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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 223

A/N: Hope someone read this. I would really appreciate if you could point out some grammatical errors, It'll help a lot. Thank you. 


If ever you have read this story on any other sites and the writer is NANAMICCHI, I own that account.(^-^)  




Four Seasons:


by: Nanacchi





"Now that I'm here, I can really say it's Winter already". Hiro yelled as he steps outside the NARITA airport carrying his luggage with him, sensing the chill of the wind and the white snows that's been on the leafless trees makes him more excited and happy he could die.



"Hiro". It was his mother calling inside the car in front of him. "Stop dazing there and get inside so we can go already".



"Yes, I'm sorry...just a little excited and happy that we're here". Visiting Japan is really a big deal for him, it's because ever since he had that accident 11 years ago, it seems like his parents avoided coming back to Japan.



I am Fujisaki Hiroto



Half Japanese and a Filipino



I had my Filipino blood on my mom and the Japanese blood of course to my dad.



For the past 11 years we stayed in the Philippines and I'm currently studying there, since it's Christmas break we have our vacation here not only because it's Christmas but because at the same time I’ll be 18 soon.



I don't really recall some friends here but one thing is for sure with or without friends I'm gonna enjoy this moment.



For Hiroto, visiting Japan is like a dream come true but didn't wonder why his parents avoided Japan for 11 years.



The reasons will be told what really happen that time when he turns officially 18.



He'll gonna meet someone who will change everything.



Introduction Finish!!! First Chapter is next!!



Submitted: September 12, 2014

© Copyright 2022 Nanacchi. All rights reserved.


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