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Holly got home and headed straight to the kitchen. She wanted to make a nice romantic dinner for, Brad. After the intense encounter they had she felt the needed to apologize for her behaviour and do something nice for him. She had gotten mad and shouted at him and she had to admit she was wrong. Holly opened the refrigerator and began to look for something she could cook the fastest before he got home. In the next hour, Holly had juicy sirloin steak, mac & cheese, mashed potatoes with gravy, and vegetables on the big dining table. She was a good cook and Brad had always loved her cooking.

Holly showered and dressed in a short red dress and slipped on a pair of matching red matching pumps. Her black curly hair was piled atop her head and strands of tendrils escaped framing her face. She had applied a light touch of makeup and her favourite shade of lipstick. Holly, smacked her lips as she inspected herself in the mirror, she wanted to look sexy for her husband. He would be home soon.

Something smells good, Brad thought as he stepped through the door. The delicious aroma that greeted him left no doubts in his mind that Holly had cooked up a storm in the kitchen. He could never get enough of her cooking, it was one of the things she was really good at as well as keeping the house clean. He hadn't eaten at lunch and his stomach rumbled at the thought of a nice home cooked meal.

Holy fuck. Brad stopped dead in his track, and suddenly he was hungry for something else, and it wasn't for food.

He had always had a thing for high heels and he loved how they fit on her tiny feet. She looked so fucking sexy in them, he thought, especially when she was wearing nothing else. Brad stood and studied her for a while. She was so beautiful, and she was all his. She was standing in front of the huge mirror of dresser putting on a pair of earrings and he moved and stood behind her. His strong arms encircled her waist as he bend and kissed the tender skin that joined at the neck and shoulder.

Holly gasped aloud.

She hadn’t heard him come in. He was always good at creeping up on her, sometimes she’d think he slithered instead of walked. She was sure that was one of the many talent he got from his job among other things. Holly relaxed and leaned into him, tilting her head to the side to giving him better access.

"You smell so good," he breathed into her neck.

She tried to turn around and he wouldn't let her. He lifted his hand and started removing the pins from her hair slowly, one after the other.

"What are you doing?" She was surprised at his action.

"I am letting your hair down. I prefer it this way and I want you to wear it like this for me tonight." he said in a calm tone.

Holly stood silent wondering if she’d heard him correctly. Wasn’t she allowed to fix her hair like she wanted it anymore? How dare he try to tell her how to wear her hair? To hell with him and his bossy attitude.

She turned around and faced him "Because you prefer it this way? I wanted it up and I am well capable of knowing how to fix my own hair and what looks good on me."

She was furious, although she tried to remain calm as she could.

"Yes, baby, because that is how I want it.” He leaned closer until his face was poised a few inches from hers. “And I always get what I want."

He smirked.

Her long silky hair escaped and dropped down her shoulders. He grasped a handful of curl firmly and lowered his head taking her lips in a hard kiss, giving her no time to protest. His tongue speared between her lips and his big, hard body backed her up against the dresser despite her futile attempts to push him away. She moaned as he pushed his hand between her thighs and cupped her flesh through the flimsy material of her lace thong. Brad, shoved his tongue deep in her mouth and explored as he moved her panties aside. He plunged two fingers deep inside her and her breath suspended. She screamed and her muscles clenched around his fingers. Her body betrayed her once more as hot sticky fluid gushed from her pussy coating his fingers.

She whimpered.

”You’re wet.” he accused her, holding up his fingers in front of her with a mocking smile on his face.

Her legs were weak and shaky and she leaned against the dresser for support. Her breasts heaved and her breath came in tiny little pants as she watched as he lifted his fingers to his mouth and sucked them dry.

Brad stared at her; he had never felt anything so primal before. The need to dominate her. He had always known he had a streak of sadism lurking around his dark side. But until then he wasn’t quite aware of how potent it was.  He wanted to bend her over and spank her pretty little ass red and listen as she scream from the pleasure and pain of it. He wanted to tie her up and hear her little pleas as she beg him to stop and beg him to continue at the same time. Fuck. He wanted her kneeling at his feet. He wanted to mark her; to imprint his ownership on her so everyone could see.

