What Is....love?

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Tokyo.....My New Home

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Submitted: January 04, 2013



- Myrtla POV-

"God do I hate heights."I whisper to my self as I look down from the window.

I turn around and lay back in my seat, trying not to think about the long fall I will have if something happened to the plan. After a few deep breathes and counting to ten, which I always do when I try to calm myself down when I get upset.

"I wander how Aunt Rosemary is doing." I say to myself.

I start to remember the last time I had seen Aunt Rosemary. It was before she moved to Tokyo on my twelfth birthday, before she got on the plan to leave, she was all read a very beautiful woman. But that day,she looked even more Gorgeous. with her long black hair poled up in a tit ponytail, her Lacy white blows, with her to the knees black skirt on,and the latest brand in high heels. she looked like she had just walked out of a movie.

" I wished i could look just like her." is what I would think to myself when i was a kid.

All tho mom and Aunt Rosemary are not real sisters, they grow up together, so you wouldn't be able to tell that my she was adopted in to my moms family when she was a baby. Aunt Rosemary was one years old, when Nana and papa broth her home, they told me.

I look outside my window again, I knottiest that the sky was all read so dark, I look down at my watch to see what time it was.

" its 10:00, really?!" I say to myself.

I look around to see that I am the only one still awake, I Begin to feel my eyes get heavier and heavier, till I fall asleep.

4hours go by

I was awakened by the kind flight attendant.

"sweaty, the plane has made its stop." she said to me, her voice so soft.

I blinked my eyes a couple of times, to wake myself up . I look around to see everyone getting up to leave the plane.

"thank you" I said to her as i unbuckled my seat,I get up and lift my arms up high in the air as I stretch for a few minutes, before I grab my bags from the overhead compartment. I pushed my way throw the crowd of people getting off the plane, look around to see if I can find my aunt.

"she should be her, she knows the time the plane lands" I say as I look around to see, if i mite of mist her.

10 minutes later

"shes still not here." I look around again.

"maybe she is out side waiting for me. " I start speed walking to the doors that lead out to Tokyo. when I get outside my body just became frozen, there where sooo many people!

" I new it was going to be big...but not this big " from end to end I could see nothing but tall buildings everywhere. I walk out a little more, when I noticed that there was not a speck of dirt anywhere. no garbage or garbage cans to be seen for miles. but there was no lake of sines for stores, fast food,and hotels, everything and anything was bright with all kinds of lights. They where everywhere you go but even tho it was ten in the morning with the sun up high in the sky, you could still see the lights. so I wandered what it would be like if it was night out and the sky was cunpletly dark.


my cellphone starts to go off, and it takes me forever to fined it with all of my bags in my hands.

"hello" I say as i am trying to stop one of my bags from falling out of my hands.

"Myrtla its me , your Aunt Rosemary"

"oh! Aunt Rosemary" I say shocked that she is calling me.

"where are you Aunt Rosemary, I cant find,or see you anywhere." I look around again in case she mite be by it was hard to look for her with the big crowds going back and forth everywhere.

"that's because i am not there"

"what do you mean your not here?"

"i mean that my job called me, they tolled me i had to come in to take another shift, because one of the sowers got sick and couldn't make it"

"but didn't you tell them about me coming to live with you? and tha-" she cuts me off.

"you will be fine, I will sand you a map so you can get to my place."

"but! Aunt Rosemary I don't thin-"

"bye for now." she goes to hang up .

"oh I all most forgot,I whont be home till late, so you will have to find something to eat in the house bye yourself . if there is nothing, then their is some money on the table in the living room, and everything about your school, is in your room"

"OK Aunt Rosemary thank you, but still I-"

"bye Myrtla" she hanged up the phone on me. and the next thing I see is the map she talked about popped on the screen.

"oh Aunt Rosemary, you forgot that I don't know how to talk in Japanese." I mumble to myself. I lifted up my Head to see if I can find anyone how mite be abule to talk in English even if it is just a little bit.

"um ecus me miss?" I ask this woman how was parable in her mid 30's, she just waked away and went on with her business, so i asked someone else.

" sir could you tell me wher-" he didn't say anything, as if he couldn't see me, and just walked away. it was the same with everyone i asked, ether they didn't say anything and walked away, or they act like i was a ghost or something.

" wow, people can be really mean no matter where you go " I muter under my breath.

that is when i remember what i had bought at the airport, an English to Japanese dictionary. "I didn't think it would come in handy this soon." I walk down the roads holding my bag, my phone ,and trying to read the dictionary at the same time. ya its even more harder to do then it sounds.

"I think i am going the right way." I look around. I see a woman leaving her home.

"maybe she will help me ....I hope" I run as fast as a person caring her luggage cued run.

