Life as an Ocean

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“Life is like an ocean. It can be calm and still or rough and rigid. But in the end it’s always beautiful.” -Unknown

The school loners Lillian and her gay best friend, Tyler only had each other for the past three years. Right now, they’re juniors who only just want their high school lives over with, so they don`t have to see any of their faces again. Particularly their tormentors, Kyle and Liam, the popular school jocks. But of course, fate has something else for them.

Throughout their junior year, Kyle who was one of Lillian’s childhood best friends, and Lillian go through things that would maybe have them repairing their lost friendship and possibly have something more. Meanwhile the homophobic Liam takes a bet to get Tyler to have sex with him by the end of 4 months to get $600. Tyler eventually warms up to him as their tutoring sessions for chemistry and time goes on.

What will happen between these four people? Read to find out!

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Submitted: March 08, 2013

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Submitted: March 08, 2013



“Hey, stop it! You’re getting me all wet!” A dark brunette girl giggles putting her hands up, trying to get the water out of her face in vain. A boy with messy blond hair laughs while still holding up a hose dousing her wet. His crystal blue eyes shine with mischievousness and amusement.

“That’s what you get for stealing my frozen yogurt yesterday!” He shouts with a big grin. The girl runs behind a tree in the backyard. “I only took one bite! Why make such a big deal about it!?” She whines with a pout. The blond boy huffs.

“You of all people should know how precious my chocolate fro-yo is to me Lillian.”

“It’s just a frozen yogurt!”

“It’s not just a frozen yogurt! It’s a yogurt paradise! Don’t you just love how-” The boy starts to ramble about the goodness of frozen yogurt.

“Okay, okay, I get it! Just put down the hose, Kyle!” The girl shrieks, trying to get more cover from the tree as Kyle gets closer with the hose. Kyle’s grin widens and he runs behind the tree to get Lillian soaked even more. “Not until you apologize and buy me another one!” He says stubbornly. Lillian shrieks as more water hits her. Kyle cackles as he watches her trying to run away until, a hard fist comes down on his head.

“Ow!” He cries out in pain. Kyle turns around rubbing on the sore spot. He sees a dirty blond haired boy, with his hands on his hips.

“Stop bullying her, will ya? She’s all soaked. Her sister bought her those clothes, you know.” The boy lectures. Kyle pouts. But he goes to turn off the hose.

Lillian sighs in relief. “Oh my gosh, thanks Liam.” She says thankfully. Lillian begins to wring the water out of her clothes. “I just got these from my sister last week, you know. And these are not cheap.” She begins to nag Kyle. He just looks at her amusingly.

“You should have seen this coming when you ate my fro-yo.” Kyle grins.

“Stop with the fro-yo will ya, Ky?” Liam asks with an annoyed face and crosses his arms in front of his chest.

“Yeah, it’s just a yogurt frozen, so what’s the big deal?” Lillian adds. Kyle gasps dramatically. “You did not just go there.” He warns.

“Yes, I did just go there.” Lillian counters. “Whatcha going to do about it?” She crosses her arms in front of her chest. Kyle glares at her and slowly reaches for the hose that’s on the ground beside him.

“Stop it, you two!” Liam cries exasperatedly throwing his arms up in the air. Kyle and Lillian just stare at him. He stares back at them. Then they all burst out laughing.

“Sorry Lilli. Here.” Kyle takes off his hoodie and hands it to Lilli.

“Thanks.” She smiles as she accepts it. She zips it up and sits down on the backyard porch, gesturing for Liam and Kyle to come join her. Both of them come sitting down beside her. Lillian leans towards Kyle putting her head on his shoulder with a content smile. Kyle gives back a gentle smile. Liam gives them a look of longing, particularly at Lillian. But it goes unnoticed.

Lillian sighs happily. “We’re starting high school next week, at the prestigious Diadem Academy. I can’t wait.” Kyle says excitedly. Lillian nods earnestly in agreement. Liam gives a big grin. But then, Lillian has a worried look on her face soon after she agreed.

“What’s wrong, Lilli?” Kyle asks in concern.

“I’m scared....” Lillian confesses after a few moments of silence. Both Kyle and Liam look at her worryingly.

“Why? Did someone do something to you? Because if they did, I’m gonna-” Liam starts.