 He would have all that and more soon. He just needed to make her aware of what he wanted first; to understand that her life was about to change, their marriage was about to change. Brad knew she wouldn't accept his terms and rules willingly, but that wouldn’t be an issue. He liked a good challenge and for some reason the thought of it turned him on. He wasn't in a hurry; he had all the time he needed. He walked away and headed for the shower.

“I will be out for dinner soon." he called out to her.

Holly wasn't sure her feet could support her body just yet; she was afraid to move. When had she ever known the word afraid? She was never easily frightened by anything or anyone; she was too bold, strong, and feisty for that. Then why was she suddenly feeling that way? She was; she was afraid of feeling weak and helpless, and he knew how to make her feel that exact way. And his new demeanour turned her on and did things to her she couldn’t quite explain.

Dinner was a lovely, romantic one. She had never disappointed him and he enjoyed watching her as she blushed. It surprised him to know that after all the years he still had that impact on her. They finished dinner and did the dishes together, then he took her hand in his and led her into the big sitting room.

"Are you ready to have our little talk?" He asked mockingly, he was clearly enjoying her discomfort. But he couldn't help wondering how she would react once they had actually talked.

"Yes, I am." She flashed him a quick smile.

Brad sat down and pulled her down beside him. They both sat with their hands entwined together and he gave her hands a light squeeze and looked deep into her eyes.

"You know that I love you, baby, and I want us to have a strong, happy marriage that is enjoyable to both of us. I don't want to be constantly worrying about you whenever I am away. I feel I need to assert myself more as the head of this household, so I have decided we need to implement Domestic Discipline in our marriage."

Holly listened quietly. "What are the rules and penalties?" She asked sounding a bit curious. It was impossible to go unnoticed.

Somehow, Brad knew that part would’ve interest her the most and he was more than ready to feed her curiosity. “Are you ready?”

"I want you to start coming home early, I want you home by 7:00 o'clock and that’s when I am here and also when I am away. When I call I need you to be here to pick up, I want to hear your voice on the other end of the line. If you have an emergency; if you’re running late or have to be somewhere important I want to know. I want to know when you go out and when you get in; I need to know that you are safe. When I tell you to do something I expect you to do it without questioning. Your temper and your attitude, Holly, you need to control them. I am quite okay with you voicing your opinions. But I will not be talked back at or be disrespected in this house. I will not tolerate such behaviour from you. If you fail to follow these rules you will be punished. You will be subjected to some very, lonely corner time or a sound spanking."

"Those are my rules, do you think you can handle that, baby?" He asked waiting for her reply.

Holly sat still, she couldn't believe what she had heard. For a minute she wondered if her husband was drunk or it was one of his jokes. She look at him in disbelief. But the smug look on his face told her that he was dead serious.

"Are you out of you mind?" She asked shaking her head furiously. “Do you mean that you want me to allow you to spank me as if I am a five year old?"

She blushed at the thought of being spanked

"You don't need to allow it, I am not asking for your approval. It will happen whether you allow it or not, baby, “he smirked.

Holly wished she could slap the smirk off his face, but he was still holding her hands in his. She tried standing up; she needed to get away to calm her temper, but he held her there.

"We aren't through as yet. I need to know that you understand; I need to know what your decision is. You can cooperate or choose to fight, and experience your first spanking tonight." He waited silently giving her time to think it through.

How could she be that woman - how could she be all that he wanted? She could never be that woman, she thought.

"I am waiting." He sounded impatient.

Holly, sighed.

She tried to calm herself; she knew she couldn’t win. Did she have a choice? What harm could it do just to try? “Yes, I guess I could try."

"Good girl." He smiled at her.

She smiled back at him. We will see, she thought and laughed to herself.

Brad almost laughed aloud. Who did she think she was fooling? He had never seen his sweet little wife angrier, although she tried so hard to hide it. But the little pout she sported was too damn sexy to go unnoticed. Nevertheless he was proud of her for trying, because the little spitfire, he knew would've erupted in flames already. She’d better! He thought. Because if she didn't he knew he had a lot of spanking to do.



Submitted: July 27, 2014

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