"um miss!...miss!" I yell at the woman. she looks my way, I wave my hands to show here that I am talking to here. I stop right in front of here, trying not to drop anything, I open my dictionary and try to find the words I want to say to her.

(" hello mam....my name is Myrtla Southernwood.. do you...speck any English?") It was so hared to find all those words quickly, so she can understand me. I held my breath in hopes that she will under stand and can help, she just smiles and said.

" it vary nice to meet you Myrtla-chan"

all the breath i was holding on cames out at one, I was so relieved to find someone who can speak English.

" thank god, I Finley fond someone who can help me"I look at her with a smile on my face.

"what is your name may I ask "

" oh! I am terrible sorry for not saying so " she bows her head slightly, I look at her in wonder then fallowed her lead and bow to.

" my name is Morimoto Aoi" she said to me with a big smile.

I looked at her with a wired looking smile," so your name is Mor..Morim.. Morimoto-sama" I try to say her name, but just end up stuttering it. she starts to laugh a little. then calmly stopped herself,she looked at me .

"no, no that's my family's name ,not my first" she try's not to laugh at the fact that I am in japan and I don't even know that here, everyone calls each other buy there last name. Next thing I know my face is feeling very hot and I don't understand as to why.

"oh its OK "she looks me in the eyes. " there's no need to blushing because your embarrass."I lower my head a little bite, not because I was embarrass by what she said, it was by the fact that I felt like I wasnt making a good first inprashin of myself. And turned so red by just one little comment from some one I barley know, that's what I didn't like.

"so Mor-Morimoto-sam I wanted to ask you if you know where this house is " I lift up my phone to show her the map my Aunt had scant to me, she looked at it closely.

" yes i know where it is, not far from here"

"do you think you can show me " I ask with the thought of Finley getting to my Aunts place and being able to take a bath.

"yes I would love to" she gives me that sweet smile again .

"oh! thank you!, thank you!, thank you!, thank you!, thank you!" I say repeatedly as i keep bowing over and over again. she laughs a little under her breath, before she turns around to close her gate and starts to walk of with me close behind her .

"do you want me to Carry some of that " Morimotm-sama asks me, when she seen that i was struggling to Carry my bags.

"no that's fine, you are already doing some much for me as it is ,with you taking some of your time to help me" I try to show her that everything is fine.

"no but I insist" she goes to grab one of my bags, but I move away from her.

"no really its ok, I mean ..my mom told me if I cant do something right and by myself then I wont make it in life." I giver a re-ushering smile "and basis I have Carry a lot of other thing much bigger and heaver then this, I even carried a lot more bags then this before to." I showed her anther smile, hoping that will make her feel better.

" ok i understand" Morimotm-sama said whil looked at me and giveing me a sad little smile. she toke me a few blocks away from her house. we turned around a corner, want a few hoses down, we stopped in front of this very cute house.

"is this the place?"

"yes, this is the right place." she moves out of my way so i can get into the gate, I remember that my Aunt ones told my mom that she keeped a spare key under the pot that's by the front door. I go to pick up the pot and I see the spare key, " fond it" I whisper to myself, then i turned around and bow my head.

"thank you so much Morimotm-sama for showing me the way to my Aunts place"

" it was no trouble at all , really." I stop bowing to get a pen and piece of paper from one of my bags, to right down my call number

" here take this" I give her my number, " now if there's anything I can do to repay you, anything really for your kindness, please call me." she takes my number and puts it in her purse

"I just mite take you up on your offer." she bows her Head, and said good bye before she walked away. I turn around and go up the steps to the front door. take in a deep breath, then slowly let it out " ok " I put the key into the door and slowly open it. I walked in and start to look around. It looked so different from my home in America.

" so this is my new home" I look up the stars.

"I think Aunt Rosemary said my room was up there," I take of my shoes then grab my bags and take them up . I see there are three doors, I open the far left side door first, it was the bathroom "so the other two rooms must be Aunt Rosemary's and mine" I think to myself which one it could be. but I cant deiced so I open bouth of them. "hmm this one is locked, it must be Aunt Rosemary's room" I go to the other door, it opened, I look inside and see that the room is all most empty. there was just a bed but no sheets, with a school uniform and a piece of paper that said "SCHOOL SCHEDULE" on it, there was a dresser with a cute medium sized ovale like mirror above it , and some long black like curtains in the window.

"well this share gives a WELCOME HOME kind of feeling, huh" I bring in all my bags and sit them on the bed.

"its going to take me forever to get unpacked," I look around "well I better get started." I start unpacking my things and making this room, my new home.

4 hours later

"FINLEY I am done" I look around at my new room, and it looked a whole lot more like a teen girls room, well a tomboy teen girls room.

"I think I'm going to take a bath then get something to eat ,after I take my long bath, I head down stars to see if I can get something to eat.I go to see if there is anything in the fridge , nothing it was empty. Same with the cubers, I see the table out of the corner of my eye where my Aunt said the money would be.