“No. You know how we’re going to go to high school right...” Lillian cuts Liam off with a soft voice. Kyle and Liam give each other a glance and look back at Lillian, giving her a nod. “People say when you go to high school....people change...” She says. Looks of understanding shows on the boys’ faces.

“We won’t change. Not that easily.” Liam assures one of his best friends. Kyle gives her a fond smile and ruffles her hair. “Hey! Quit it!” She pouts while slapping his hands away. “I'm just afraid things won’t be like how they are now once we start high school...” She voices out her insecurity with a sad look on her face. “I’m even more scared of the fact that you might leave me....”

“How about this? Liam and I promise not to change and leave you. Not ever.” Kyle suggests with a serious look on his face. Liam agrees. Lillian’s face breaks out in a loving smile. Oh, how she loves these two. They’ve been practically together since pre-school. She can’t imagine a life without those two dorks.

“Well, you better keep that promise.” Lillian warns. “Or else.”

“We will, we will.” Kyle says, putting his hands up, nonchalantly.

“Swear it, right now. Both of you.”

“We promise that we won’t ever change or leave you.” Kyle and Liam say in unison.

“Good.” Lillian smiles with a look of satisfactory.

“But you also need to promise something too, Lilli.” Liam says.

“What is it?” Lillian inquires.

“Promise, you’re not going to change either. Please.” Kyle pleads. Lillian breaks out in a smile once again.

“I promise, that I won’t change either. Cross my heart and hope to die.” She puts her hand over her heart. Liam and Kyle have big grins on their faces.

“Now....can we go buy some fro-yo?”


An alarm goes off cutting off the dream the girl was having. In a bundle of blankets, an arm reaches out. It touches the nightside table groping around for the alarm clock. Finally, her hand finds the alarm, turning it off. She snuggles in her bed, falling asleep once more. A door opens and a maid comes in.

“Ms. Smith. It’s time for you to wake up.” She says, standing by her bedside. Snores can be heard through the pile of blankets. The maid sigh exasperatedly. She steps forward and the maid violently grabs the blankets from the girl. The girl curls up in fetal position when the cold breeze hits her. The maid shakes her awake.

“Miss, if you don’t wake up soon, you’re going to be late for school.” The maid pleads. No answer comes from the girl.

“I can wake her up. You can leave.” A voice say from the door. The maid turns to the person. “Oh, I’m sorry Mr. Brookshire. I tried to wake her up but....” She trails off.

“It’s fine. Oh yeah, can you not call me that again? I've told you so many times. It makes me feel weird.” The boy reprimands her. “No need to be so formal with me.”

The maid nods in understanding. “Okay, Tyler. Wake her up as soon as possible.” She says before leaving the room. Tyler turns back to the girl in question. He sighs before putting his hands on his hips. He takes a big breath.

“LILLIAN JEANETTE SMITH!!!” He screams, grabbing her at the shoulders. “This can’t happen every morning! We always barely make it to classes on time because of you!” Tyler shouts shaking her violently. “If you don’t snap out of it right now I’m going to hide your books! You know I will!” He threatens.

Her eyes snap open as soon as the words leave his mouth. “Don’t you dare, Ty!” She warns, grabbing him at the collar of his shirt. He lets go of her, a grin on his face. Tyler pulls her up, while Lillian is still dazed from sleep. “Good, you’re awake. Now get your butt to the bathroom and wash up.” He says, pushing her to her bathroom door.

“Yeah, I know.....” She say before yawning. Tyler opens the bathroom door and pushes her inside. He closes the door and goes to sit on her bed. He sighs, “She better hurry...” Tyler looks worryingly at his watch. He wonders if they’re going to make it on time today.

Inside the bathroom, Lillian finishes taking a shower. She had always been the one to take fast showers. She steps out of her shower and dresses up. Lillian turns to look at her bathroom mirror. She scans her face and her gaze drops on her scar. Her warm brown eyes sadden at the sight of it. Her hand reachs her face, softly touching it. The scar went from very near to the tip of her right eye to her jaw. Even after a year, it’s still there..... she thinks.

Why did she dream that again? For the past few days, she has been dreaming the same thing. That memory was indeed, one of the best that she had but it’s also bitter considering that.....

A knock on the bathroom door snaps her out of her stupor.

“Lils! Why are you taking so long in there?” Tyler asks from outside the door.

