When They Came...

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - When They Came...

Submitted: October 25, 2012

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Submitted: October 25, 2012



The night’s air was charged with the promise of a storm. The sweet scent of ozone tasted of something metallic. With that, the roses in the garden released its fragrances to mingle in the aroma that promised rain. It was considered the middle of nowhere where the wooden two-story house stood surrounded by livestock and beautiful open fields. White paint flaked from the battering of bad and good weather, but besides that and a few leaks, the house was comfortable and fit to live in. It was big enough for a family of five…or more, but there was just one that took up residence there. At the moment she was busy settling the cows and her two horses in the barn. They were all angst over the coming storm. She cooed and stroked them softly and one by one they settled in for the night.

Cherry Montgomery had lived on Montgomery Farms for the past four years. After Gordon had passed, all that he’d own was given to her, being his wife and all. They hadn’t gotten around to having kids…well that wasn’t any fault of Gordon. After a trip to the doctor, Cherry had realized that she was barren. Gordon hadn’t made her feel any less of a woman, but it was a state of mind for Cherry. It was hard to accept when all Gordon had wanted was children of his own. She couldn’t even manage a miscarriage…perhaps that would’ve been worst.

The phone rang relentlessly. She grabbed the cordless from her back pocket and pressed the talk button. “Hello?” She had to speak louder than normal due to the wild brush of the wind that whipped at her clothes and her hair. “Cherry? Is everything okay?” It was Dorothy. Whenever the weather went south she found it hard not to check up on Cherry. A single woman shouldn’t be living alone in the middle of nowhere with nothing but crops and animals to keep her company. Not only is it not normal, but it can be very dangerous. That was always Dorothy’s argument.

‘I’m fine Dor, I’m just seeing to the animals.” She said as lightening flashed over her and with it came a roll of thunder that made her jump.

“Cherry jump in the pick up and head over here please? Its dangerous to be out there in a storm.” And now it began. Cherry really didn’t have time for it. She had to secure the barn and close the shutters on the house. So much to do and the first drop of rain was already falling. She looked up and knew from the heavy gray overcast that it was to late to move even if she wanted to.

“I can’t Dor. Its already coming down on my side. I’m just going to have to wait it out the best I can. It won’t be the first.”

“Cherry-” Lightening snaked through the gray overcast with the roar of thunder seconds behind. It was really too late to make a move even if she wanted to, and truly she wasn’t up to it. “Sorry Dor but youknow how I feel about being on these things in a storm. I’ve gotta go anyway darling; the chicken coop’s door is still hanging of the hinges. Needs a fixing. Call me only if there’s an emergency and not a fake one to lure me out.” Cherry said as she made her way to the chicken coop. Dorothy wouldn’t argue with her; they were both afraid to be on the phone during a storm especially after old lady Florist got knocked right out of her bedroom slippers and crashed into her grave from lightening. Poor thing had been calling to make certain Cherry was needing company in the storm. She was too jinxed for her own good.

“Oh alright. I’ll behave but promise you won’t go running out in this weather to save a straying pig. Please Cherry or I’ll make Walter drive me out there with all the kids in tow. I know you won’t like that.” Cherry winced as she fished for her hammer on her tool belt. Dorothy was playing dirty today. She knew that it would drive Cherry crazy with worry if she attempted the roads in a storm with all her kids. So cherry agreed and hoped her friend would hang up before the rain came blasting down. Seconds later, she said her good byes and began fixing the hinges on the chicken’s coop. Just as she was about test the door, a hen ran out into the wild wind with feathers a-flailing. Cherry holstered her hammer and took of after her with pleas for her to stop. She was definitely on a mission to escape. It was Bebe; one of her favorite hens who tended to produce enough eggs to keep Cherry sustained. “Come on Bebe don’t do this honey!” Bebe was not hearing it. She kept running and jumping about in the wind. She was usually more calm than the way she was acting now. What had her spooked couldn’t be the storm. Suddenly there was a flash that was so bright that it burned Cherry from her head to her feet. She hit the ground after a moment of convulsing. Well her worst fears had come true; she’d been electrocuted. Some how she was still aware of what was going on but she felt the life slipping from her grasp rapidly Her chest was tight from the lack of oxygen and she could hear what air she was breathing scorching against the walls of her throat; fighting its way in. \"Oh...God!\" She cried as every inch of her skin and every nerve ending beneath it seered to life. Cherry knew she wasn't going to get up from this. Already her eyes were clouding over with darkness even though heavily overcasted sky above was alit with wild and erratic flashes of lightening. Why was the sky so crazed? This was no regular thunder storm. Well it didn't matter; she was dying. Cherry gave the sky a final look as her body began convulsing again. She was breathing fast now. She couldn't feel her feet anymore. Yep, definitely dying. There was a sudden flash of light that snaked downward and crashed down beside her and crumbled the earth in its wake. Cherry felt the soil give under her and she was suddenly tumbling downward into what she assumed was her grave. There were no words that she could think of that would ever come close to describing how much pain her body was being insulted with. Perhaps when she hit the bottom of her 'grave' she would crop out. She slammed into something hard, bringing her to a stop on her stomach. Her ponytail of red curls came loose and fell about her. She tasted the gritty moist soil against her lips and it made the burns ache further. 'Oh let me die already! I can't take much more of this...' Cherry nearly jumped when she felt hands on her back. Who could've found her this soon? She groaned in excrutiating pain at the feel of the mysterious savior turning her over. She cringed at the tearing sensation her burnt skin gave her and still she was alive. As she finally laid on her back, she blinked blurry eyes at the figure that knelt above her. Maybe she was heading into the pearly gates because all she could see was white. Soft yet masculine hands lifted her in his arms and cradled her against his chest. Her soar cheek rested against bare chest and she heard a wailing sound rising from within. Was he crying for her? Did he think she was already dead? Cherry opened her chapped burnt lips and found her voice. \"Please...help....me\" and she needed it now because the tightness in her chest was like a knife being plunged deep through her heart. She was gasping for air and her nails raked through the soil. It was too late after all. \"Help?\" She heard. Deep voice say. Cherry shook in his hold and her eyes grew wider with the need to see anything but the growing darkness. It hurt, God it hurt! Just as she was about to give up the ghost, the stranger tore away the front of her sky blue flannel and took her bra with it. She was exposed; burnt flesh and all. Was he going to ravish her before she died? Sick fuck! But Cherry couldn't fight him and death at the same time; she had to yeild to one and from the feel or lack of feeling from her body, death was winning. She jolted at the feel of his palm pressing in between her breast and felt the already warm hand grow hot. She tried to see his face as she hyperventilated and heard him making odd sounds with his voice. Something felt odd in Cherry's body; yeah she could blame it on getting struck by lightening but it didn't feel like the reason. She felt the 'blade' in her heart being pulled out sowly and her skin becomming tighter. What was he doing? \"Help...\" He murmured against her lips as if he heard her. The stranger pressed his lips against hers and there were no words to describe the feeling. It was as if the feeling death had brought on was being reversed. She felt her skin coolig but was still so warm! What was he doing to her. The pain was erasing from her body but narrowing down to a pinnical in her chest, just underneath his palm. Cherry had to scream or she was going to explode. She pulled her lips from his and bellowed her pain in his face. He opened his mouth and screamed with her. Cherry watched a blue light pour out of her mouth and into his and it was as if all that built up pain had found somewhere else to go and it seemed as if he was calling it out of her. Her eyes were wide open and she could see his eyes over the blue light. Beautiful indigo eyes stared back at her and they beckoned for her to let it all go because they would make it all better. Those eyes surrounded by pale skin were the last she saw before she backed out.

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