my emerald green, almond shaped eyes, to my tree bark brown hair, I'm immpossibly irrisistable. It's hilarious to think that I've had more girlfriends than one of those blonde bimbos had back in the 20's. My family has always been on the good side of the economy, which often influenced our political standings as well. When North and South Korea mended bonds in  2035, no one had ever considered that there would be peace among the plebs. There were so many riots that killed hundreds among thousands, and so many protests and boycotts, most thought that it would never cease. Of course, when the disease was discovered, it almost immeaditaely stopped, thanks to some kind of luck on everyone's palm and the dirt on everyone's shoes. Anyways, when those riots were hapenning, I was only three, and thank every lord I don't have any recollection of those events. My older brothers and sisters- well, they've never been as fortunate as me.


Oliver Anderson, Cork, European Cognative Republic, December 12, 2049-

Thinking about home makes me want to curl up and die of depression. So I don't. I don't think about how my family died. I don't acknowledge the loss of my friends, my life, my house, my dogs, my cats, or my school. My future is what matters- and when presented with the opportunity to leave the place of ruin, my lovely home, Ireland, and travel to North America, I jumped at the chance to leave the empty shadows of my life in tatters behind. But not under such gruesome conditions. How was I supposed to know I was going to be handpicked out of the 6 million left on the earth to start the new human race? I heard the name- The Human Reinstitution Expiriment. It sounded like the start of something ingenius, but now that I'm involved, it doesn't feel the same. I began thinking that I would feel like I was a part of something. Somehow, in some way, I feel like a voulenteer lab rat.

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