Nobody's Juliet

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when Juliet hall tells her family and boyfriend she is going to a dance academy in the U.K she breaks up with her boyfriend but what she doesn't realise is her ex follows her to the U.k and finds out that she wasn't there for the dance academy but there for another guy.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Nobody's Juliet

Submitted: September 12, 2012

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Submitted: September 12, 2012



My Phone buzzed from under my pillow i sighed and slipped my hand underneath my pillow, unlocked it and saw a friend request from someone. I pressed on there name and went straight to there profile where i could see if i knew who this person was. Jake Lockman it read by the information beside his name it said he was a Male 17 from the U.K and single the name yet the information didnt sound famliar. slowly looking though his photos i thought straight away i knew his face but i dont know where from. i accepted his request and went on with scrowling through my newsfeed, my phone vibreated signifying that i had a message.

Jake Lockman: hey thanks for accepting

Juilet Hall: Um your welcome

Jake Lockman: So.. whats up?

Juliet Hall: Nothing wbu?

Jake Lockman: what does wbu mean????

Juliet Hall: Hahaha what about you

Jake Lockman: oh well i knew that

Juliet Hall: sure you did

Jake Lockman: ;)

I was smiling like a fool Suddenly my door flew open and in stepped my boyfriend looking a little angry.

"What?" I said

"Can you tell me why you are talking to Some other guy." he glared at me

"W-What do you mean?"

"I can see what your doing on your phone i put a lock on your phone remember."

Yeah he was really protective and sometimes it annoyed the hell out of me and other times i thought it was cute but now it was getting to a point where it became a bit too much

"Oh yeah i forgot, listen Aiden I really think its a bit to much were you check up on me every second i mean its sweet but really."

" But I love you Juliet." he whined to me

when ever i always brang up the point that he was a little to over protective he always said 'But i love you Juliet.' and i always melted when he said those three words i never won this battle but now i desided to take a leap of faith.

"NO! I'm sick and tired of your fucking crap."

His mouth gaped open and stared at me in shock

"And yeah I did just tell you that i'm sick of your crap so get out of my room i need some space."


"No! go away." i said cutting him off

He walked over to me and wrapped his arms around me i didnt want his hugs he then turned around and his lips found mine i squirmed trying to get out of his hold he then pushed me on the bed and held my hands above my hand while i was trying to get away from him and scream and kissed my lips suffercating me finally i realised what he was trying to do so i kicked him in the balls with my free knee and he hurled over moaningthen i yelled out rape so loud i could hear my dad running up the stairs oh man this is going to get ugly.


Dad came running in ran straight to Aiden And punched him in the jaw and graved his throat and pushed him against the wall blood was slowly falling from his jaw. Oh man was this ugly and i could see the look on dads face that he was just getting started.

A/N this is chapter one, chapter two will be updated next week sorry im really busy thank you for reading :)

Chapter 2

3 hours later.......

I fell on my bed i was so angry why was Aiden such a dick why was he so overproctive why! why! why!

my phone beeped

Jake Lockman: HEllllooooo r u there?

Juliet Hall: Yeah i'm here :L

Jake Lockman: r u okay? :(

Juliet Hall: I dont wanna talk about it.

Jake Lockman: Pwwweaaasssseee

i laughed at his attempt of sounding like a baby *Facepalm*

Juliet Hall: okay, well my boyfriend saw me talking to you and well lets say he got a little angry

Jake Lockman: You have a boyfriend????

Juliet Hall: well yeah anyway he is really over protective

Jake Lockman: if i was your boyfriend i wouldn't be over protective, well maybe i would cause i wouldnt want anyone looking at your pretty face. i really want to come over to your place and bash your boyfriend hes a jerk

my heart stopped jake was such a suck up.

Juliet Hall: maybe you should come over to America

Jack Lockman: Hmmm tempting maybe you should come here

Juliet Hall: I always wanted to go to england

Jake Lockman: you should so come over

Juliet Hall: im not making any promises but maybe just maybe i will come for a visit :D

Jake Lockman: well i g2g speak soon, love youxx

Awwwww he was so sweet i logged off facebook and looked at how much flights were from America to England i really wanted to get away from my crazy EX boyfriend but how would i explain it to everyone.

A/N Ok that was really short but i will make then longer and more interesting i really rushed this chapter. Thank you for reading please comment and tell me how i can improve my story XxNattxX

Chapter 3

I wasn’t going to school today because my dad thought I would get raped by Aiden even though that is unlikely to happen. But I wasn’t going to complain as long as I got the day off I could eat whatever I want and wear whatever I want.