“Washing my face.” She answers.

“It doesn’t take you this long unless.....” He says, not finishing the sentence. Shoot! I hate how well he knows me sometimes! She curses in her head, she didn’t noticed that much time has passed by. Lillian needs to get out of there before Tyler gets even more worried about her. She quickly puts on her facial products carefully avoiding the area around her scar. After splashing her face for the final time, she gets a towel and quickly open the door.

Tyler is at her desk, reading one of her many novels with a thoughtful look on his face. He had always been there for her since that happened 3 years ago. She knows that he still feels responsible for what’s happening right now. But Lillian doesn’t blame him. It’s her choice and their choice alone. Not Tyler’s.

“Get out, I need to change.” Lillian says. Tyler rolls his eyes but still stands up anyway and gathers up his stuff. He heads towards the door but stops as he grabs the door knob.

“Cheer up. We need all what we have to survive through the day.” Tyler says before he opens the door and leaves. A smile creeps up her face. She knows that he means well in his own way, just showing that he cares and worries for her. Lillian turns to look at the clock. Her eyes bulge out of her eye sockets.

“Damn it, damn it! We’re gonna be late!” She panics. Lillian runs to her walk-in closet and grabs her school uniform. She sheds her pajamas, slippery like an eel, and starts to change into the outfit of the day. The girls’ uniform consists of a dark blue blazer with black lining, a white collared blouse and a gray and black plaid skirt. On the blazer, where her heart is, the proud school crest stands out. The crest is a black raven with swords crossed like an X with the words Diadem Academy. She decides to let her hair loose for today. Lillian rushes out of her room not before, grabbing her bag from her chair.

She races past the maids and butlers. On the way there, one of her family’s trusted butlers, Walter is holding out a plate of toast and her lunch. She snatches her lunch and stuffs her breakfast in her mouth.

“Thanks, Walter!” She shouts but is muffled by the toast in her mouth.

“You're welcome, Miss Smith. Be careful!” He says with a fatherly smile. Lillian sprints to her limo. She quickly gets in and tells the driver to get to the school as fast as he can. Beside her, Tyler is sipping his morning latte with an annoyed look on his face.

“Girls always take so long to get dressed....” He mutters, while drinking his latte. Lillian glares at him.

“You’re one to talk!” She huffs. “You take forever in getting ready because of your hair!”

“Hey! A guy has to look good!” He defends himself. Lillian laughs at him.

“Want to impress a guy, Ty? Who’s the lucky guy?” She teases. That’s right, her best friend, Tyler Hilton Brookshire is gay. He’s a great friend to have. You can share your deepest, dark secrets as you would have to a girl best friend. Although he’s a bit naggy and too self-conscious about his hair and looks at times. He’s a good guy overall.Tyler has a faint blush on his cheeks. “No! No guys here are my type at all. Not even close. Besides, who would want to date me anyway? I’m going to be forever alone.”

Lillian rolls her eyes at what he says. “You’re going to find someone eventually, Ty. Just not now. Although I do completely agree with you about the guys here....:” Tyler chuckles. “Lillian, you’re a keeper. Any guy would be lucky to have you as his girlfriend. So therefore, you have more of a chance to get a boyfriend...Unlike me.”

“Well-” Lillian starts but gets cut off by the limo driver.

“Miss, we’re here at the academy.” He says, while parking the limo. Both Lillian and Tyler begin to grow nervous. Lillian checks her watch. It isn’t time for classes yet which means there is a big chance of meeting them. She bites her lower lip in hesitation. Tyler begins to fidget with his three lined cufflinks. Right now, their confident and loud personalities have been switched with more timid people compared to before.

“Let’s go, we’re going to be late.” Lillian says, after fixing her composure. Tyler gets his bag and hands Lillian hers.

“I hope today is better than yesterday....” Tyler grumbles, getting ready to leave the limo. “Don’t jinx it please....” Lillian whines.

“Ready?” Tyler asks. Lillian nods. He opens the car door and steps out of the limo. Tyler leaves the door open for Lillian and thanks the driver before closing the limo door. Both of them turn around to see one of the most well-renowned academies in the United States.

“Good luck.” Lillian murmurs to Tyler.

“Thanks. Same goes to you.” He mutters. “Let’s go.”

The two best friends enter the academy, ready to go through another day of hell.

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