Chapter 1: Prologue

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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********************* Flashback ********************

“Come on Leah, you can do it” I hear Brooklynn say, trying to encourage me. I try to stand up again and walk but I fell, again. “Don’t worry about it, is the first day of rehabilitation, I promise you will do better next time” Brooklynn said to me but the only thing I could do, was nod my head as silent tears fall from my eyes.

****************** End of flashback ******************

“Leah, we are here” Jake say walking be up from my deep day-dreaming 

“Dreaming again” he say with a playful look in his eyes, I smile and nod my head 

“This our new home, Leah take a look” Brooklynn say. I take a peek through the car window and gasp.

“Do you like it?” both ask me

“Yes, it’s beautiful” They both send me the bigger smile I have ever see and Jake park the car in front of the house, I was the first one to get out and glaze at the house it wasn't one those houses that you could see in TV, it wasn’t small either but it was big enough for a family of 4, there is a small garden to the side of the house ‘just like Brooklynn dream of’ I thought, it look so warm, so welcoming and that is just is from the outside I wander how it lo-“okay glad you like it but I litter help here, you can look around all you want later, first you need to pick a room and bring Dominic out please” Brooklynn said take me out of my litter trance.

“Sure mom” Brooklynn isn’t my real mother, she is my adopt mom but I love her like she is my real one, like they say ‘mom isn’t the one that give birth is the one that who take care of the baby when is need’.

I take my 12 weeks old brother out of the baby seat and put him on the side of my hips and skip to the house, I open the door and the house couldn’t be more beautiful, a litter small but gorgeous living-room, you could see little hall-way that goes to the kitchen, next to it was the stairs in the left side of the room and it is giving a really warm feeling ‘it’s perfect’ I thought.

“Go pick a room” Dad (Jake) said taking Dominic from me. I run upstairs as get to the top I hear mom yell “Be careful”

“I got it mom” I yell back. I walk around and open the first door I see it’s a really big room with its own bathroom that complement ‘it must be the master bedroom’, I get out and in to the hall again, there is three more doors one is a bathroom and the others two are bedroom of middle-size, so I pick the one in the end of the hall.

I take out my sharpie and write Leah in from of the door and run to the kitchen where I know mom and dad are. “Did you already decided with room that you want?” mom ask as she unpacked the Chinese dishes that grandma send last Christmas “Yeah” I take an apple and star eating.

“Can I go out?” mom and dad look at each other and then look at me

“Honey, we just got here” dad started

“But I just going to the park that is few blocks from here” my dad sigh

“Fine but be here before dinner okay? And take your cell phone” he say

“Yeah, bye mom, Dominic, and dad” I say alright at the door

“Leah!!!” mom yells after me

“What?” totally dumb fool ‘what does she want?’ is what come to my mind and she give me the ‘look’, you know that ‘look’, the one that said ‘don’t talk to me like that young lady or you going to get smack’ but she will never hit me.

“Umh” she clears her throat “Are you forgetting something?”

“Really, mom? Do I really have to do it?”

“Yes, really” I go and kiss her check I do the same with dad and Dominic

“Happy now?” my voice full of sarcasm

“Very” was my mother answer but that is the only I could make out because I was already out. 

I walk for a litter bite while eating my apple and when I was Just in from of the park, there is huge tree with bright orange-yellow leaf which is rare, considering that we are in the middle of summer but what was on underneath was what catch my attention there it’s: a gorgeous girl with jet black hair, reading a book, I could make out that it was “Skeeter” by Abraham J. Thomas
‘umm one of my favorites books’ I read when I was in recap, Brooklynn force me to.


“I-I don’t want t-to read” I scream “I d-do not w-want to do a-anything; I w-want t-to go h-home 
l-let me go h-home!!!!!!” I shout for the last time

“But you used to love it when I read to you and this is an amazing book, you will love it I promise” Brooklynn look at me with sad eyes like ‘they’ always did ‘fake sadness’

“And this will help your stutter” she add that make me glare at her even through the only thing that she has done was being nice and try to help me ‘fake sadness’ ‘fake’ remember Leah ‘nobody feel nothing else from you’

“I-If you s-shut up, I w-will” she squeaked and hug me, I almost hug her back. Almost.

“L-let go of m-me”

“Oh yeah, I forgot that you hate hugs” she let go of me and skip to door

“I coming back on lunch time” she exited 

‘Please don’t’ I smile at my through………………..

Sting in a bed looking at book wasn’t my best idea. I take the book and start reading; I was so much into the book that I didn’t notice it was lunch time still Brooklynn come in with my lunch.

“Aww I see you are reading the book, are you likening it so far?” I give her the one moment finger tell her I’m in the good part, she chuckles letting my lunch in my nightstand seen I can’t walk right yet.

Time past and I finish the book around 3; I didn’t feel like eating so I just stare at the window in my room dreaming that maybe someday I will overcome everything that has to me, just like Skeeter in the book, I laugh at my stupid thought, just seen so unreal right now.

Brooklynn knock at my door and coming in, after I didn’t answer “Hey, do you finish?” I look at her and nod, she then sigh before saying “you haven’t eat”

“I n-not really h-hungry” she sigh again but didn’t argue with me and I go back to look out at the window where my dreams are.

“So, do you like the book?” she is trying to do get me to talk, she have try that for 1 year now, I don’t why she doesn’t give up

“Yes, I did” I said without a stutter this time with is amazing, she squeaked and run to me, hugging me

“I know, I know you don’t like hugs but you didn’t stutter which make me so happy” her smile was so big that me smile back; now she jump up and down saying is the first time I smile at her “We have to celebrate, this have to be one of the best days of my life, ohh I going to beak pie and chocolate cookies and I gonna buy ice cream and-” I cut her out after a while of listing to her ‘maybe I can do it’……….

******************End of flashback********************

I decide that I should to talk to her, if is reading that book it means that she has good tease and maybe we can be friend. 

I dump my half-eating apple in the dumpster and walk toward her. “Hey! That’s a great book” She ignores me and continues read I was about turn and leave when a litter voice in my head said 'Leah, no be afraid you can do it' "I can do it" wipers to myself.

“My name is Leah” Taking my hand out, so I can introduce myself correctly, she stands up and walks away ‘umm well is just the first day’

The nest day I come back and see the same girl under same tree reading the same book expect that this time she was almost finish, I approach to her again and she see me. 

She sighs and annoy look all over her face was paint

“Shouldn't do with your face it will get you wrinkles” she rolled her eyes and about to walk away again but I stop her

“What’s your name?” she looks back at me and said something no every pleasing

“Look chick I don’t know you or want to, so leave me alone”

“That is no very nice” I mummer to myself but seen like she hear me because she say
“What do you said?”

“Nothing” looking at everything but her eyes, she is very intimating, she was about to walk again but at stop her

“You still having told me you name” ok, so there is something defiantly wrong with me she doesn't want to be my friend or want to do anything with me at matter, why I trying so hard? 

“Evangeline” she said and walks off.

‘Evangeline’ what a beautiful name, somehow in my heart I knew we will be great friends.
*Author note*
Hello! this is my first publish story, so I want to know if anything can be change or improved :) by the way thank you for reading my story :D

Submitted: January 02, 2011

© Copyright 2021 nana300. All rights reserved.


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This is good but you might want to watch out for spelling and grammar other than that I'd love to read more :)

Sun, January 2nd, 2011 3:18pm


thank you so much

Fri, January 14th, 2011 1:50pm

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