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It's a hard life for Bella Suk. She's unpopular and she sees ghosts!

She is a yumegari, a Japanese dream seer who has to ability to see ghosts. Although it might seem kind of cool, Bella doesn't seem to know how to help spirits pass through the light, which makes her feel selfish and useless, but a chance encounter with Kei Shindo might change her outlook on things.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Yumegari

Submitted: June 20, 2008

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Submitted: June 20, 2008



I was told by my grandfather that I was born into a world that wouldn’t appreciate me. I guess those words really had some truth to them.

I am Bella Suk, 14 years old, living in Tokyo during my adolescence life.

It hard to explain who I really am, or what in that case. I was born to a single mother at the age of 22. My grandmother calls me the unwanted child (reason why I don’t talk to that bitch). My father bailed out on her when he found out she was having me. What an asshole….

It was autumn, and the cherry blossoms on the tree were slowly wilting. The girl playing around it seemed so sad that she was leaving it. I sighed to myself. A couple of sighs to be precise.

Of course, no one else saw this girl by the tree. Only I did. She WAS a spirit after all.

I am what you call a very bad yumegari, a dream hunter, otherwise known as a person who can sense the feelings and souls of ghosts. Of course, I can’t send them through the light; I wasn’t a ghost hunter. All I could do was watch silently as ghosts wander in their own lonely side of the world.

I never told anyone about what I could see. Well, I did tell my mom once, but she ignored it, thinking I was just imagining it. Who’d really believe such a thing anyways?

And so, I walk along this earth, seeing two species of humans, pretending not to see one of the two. I use to get upset all the time when I was younger, but now I brush it off as if nothing is happening…


It was March 14, White Day. This is a holiday only celebrated in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. On Valentines Day, girls would give homemade chocolate or presents to a boy. On White Day, a boy returns the gift by giving a girl a present. Of course, rules bend. Mostly every girl gets a present on White Day, even if they didn’t give anything to a boy on Valentines Day.

Of course, I wasn’t expecting one at all. I wasn’t very popular. According to one girl, I’m not very “approachable”.

But to my surprise, I was wrong. Kei Shindo, a new boy who transferred just this year and who was very popular to more than 80 percent of the female school population, came by, with a huge smile on his face.

“Nice to see you Bella. You certainly look beautiful today!” He smiled, and handed me a package filled with white chocolate.

Now, I’m certainly not the most beautiful girl in the school, but I certainly wasn’t a dog. I started to feel a pulsing beat throughout my body.

As soon as he walked off, girls started whispering. Some said “Why’d he give the biggest package to her?” while others whispered, “How’d she even get one?”

I was expecting all the comments to be harsh until I heard the last one. “Well, she is pretty today, and she does seem nice.”

It was Jun Koshiba. She was certainly the prettiest out of the girls in our grade. Lovely smile, along with gorgeous black hair. And now, she also topped my list as the nicest.

I looked at her and smiled. She saw me and smiled back as well.

That’s when I saw it.

A dark entity was surrounding her slowly. It had one eye and two large fangs. It certainly wasn’t just a human spirit.

It was a hallow: a disfiguration of a human soul that created a black heart, or in this case, another spirit.

I was sad once again, I couldn’t stop anything. I just stood there, giving another smile after another. She probably thought I was a creeper, but oh well.

I slowly walked off until…

Kei Shindo ran to Jun frantically. In a desperate attempt, he snatched her and opened his left hand exposing what appeared to be a glowing mark on his palm. The mark, surprisingly, got bright and brighter, shining on the hallow which slowly started to crumble.

I stared in disbelief at the spot where the hallow had stood, while others looked at Kei who was still carrying Jun. Most logical thing to do if you couldn’t see ghosts like I did.

What was up with Kei? It was admirable what he did…but it was also completely creepy! (Coming from a girl who can see ghosts)

Exactly what was he? He obviously could detect spirits, but he could also fight them off as well? I was very confused….at the time at least.

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