Supernatural Business

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Rose Shaw is more than just a pretty face.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Supernatural Business

Submitted: November 27, 2010

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Submitted: November 27, 2010



~The New Girl~

The light clatter of heels made me look up from the book I was reading from my locker. A few guys swooned as she walked past, but she didn't seem to acknowledge their existence not one bit. I raised an eyebrow in suspicion until she strutted past me. I didn’t know how, but she seemed to have a hold on me that most girls didn’t seem to possess in their own innocence at heart. Her darkness toward everyone seemed very attractive as she hauled around her leather backpack and had her arms around a black notebook tightly against her chest at all times.

My name is Logan Grant and I am a victim of Rose Shaw, the new girl who moved in from the city. When everyone heard of the new girl, everyone was in speculation. The girls gossiped about what new rumors they can pair up with this girl the moment her feet touched the school grounds. The boys were seemed to be celebrating, since that knew instantly, that they would have something new and pretty to look at. As for myself, I was pretty nervous of meeting her. Was she going to be the outcast? The pretty girl who will click perfectly with the airhead group? Or something along the middle? These questions baffled me.

It was then the mood in the class faded into deep intensity as she walked in, black and all, still holding that notebook against her chest. Her heavy bangs covered most of her eyes but she still stared at us blankly, as if we didn’t mean anything to her, which was somewhat of an insult to us and to me. She took a seat the far right corner; opposite from mine. I kept eyeing her from the corner of my eye, just to see what she was like.

“As you can see, our new student is here. Would you mind introducing yourself?” the teacher asked politely, also feeling the intense mood growing quickly. She stood up as she placed her notebook onto the desk.

“My name is Rose Shaw and I moved here from the city…” she pronounced every word perfectly as if she knew she was perfect herself. I highly doubted that.

Minutes flew by as the teacher as explaining a new lesson which bored us to death. My head turned ever so slowly to see what Rose was doing. She was writing in her note book as she listened intently, her eyes averted to the blackboard and back at the teacher who was still fumbling with his trousers and how loose they are.

And that’s when it happened. A girl who was whispering softly to a guy next to her was smiling devilishly as I heard her say these exact words. Little did she know…Rose Shaw had excellent hearing. Her exact words were…”She’s so ugly, I mean all black? Really, how pathetic.” She took a glimpse at Rose as her lips quivered not in sadness but in resentment to this girl.

A glass of water was placed at the beginning of class from the oh-so-great teacher himself. In a matter of seconds the glass was thrown against the blackboard, as shards of glass flew everywhere in all directions as it glittered in the dim classroom light. Some students screamed as the bell rang suddenly. Rose walked swiftly away from the chaos of the glass as she was the first one to leave.

It was then I realized that Rose Shaw was different.


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