I pulled my long knee high socks put on a white tank top and pulled my hair up in a bun, quickly turning my music on volume High I slid across the tiles with a broom and pretended it was a microphone. I whipped up a mad breakfast it was basically all you can eat ‘literally’ with the loud music playing a heard a faint tap on the door but I thought it was just my dog ralph playing with his toy, so I continued dancing around and eating. The tap I heard again was real so I quickly ran to the door and swung it open I jumped it shock.

“BOO!” he yelled and through the mask on the ground next to me

“Hey, that’s not funny Josh.” I said landing on my butt and throwing the mask behind me

He laughed

“Anyway why aren’t you at school beautiful?” he winked at me

He was such a player

“Well it’s a long story, anyway why aren’t you at school handsome.” I said playing alone and winked

“You think im handsome huh.” He smiled at me while I was blushing

“HA! No i was playing alone.” I spoke quickly

“OK sweet pea you keep telling yourself that.” He smiled and walked into my house leaving me outside thinking, then I realised that he just called me sweet pea

“HEY! No one calls Juliet sweet pea even you, just because you’re my best friend doesn’t give you the right-.” I said but got cut off quickly

“Ok, whatever now where’s your ice-cream.” He said his head in the fridge looking through it carefully.

“In the freezer dummy.” I laughed slightly

“Now look whose calling names.”

“Whatever.” I said copying what he said earlier

I walked away from the kitchen and into the living room to watch my favourite show pretty little liars, when josh walked in with a tub of my cookies and cream ice-cream I froze in utter shock.

“OMG! Is that my ice-cream?”

“Yep.” He smiled wickedly dug the spoon into the cream and took another bite.

“Are you serious get that spoon out of your dirty mouth and put my ice-cream in the freezer now?” I growled

“And what if I say no.” he smiled

“I will make you put it away.” I said seriously

“You have to catch me first.” He smirked as he ran away.

I jumped up and chased him around the table until I ankle tapped him and he fell over in laughter, when it came to my ice-cream no one and I mean no one will eat it except me.

I stepped over him and graved my ice-cream out of his dirty hands and chucked it into the freezer.

He still laughed

“I swear to god josh I will wipe that smirk off your face if you don’t shut up.”

“Yeah, yeah all tough on words but in a real fight you would go down.” He smiled

“Oh yeah wanna bet.” I rolled my eyes

“Well in those clothes I would go against you any day.”

I looked down at my clothes and gasped

“Shit.” I said walking away I guess he had seen me in whose but anyway I still was embarrassed.

“Giving up already are we.” He yelled from the living room

“I don’t care, I would win anyway so I don’t need reassuring.” I smiled and swung my hips

“Oh really now name a time and place and I’ll be there.” I could hear him coming into the kitchen.

“Ok, but not today I have a lot on my mind.”

“Aiden its Aiden isn’t it.”

“Yeah, I think it’s time.”

“Time for what.” He asked confused

“To take a break.”

“Really? I mean as long as you think that’s wise.” He rushed and looked down at his shoes

I ignored the really.

“Hey can I ask you something?”

“Yeah, anything you know that.”

“Can you come with me to England?”

He looked at me in shock…….


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Chapter 4

Josh’s POV

I Stared at Juliet in confusion I mean why did she want to go to England, there’s nothing to do their plus it’s so wet and sticky not josh climate, I knew that much. Maybe it was Aiden she probably wanted to get away from all the drama, that’s probably why she didn’t go to school today because she didn’t want any drama. School well hey I had no idea

“Is that why you didn’t go today?” I said raising my eyebrows

She looked at me like I was an alien

“Huh?” she said “Oh no not it at all, well dad thought I would get raped by Aiden.”

“Why would Aiden rape you?”

She looked embarrassed to even say this to me “Well because he well tried to yesterday.” She was looking at her shoes

“I’m gonna kill him.” I was so angry what a dick why would he do that to her? She is my best friend I mean they have been going out for agers but he keeps threatening her to stay with him even though she doesn’t like him. What was wrong with this boy he was really messed up in the head, I don’t even think he is committed to a relationship.

“No, no don’t please that will make it worse.” She touched my shoulder causing me to calm down

“Jules I have to, it’s in the best friend handbook. If anyone hurts a friend they mess with me.”

“No please calm down josh please.”

I started walking out the door going to find that creep of a boyfriend. She pulled my arm backwards forcing me to meet her eyes.

“Please don’t it will make it worse for me.” She pulled the puppy dog eyes I always got sucked into them because agers ago I used to have a huge crush on her but I don’t much anymore.

“Ha sorry babe those puppy dog eyes don’t work anymore im sorry im going to find that jerk.”

