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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Shopping

Submitted: July 21, 2012

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Submitted: July 21, 2012



Chapter Four



After school the next day, Gabriel, my best guy friend comes up to me.

“Kitty Kat, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” I shake my head.

“Oh I see,” he nods understandingly. “Hey, I know what’ll cheer you up…Shopping!” he cheers excitedly. Yeah, guy friend.

“No, I’d really rather not,” I sigh.

“C’mon girl, you know it’ll make you feel better.”

“I don’t think so,” I keep walking.

Then he stops me. Right in front of his new car.

“Nice ride.” I say as he opens the door for me.

“Thank you he grins excitedly as he hits the gas pedal…

In the mall Gabriel drags me through every single store, and makes me try on one of everything.

“No, no, no!” Gabriel screeches. “That’s so not you! Here, try on this.” He shoves another dress at me.

“Gabriel, is it just me, or does it feel like someone’s, I don’t know, following us?” I scan the store nervously.

Gabe rolls his eyes, “It’s just you. Now stop trying to stall, and try on the clothes.”

“Okay,” I shrug. But it’s not okay.

“Omg! Shoes on sale!” Gabriel shrieks, dragging me behind him.

“Uh girl,” he looks me up and down, “what is wrong? You are like seriously depressed. And you’re totally bringing me down.”

“I don’t know,” I stare at my shoes, “I guess I just don’t feel good.”

“Seriously?” he raises an eyebrow at me. I nod. “Aww, such a bummer. Okay, I’ll take you home then. But you better not throw up in my car.”

We walk up and down the parking lot for fifteen minutes, Gabe frantically clicking his car alarm remote, desperately listening for the beep. Nothing.

“Hey Gaaa-briel!” a boy yells from the convertible. Gabe’s convertible.

In the car are a few boys from school. Tim, Aaron, Mick, and…is that? Joey!

“Hey guys, can you like, give me my car back?” Gabe tries to laugh.

“Come and get it!” Mick laughs as the car moves forward, then back.

“Honey, don’t,” Gabe waves a finger at them. They all just laugh.

I can feel the anger welling up inside of me. The hatred I feel towards all of them, especially Joey, just for being there. I can feel myself about to blow.

But before anything else happens, a cop is by my side.

“Boys, get out of the car.” He motions, and then when they don’t move, he pulls out his gun. “Get out of the car!”

One by one, the boys exit Gabe’s car and enter the cop car. Tim gulps, Mick snickers, Aaron refuses to look at Gabe, and Joey looks at me for a split second apologetically. As Gabe and I get into his car I have to ask.

“So what’s with Aaron?”

“Nothing.” Gabe answers quickly.

“C’mon Gabe, please tell me.” I beg him.

“Fine, but first tell me what’s with Joey?” he shoots me a look.

“Huh?” I stare at him.

“You and Joey, what’s going on there?” he says, adjusting his rear view mirror.

“What? Nothing! I- I’m not sure. Nothing really. Not for me. But Joey did kiss me…” Gabriel’s eyes narrow in. “Just for like, a split second. In fact, it was probably just an accident.” Oh that’s a load of crap. He purposely bothered me and then put his face right in front of mine and-

“Me and Aaron are dating!” Gabe blurts out, interrupting my thoughts, and sending us crashing into a tree.

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