Outworld part two: The Cherished Bond

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Two friends battle supernatural creatures in the different realms of the universe while battling their own personal demons

Boom!!!!!!! an explosion of green and purple plasma bursts into the ground in a fiery blaze. Two men wearing black robes and a black silk hood jump to avoid the blast. They jump into a ditch boardered by a grassy bank. The sky is dark but slightly lightened by the colorful blasts of plasma firing like a gun towards the brown decayed ditch. "Why the hell do I let you get me into these things?" one of them screamed while loud bursts explode over their heads. "Hey, who's idea was this?" the other one shouted sacasticly as his dirty hands gripped the dead grass below him.

Ok wait, i'm getting ahead of myself. My Name is Jason Fischbach, I am a blonde-haired, Brown-eyed, 125 pound guy. And the other guy yelling at me asking how i get him in these things is my best friend, Richard Trammel, a Brown-haired, Green-eyed, muscular hard head. We work for a group known as The Guardians. Our job is to protect people all over the realms from creatures found within them. A couple days ago we started tracking a mission. On the planet Warth, a swampy planet with large rock formations and endless bogs, a young girl, 6 years old, was kidnapped by a group of Crafters. What is a crafter? Crafters were originally villagers living on the sacred planet of Mystica. Mystica was a peaceful world fillled with giant bustling cities and ocean temples. In 1816, a war between humans, and creatures called Fangers, tore across a quiet village in Mystica. The villagers took refuge under the village as the war raged on above. On Mystica, men,women, and even children practiced a form of magic known as Casting. The villagers blessed the ground on which they sat for they knew eventually their lives would be taken. After hours of intense screaming above, The fangers finnally burrowed down into the ground by breaking and twisting their bones into the structure of a mole to feed on the villagers. Over the Centuries, The casters' Blood and bodies sunk into the soil, and future villagers drunk from the natural water, and bathed in the water and soon began experiancing supernatural powers. 

Richard quickily reached onto his worn out leather belt to retrieve his crossbow as the blasts of plasma demolished the bank. Jason, covered in blood and dirt began crawling up the ditch. "I'm gonna throw a pulser! when i do i'm going to make a run for it and you cover me!" Jason whisperd to Richard as the explosions took a pause. Jason retrieved a long blue glowing sphere from his satchel straped around his back. He pushed a small red button on the top of the device and threw it over the bank. The device landed in front of the Casters. All of a sudden, the Casters' eyes watched as the glow of the device began increasing, and a high pitch noise arose. The Casters began gripping their ears as the sound began bursting their ear drums. One of them, a pretty red haired woman in a long flowered dress began tugging on her hair as blood drizzled from her ears. She then dropped her wand and the purple liquid like color from her arm blackened as the magic left her body. Then the device spit out a pulse wave that pushed the casters into the air in a wind wave and slammed them againset a tree and then smashed them on the ground. Quickly, Jason pushed his foot againset the ground and began darting towards the woods as Richard rose from the ditch and delivered a hell storm of arrows toward the injured Casters. The women's bodies hit the ground hard covered with arrows and blood. The wands then stopped glowing.

Jason and Richard vaulted over the burnt, and crumbled bank and walked into the tree infested swamp to search for the girl. Jason glared down at the bodies as he pushed his hand through his spiked up hair. His attension then focused on the wand, it was dark red with two red emblems in its core. He grabbed the wand and shoved it into his satchel as a momento of the mission. Richard shifted further into the swampy field, his black boots sticking to the green swampy mush. He spotted a large iron cage nessled under a bushy canopy tree. The little girl was inside, holding onto the iron bars. "hi there, you must be Elissa, we're here to take you back to your mommy", Richard said softly with a friendly smile as he busted the cage's lock. Once he broke off the lock he lifted the girl onto his shoulders. Jason approched looking towards the houses on the large rock mountain in the distance. About an hour later, Richard and Jason reached the village ontop of the rocky cliffs, the girl sound asleep. They walked up the rocky path to the village. Small shacks surrounded both sides of the village. They walked for a few minutes until Jason retrieved a crumbled piece of paper from his pocket. "This is it right here", he said as he shoved it back into his pocket. "Ok, lets get this poor girl in there", Richard said softly. Jason grabbed the handle of the wooden door. They both entered to see a table filled with pots, pans, and empty cans of food lying about. A middle aged blonde woman with half curly hair and rag clothes awakes startled from her rocking chair. "Oh my Gods, Elissa! Baby!", the woman said as tears began overflowing her face. She rushed over as Richard gently laid Elissa on an old mattrice on the floor. "Elissa, darling are ok baby girl?" the woman said as she wrapped her arms around her daughter. "Mommy?, i missed you" Elissa whispered rubbing her eyes as she awakened. A tear ran down the woman's face as she smiled and kissed Elissa on the forehead. 