I stormed out the door not even waiting for her response, she ran after me really angry now, I revved the engine and shot down the narrow road to Aiden’s house.

A/N (not edited)

sorry its so short im going away on a holiday so its not that good but i needed to write joshs POV i hoped you liked it next update will be soon thank you for reading this far.


Chapter 5

Juliet’s POV

Watching my best friend disappear through my door was terrifying I had no idea what would happen to him or Aiden. Even though Aiden was a jerk I still couldn’t imagine him getting hurt over something as little as me. My phone beeped I was smiling like it was Christmas and I was getting ready to open my presents.

I opened the message from Jake and yes we started texting for the first was so much easier texting him then on Facebook but it did cost me a lot of money to send just one text, but it was worth It he was such a sweet guy.

Jake: hey, hru?

Me: Heeeey good and you?

Jake: that’s good to hear; yeah im okay just bored playing COD

Me: ahahahha same here im bored, I bet ya I would beat you ;)

Jake: really that’s funny because im pretty much an expert

Me: wow we are so much alike because im an expert as well J

He didn’t reply for a while so I watched pretty little liars in my bedroom.


What was that? I paused the episode and looked at my window but nothing was there? I sat back down on my bed


I ignored it.

My window opened a little bit; jumping up in fright I graved the closest thing to a weapon and held it above my head.

The intruder fell through my window and landed on his hands I stepped back quickly ready to attack. He got up and that’s when I really saw who it was.

“Whoa put the book down you might read me to death.” Aiden laughed

“What the hell do you want Aiden?” ignoring his smart ass comment about the book

“Well can’t I see my girlfriend?”

“Yeah well listen, about that um I think we should take a break.” I hesitated but when the words came out I sounded pretty confident.

“What, Juliet please give me a chance.” He begged

“No I didn’t say I was breaking up with you, I said can we take a break.”

“Oh well can I at least have one last kiss.” He smiled leaning in

“No, please can you leave.”

He didn’t listen to a word I said, he leaned in before I could react. His lips smashed against mine making it hard to breath I shoved against his chest trying to get free from his grip. He pushed me on the bed, not again I thought was this guy desperate or something, panic rushed through my body I kicked him but his grip was too tight. I bet I would have a couple of bruises tomorrow, Aiden finally took a breath but I used that advantage to scream at the top of my lungs.

“RAPEEEEEE!” I screamed but Aiden’s lips smashed against mine to silence me. Didn’t this sound so familiar.

This time I didn’t have an angry dad storming up the stairs to bash my so called boyfriend, I had no one I was alone.

He tried to take my top off but I slapped his hand away, he took a deep breath.

“Don’t try and stop me babe if I love you I should express my love to you.” He smiled wickedly

“Piss off Aiden this is federal offence get the Fuck off me.” I spat in his face

“Ooooo feisty I like it feisty.”

Yuck he was a freak I was defiantly breaking up with him.

“It’s over Aiden no more were done.”

“I know I just wanted one more kiss.” He leaned in again

“Last kiss my ass dickhead get off me.” I screamed

My bedroom door was kicked open and there stood josh really angry staring at me and Aiden in shock.

“Did somebody say rape?” Josh said sounding like superman he made me laugh slightly.

“Fuck off dude can’t you see im busy.” Aiden spoke quickly

“Yeah I can, so im interrupting now get of her or you’ll get a bunch of whoop ass.” Josh smiled

My phone buzzed signifying that I had a message, not now please not now. I ignored it

Aiden hadn’t moved off me so josh went over and pulled him off me with no effort at all and pushed him out of my room, but he was behind him nudging him down the stairs and out my front door, I ran to the top of my stairs to see them face to face having a stare off.

“Oh yeah and you forgot your knuckle sandwich.” Josh swung his arm back and with so much force smacked Aiden in the jaw Aiden ran away holding his face cursing.

I slowly walked down the stairs to josh, he pulled me into a warm hug I cried like I was alone, I didn’t care if I was crying in front of josh he was my best friend of course he has seen me cry. But not like this.

“Hey, it’s okay Hun im here calm down it’s alright.” Josh said while stroking back a strand of hair that fell over my eyes. He was so sweet.

“I know, thank you so much, but how did you know to come here.” I spoke between tears

“You’re welcome babe. Well I went to Aiden’s house and his mum said he was heading to your house so I sped down to yours, I was panicking believe me I didn’t know what he was going to do to you. But when I got to your door I heard you screaming so I ran in and saved the day.” He smiled proudly

“oh.” Was all I said?

