The Girl Who Cheated At Everything. Mostly.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 2 (v.1) - Hurricane Elle

Submitted: September 07, 2010

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Submitted: September 07, 2010



In this town of 15,000 or so.  It was easy to get noticed.  Good or bad
people noticed.  So, when this new female personage appeared.
It caused a stir. The word normal would forever disappear.

Back at his dentist office where Tim was the town's only dentist. Unless you
count the illegal dentistry of  Mr.Wells who we will meet soon enough.

However Tim's mind was an unfocused mess. 
Every other thought centered on Elle.Where did she come from? 
Why did he worry so much about seeing her?
He could get over this over come this feeling of not love. or even interest.
It was mostly the sense of impending trouble that surrounded
her countenance.

He wasn't looking for anyone to become romantic involved with.
In fact is he was still recovering from his last dating disaster. 
April Leaf... Ms Leaf  was his absent minded dental assistant. 
Ms. Leaf was a sweet messenger of mayhem and danger. 
She didn't do it purposefully.  It's just that when she was around,
you...feared for your life... In a good way. 

Before dating Tim her last boyfriend was killed by a lamp post.  
This being a small town the towns people charged the lamp post with murder. 
As I said before.  This town and normal did not go hand in hand.

April was the shortest person in our town. 
Not a midget but she definitely had circus type of height about her.
Like she wouldn't mind being shot out of a cannon. 
April also had the brightest apple green eyes you've ever seen. 
Her red hair was a distraction as it had it own personality.
You almost wanted to touch her hair. 
As if as some sort magical power of it own.
Her mouth always had a tiny smile on it, always, Even for funerals.

April was still a tiny bit angry with Tim over the break up.
Not enough to cut his break lines or poison him. 
No, just angry enough to stay with him in the office to remind him
what a dunce he had been for leaving her.

April did have her dentistry flaws that made life interesting for Tim.
She patiently gave the beautiful novocaine to the wrong spots. 
Or she gave too much laugh gas. 

Which is what happened with Mr. Davidson... Mr. Davidson wondered off
to who knows where.  So if you find a man in his late 60's carrying a
nitrous bottle please tell him his wife miss him and we want the bottle back.

Life in this town was about to become a circus on wheels.

© Copyright 2020 Nathaniel Rossi. All rights reserved.


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