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Holly stood in the shower on shaky legs. She leaned against the walls for support as she tried to come to calm herself. She and, Brad had been married for five years, and yes as most couples they have had arguments and disagreements. But nothing prepared her for what had happened, and she really wished she had been warned. Was it all her doing-did she push him too far? Her mind reeled with thoughts.

 She managed to finish her bath, then she stepped out of the shower and stood in front of the huge mirror dominating the wall as she dried the wetness from her body. As she looked in the mirror she became more conscious of the redness of her cheek and the burning sensation that lingered there. She began to apply her makeup wondering hopefully what magic a touch of makeup would work. Maybe she wouldn’t need to apply blush, because she was already wearing one that had spread graciously from one cheek to the other. Her husband had made sure of that, she thought ironically.

Brad leaned against the doorpost as he watched her inspect her face. He could just imagine what she was thinking. The sight of her wrapped in nothing but a short bath towel stirred and hardened his cock. She looked beautiful and sexy. He could fuck her right where she stood, bent over the counter with her ass in the air, and her sweet little pussy ready to accept his cock. He walked over and stood behind her; her eyes lifted and met his and she gasped loudly. She hadn’t heard him come in. They stood and stared at each other, no words were needed, theirs eyes said it all. Brad moved closer and the thick length of him pressed against her and her body trembled against his. She was soft and responsive and he loved that about her.

"You look beautiful." he whispered softly in her ear sending waves of pleasure right to her core.

How could he make her feel that way? After everything that had happened she should be mad at him. Instead there she was, her pussy dripping wet.

She blushed and a soft moan escaped her.

The sexy little sound she made almost drove him mad. In one quick movement he turned her around and his large hand encircled her slender neck, her big brown eyes stared up at him and her soft rosebud lips parted slightly.  Brad lowered his head and took her mouth in a hard demanding kiss, sinking his tongue deep inside her mouth and feast. When he lifted his head she gasped and her breath came in soft little pants. He looked at her, a profound look splayed his features. She couldn’t look away.

"Don't you ever behave or talk to me like that again.” He said, his voice held a calm warning tone that got her attention.

She wasn’t sure what came over her. “Or else?” She asked belligerently.

He moved swiftly, with not a lot of effort. He pushed her up against the wall and his hard body pressed into her back. The towel had fallen to the ground leaving her naked and exposed and her sensitive nipples crushed against the cold, hard surface. Brad took her hands in one of his and held them in place above her head and she struggled against his hold, but to no avail. She felt trapped.

"Because if you do, I am going to bend you over and spank that sweet little ass of yours, until it’s swollen and red - you won’t be able to sit for days. Then I’m going to tie you to the bed and fuck that tight little pussy so hard, until you scream my name over and over and beg me to stop. By the time I’m through, I will fuck you in every available holes and in every single way you can be fucked.”

Holly, shuddered violently at his words.

As if to prove his point, he turned her around, then he reached down between her thighs and plunged two fingers deep inside her pussy. She was snug and wet. He slowly pulled his fingers out of her and sucked them into his mouth, tasting her sweet nectar. Her scent went to his head like a drug and he growled loudly as if he were trying to control some animalistic urge that he had suddenly developed. She turned her head and looked up at him and he had a possessive look on his face that both confused and excited her. Feeling trapped and vulnerable she began to struggle against his hold. But he was much stronger and he wouldn't budge.

What had happened to her husband-the soft, sweet man that she knew? Had she taken that side of him for granted? The Frustration was too much and hot tears filled her eyes and escaped down her cheeks. She wasn’t used to the feeling of being helpless or controlled. But what scared her most was that deep down there was also a part of her that loved it, needed it.

"What is it that you want, Brad? Why are you doing this?” She was desperate for answers.

He whispered into her ear." Because I can; because you are mine. Mine to command, mine to fuck and you will submit to me.”
She trembled at his words.

And before the night was done, she would.

Submitted: July 27, 2014

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