“And about the doors, ah you should really lock those.” he went over to my front door and locked it

“Well I should go; I gotta pick up my sister from school. Make sure you lock the door behind me and every other door.” He said while stretching and yawning

“Yeah ok thanks again.” I smiled

“No problamo see you soon.” He walked out the door I walked behind him locking the door then I headed upstairs to lock my window.

I locked my window when I heard the beeping of my phone; I forgot I had a message unlocking my phone I found that jack replied wow about time.

Jake: Maybe you should play COD with me someday.

Me: uh yeah I don’t know if I can afford it to go to England

Jake: Oh what a shame I was hoping we could you know… get to know each other a bit more

Me: um what do you mean?

Jake: Have you ever tried long distance relationships?

Omg was all I thought


Ok that chapter was longer than the others, I enjoyed writing this chapter. What do you think will happen with Juliet and Jake?

Or will josh and Juliet go to England with each other and fall madly in love?


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chapter 6

My stomach did a little dip, why was I feeling so nervous even though im not face to face with him. Do I have feelings for Jake? I hadn’t replied back to the last comment I just needed some time to think. My favourite place was England, some of my family live over there, my dad and I were going to go over there for a holiday but dad couldn’t afford it. I really wanted to go but, not to see my family but to meet Jake was this considered cheating I mean I do still have Aiden but I basically said to his face that it’s over. Did he even hear me say those words he was too obsessive and way too protective.

The door downstairs clicked open my dad walked through hung up his guns and sat down on the couch with a huff. I walked down the stairs to say hi

“Hard life being a cop aye.” I smiled normally he takes my jokes not so seriously

“Yeah well today was.” He frowned

“Uh why w-what happened?” I stuttered

“I’ll tell you once I calm down and make myself a coffee.” He said while shuffling to the kitchen

“Oh ok is it that serious?” my eyebrows pulled together

“Geez can’t you wait Jules.” He obviously was in a bad mood

I groaned and walked to the living room, turned on the TV and watched the first thing that came on. I wasn’t really paying attention just waiting for my dad.

5 mins into the show I was watching, my dad walked out and went upstairs to his room. Ok I thought I guess he doesn’t want to tell me.

“What are you doing are you going to tell me.” I said carefully

“Going to the toilet do you want to hold my hand?” he asked

“Ha ha not funny, hurry up then I wanna know.”

Still watching some weird Asian show called something along the lines as ‘SPIN THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE’ I got really bored with it so I unlocked my phone and called Josh.

On the fourth ring it went to voicemail, I hung up straight away. He must be busy or something yeah he was picking up his sister that was it I’ll try again later.

Dad came down the stairs eyes puffy and nose running, poor dad I wonder what’s got him so worked up. He sat down on the chair across from me, I turned down the volume on the TV and stared at him waiting for him to start.

“OK dad shoot, what’s up.” I said popping the ‘P’ and leaning in closer

“Ok don’t freak out.” He spoke through tears

Whenever people said don’t freak out of course there going to freak out, but I took a deep breath and told dad to continue.

“Its your brother.”

Huh I thought I don’t have a brother has dad gone crazy he must have.

“But I don’t have a brother.”

“That’s what I thought too don’t worry im just as confused as you.” He spoke while rubbing his hands over his face

To say I wasn’t scared would be a lie. I sat on the edge of the couch waiting for dad to tell me more. Dad just sat there taking deep breaths and rubbing his eyes that were red and puffy, I turned my attention to the side table on it lay a box of tissues. I handed them to dad and took a few for myself, my hand extended to touch dad’s hand he was shaking really badly.

“Dad I know this is hard for you but how did you find this out?”

He breathed in a shaky breath. “I um, well went to get some food before I came home and I bumped into your mum.”

I couldn’t believe it, mum was meant to be dead did she fake her death and run away from us.

“B-b-but s-she’s d-dead remember we went to the funeral and witnessed the car crash she’s dead dad.” I stuttered yelling loudly

Dad handed me the tissue box I took a couple more and wiped my eyes dry.

“I know I didn’t understand at first why she lied to us but she bumped into me at the shops, she told me that you have a younger brother it was a lot to take in believe me sweetheart.”

My head spun taking in every detail, firstly my Mum was alive and well but I had a younger brother I mean why she would lie to us. I leaned back on the chair letting my head rest against the soft cushion, my phone buzzed loudly


“Hi is this Josh standford’s best friend?” a lady on the other end of the line said formally

“Uh yeah why?”

“Well you were the only person we could get a hold of.”

“Ok well what’s wrong?”

“It appears Josh and his baby sister have had a car accident and we don’t think they will make it.” She sounded sincere

Well fricken hell.


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