The woman turned her head to see the two men dressed in robes and covered in blood and dirt. She stood up and approched them. "Thank you, for bringing my daughter back to me, i..i don't know how to repay you." the woman said crying in joy. Mam, getting that sweet little girl back to her mom is the best reward we can ask for" Richard said placing his hand onher shoulder. She smiled and bent down to comfort her daughter. Richard wiped the blood off of his frackled face and pulled chunks of Caster blood from his shaggy brown hair. "Well, lets leave her to her daughter" Jason said disqusted by the blood. "Thank you, again", the woman said looking towards the guys. Richard smiled and headed out the door, Jason following. As they walked out of the door a loud shreiking noise came from nowhere, the air in front of them shimmered and opened, a shadowy figure with glowing blue eyes emurged from the air and slashed Jason againset the door. "Arhhhhhh!!!" Richard screamed as he swung a giant piece of wood at the creature. 

OK, wait, you may not know that there are different kinds of Crafters. There are the Casters, whom me and Richard were fighting earlier, who are just people practising the Casting which is illegal in ALL realms, Wraths, who are decayed and ugly from all the years of using casting, and the Crafters, who have used Casting so much and for so long that they are able to slip into an inter dimensional portal and enables them to travel through a room while being invisible.

The creature disapears as the wood goes through the smokey mist left behind and then appeared behind Richard. The Crafter then clawed at his back. Jason pushed himself up grunting from the fall. He rushes towards the Crafter which one agains dissapears into the air. Richard and Jason go back to back looking for the creature. Suddently it appears in front of both of them and begins hitting them and throwing them. The creature punctures Richard's leg with a sharp blade and he falls on his knees. The creature grabs him by his throat and stares into his eyes. The creature begins to twist his neck. Jason charges the creature and bashed it over the head with the wood. The creature roared and began rolling on the ground trying to get up. Jason pulles it's robe to reveal only a glowing blue heart. He grabs the wood and stabbs the heart. Blue gooy blood squirts on Jason's face. The Crafter then turned to ash as Richard took a breath. Jason dropped the wood and helped Richard to his knees. "Awhh, easy!" Richard said as Jason put his arm around him. They began walking down the path as the sun started to set. "well, that was...fun" Jason said helping Richard along the path. "Always is", Richard said sarcasticly. "Well, you know, we could always look for a Crafter Coven, they're normally near Crafters", Jason whispered whipping sweat and pieces of wood from his forehead. "Shut up" Richard whispered. "Haha, love you too man" Jason said as the sun disapeared into the hills.

Submitted: June 30, 2013

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Kind of strange how you switch from 3rd person to 1St person to 3rd person. And you should work on formatting.
But, I liked it(: I liked it alot and thaT's coming from a girl who doesn't usually read this theme of stories (:


Thu, July 4th, 2013 1:29am


thank you! I have vastly improved on my storytelling and i'll be uploading my first short story today so check it out and thanks for the feedback! =)

Wed, June 11th, 2014 2:26pm


Thank you sooo much Dee :)...you don't know how much your input means to me...it really helps when i can get feedback from other writers as well as tips about how to make it better and it really helps me grow and make better content so thank you so very much and i will work on formatting and perspective with my future content :)

Thu, July 4th, 2013 5:08pm

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