"well looks like I am going to have to go out and get me something to eat" I grab the money and put on my shoes, with the key in my hand I walk out the door. and down the street." if I remember the street from the House to the store I seen earlier, then I should remember how to get home" I start to think. I go down a narrow allyway that has two paths to go.

"should I go strait or left" I look both ways then I think its best to go strait first, and hope for the best. after taking the path I Finley fond the store . when I get to the store I buy a few things to hold me over for the night and for lunch tomorrow at school, I don't know what school lunch will be like,so its best to be prepared.

I start to think about what my first day will be like tomorrow" I hope it goes wel-" BAM!, I fall to the ground with a thud! I rub my butt from the felling of falling down on the hard ground.

"owwww." i look up and see someone standing in front of me.

"oh,I am terrible sorry "I stand up and give him a bow to show how sorry i am.

("mmmm") the person mumble something in Japanese underneath there breath .

"um par-tin?"

(" MmMm") they say it a little louder but I still didn't understand

" I-I am sorry but I don't understand what you are saying, I am still learning my Japaneses. so if you can give me a second I can grad my Japaneses dic-"

" I said watch where your going you bitchy whore "

My hand stops, and I turn my head. " I'm sorry I don't think I hurried you right"

"wow, you really are a Dumass aren't you" my mouth just drops open, I cant really see the persons face. but they Had a husky voice, but not to husky, the person sounded like it was a boy around my age.

"who are you calling a Dumass!" I stand up strait, trying to see his face better. not only was he taller then me, but it was already dark, so it was really hard to see.

I see a hint of a smile on his face as he moves forward trodes me, I walk back " hey! did you hear me or did you go deaf on me!" it was getting a little bit lighter out know that the moon is high in the sky. as he walked closer to me, I could see him a lot better in the light. my eyes widen when I seen what he looked like, he was a meager hoty! ,no the god of all 'hoty's! I don't think I have ever seen such a Gorgeous guy before.

"whores really shouldnt talk" he looks down at my outfit, all I had on was a big baby blue sweatshirt and some short shorts on, and my bra ofcorec, I mean other then my shoes.

"what? whats wrong with it " I look down at my outfit seeing nothing wrong.

I see a smile on his face " are you trying to seduce every guy you see" he walks closer to me, I back up trying to keep a destines between us, my back hits the wall.

" why would I do that,there's no reason" I slid down the wall to my left slowly trying to keep my distance from him. he puts his hand in front of me, blocking my way, I cant move. I see him take his other hand and put it on my leg, his hand was very hot on my skin as he moved it up my lower thigh.

"can you not do that, please." my face looks down, watching his every move. I see that his face is getting closer to mine, are lips about to tuch. I close my eyes not prepared at all for what mite happen next. but I start to hear something, its chuckling.

"what?'' I open my eyes to see what was going on. he moved the hand that he was using to touch me, was now covering his mouth trying to stop himself from laugh to hared.

"what so funny?'' I look up at him.

" because, you thought I was going to kiss you, hahahah ya right me kiss you ." he looks at me with his evil dark brown eyes.

" why would I kiss an ugly cow like you" he looks down at me. my hand balls up into a fists, I try to calm my self down." breath Myrtla, just breath" I think to myself as I take a few breaths trying to keep my cool .

" well if you look like this, I can only imagine what your parents look like." he laughs again. That's it! I couldn't take it anymore,I take my fist and swing it as hared as I could, he falls to the ground.

" you can say what you like about me, BUT DON'T YOU DARE! SAY ANYTHING ABOUT MY FAMILY! YOU ASSHOLE!!"

he just sits there for a moment, he puts one of his hand to his nose, he takes it off and looks at it, there was blood on his hands. He stands up and looks at me. The way he looked at me, it was like death. like I was seeing hell for the first time.

"you bitch!" he said in grint teeth,Looking at me like he was going to kill me.

"um...I'' I look down at my watch.

"look at the time,hah ha I better be going know "I slid down the wall."um bye!" I yell, as I run down the ally, and all the way back home. when I get in the house I slam the door behind me and lock it , take of my shoes and run up the stars and in to my room,I plop on my bed.

" that..was close" I lay on my bed,out of breath from running for my life. I get up and start to get ready for bed, and into my pajamas.As I lay in my bed,I think about what had just happened to me.

"who was that boy? and why did he do, and say those awful things to me?" as I remember his warm hand on my thigh, my face starts to get all hot and my hearts starts to beat fast.

"whats wrong with me." I think to my self as put my clod hands on my face to try and cool it down.I turn over in my bed.

"I need to stop thinking about it, tomorrow is my first day at my new school, and its not like I will see him again anyways, right." I turn over again thinking and hoping that tomorrow will be a better day.

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