It's our little secret

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"Stop... don't, we cant do this."I push him away. A big grin comes over his face. His hands move up and down my body, as he nibbles on my neck. "why cant we." he said,his arms are so tighter around me, as we kissed so passionately.I try to get out of his hands, but at the sometime I didn't want to leave them. "what do you mean, you know exactly what I am talking about" he pays no mind to what I am saying,and squeeze my body tighter. "are you lessening to me." I pole his head up from where he was rooming my body trying to take my clothes off with his hands. " If we are cout, we can get into trouble, and you know it." He looks at me with those dark green eyes that I fell in love with. " it will be fine, I will be here to protect you." He goes in to kiss me again." but its not me I am worried about,....if my Father finds out I don't know what he will do to you." I look down at the ground. " If he found out that I am dating his beat friend sense high school." his eyes got darker, like when a lion goes in for the kill. " I don't give a shit to what he will say." he lifts my chin. " I will always love you, and he can never take you away from me" he gives me another passionate kiss as a tear of joy rolled down my check.

Alora is a girl that's strong, loving, she has an awesome mom and dad, great friends, good grades, loves sport, and she always feels like she needs to protect everyone; she's like a superhero ... you know with out the powers and cap. But still you'd thank that her life is great right? WRONG! Alora has a little secret that no one knows about, except one person, Orlando her fathers best friends seance high school. He has bin in her life seance the day she was born watching over her for a long as she can remember. he is the only one that knows her secret , why is that? is it because she feels that he is the only one she can trust with her secret?or is because he is the secret?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - prologue

Submitted: January 04, 2013

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Submitted: January 04, 2013



It"s our little secret





Matt Eirckson


Tina Eirckson


Alora ( when she is a baby)

Knock! Knock! Knock!

"HONEY! CAN YOU GET THAT! she yells from the back room. he opens the door.

"hey!, Orlando! Its so nice to see you." he gives Orlando a huge, and lets him into the house.

"Orlando what made you decide to come and visit us." he walks Orlando to the back room.

" well Matt when you told me the newz I thought that I would come meet her." he said with a smile as he fallowed Matt. when he gets to the door way of the room, he looks in and see's a woman siting in a rocking chair.

" how are you doing Tina"Orlando smiles, and walks over.

" hello Orlando, its nice to see your here." she rock's back and forth in her chair. Orlando looks down at her.

" are you ok" he said with love and concern in his voice, but she doesn't notice

" yes, I am" she smiles to him. then she looks down into here arms.

" Is this her" he said as he looked down in her arms.

"yes it is , her name is Alora." Tina smiled as she talked about her new born baby that was sleeping peacefully in her arms.

"she is just beautiful." Orlando said as he looked at the baby's Carmel skin, and her silky black hair. Tina looked up at him.

"would you like to hold her?" she smiled as he shacks his head. he bends over to sit down the present that he got for the baby. Tina lifts Alora up in her arms so Orlando has an easier time picking her up. As Orlando holds her in his arms, Alora opens her eyes, felling that the person holding her was not her mom or dad.

Orlando looks at her with joy, as he sees her Cristal blue eyes look back at him, he see's Aloras mouth move, like she was going to cry, he waits. In stead he see the biggest,cuties smile in his life come over her face. he smiles back at her.

"that's the first time I have seen her smile sanes we came home." Tina looks up in shock at her husband then at her dear old friend.

"well,well looks like I am going to have to fight for my own daughters love with you, hahahaha" Matt laughs as he walks over and puts his arm around his old friend's shoulder.

Orlando laughs a little, then looks at the baby still smileing at him, her little hands reach out to his face.

"I am going to be her big brother" said Orlando

" what do you mean?" Matt said with a bit of worried in his voice.

"what I mean is that you guys are going to be her parent's, which is a good thing don't get me wrong. but as she gets older there's going to be things she can tell you guys and cant, so I will be there for her, like a big brother. The one how loves her, and protects her......" He looks up fast at his friends. " like a brother, I-If you don't mind.

" oh Orlando we are high school Friends so its OK ." said Matt with a smile.

"what he means is, we wouldn't want it another way" Tina smiles at him.

Orlando POV.

I looks at Tina. wow she has become more beautiful then ever. I look back down at Alora's sweet face to finder her sleeping again. I walk her to the crib and slowly lay her down. I will always protect you... and love you a big brother.

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