All Men Dream

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 10 (v.1) - Talk Too Much

Submitted: May 24, 2014

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Submitted: May 24, 2014



In the gargantuan courtyard of the gargantuan Grand Palace lied the Prime Minister and Rama of Thailand, Soli’s thirty associates, and Sorb on the ground and bound by rope. They were surrounded by Roger Clark and twelve thousand TAYZER officers, who were all armed with guns, rocket launchers, knives, swords, shields, crossbows, bats, and Tasers. On the grounds of the palace in total stood forty thousand TAZYER officers, all of whom were armed just as much as the officers in the courtyard. There was absolutely no way any normal man could infiltrate the palace without getting killed within five seconds of entering, but the helpless citizens of Chiang Mai surrounded the large wall that fenced in the palace as best as they could out of curiosity.

“What’s going on?” asked one of the citizens.

“I don’t hear anything…” said another.

“Are the Prime Minister and Rama still alive?” asked a third.

Knowing that the citizens were all waiting to hear something happen, Roger spoke into a wireless microphone he had attached his ear. The citizens of Chiang Mai were able to hear him because TAYZER had set up a number of large amplifiers near the walls of the palace.

“The time has come!” he exclaimed, his voice echoing throughout the palace, “Your leaders are about to die!”

Husbands held their wives, mothers held their children, and the women and children of the city screamed in horror.


“Somebody do something!”


Roger held dual pistols, and laughed maniacally as he pointed them at the heads of the Rama and the Prime Minister.

“You two should have submitted to Louis’s ambition,” he said with what could be perceived as anxiety, “Now you’re going to pay for your mistake.”

He was about to pull the triggers when he sensed something flying in the sky above. He looked up, and saw three large balls of fire soaring in the sky.

Anthony… he thought as he gritted his teeth.

As everyone in the city looked up at the sky, no one noticed as three men discreetly but quickly blurred throughout the palace.

As they did so, two of them discreetly sliced apart any weapon they could spot using swords.

Distracted, Roger did not notice as the other man blurred towards him. He grunted when the man quickly grabbed him by his neck, spun him around as fast as he could, and sent him flying right through one of the walls of the courtyard with great force. He yelled as he crashed through a number of buildings.

The TAYZER officers yelled in complete surprise as they looked at the man who had sent Roger flying out of the courtyard.

“Huh? It’s…Dante Thai!”

“He sent Mr. Clark flying right out of the courtyard!”

 “How did he get in here?”

When did he get in here?”

As the officers talked amongst themselves in a panic, Soli suddenly appeared next to Dante.

“Couldn’t you have waited a bit longer?” asked Soli, “Sixel and I could’ve destroyed more of their weapons if you had. Not that I’m complaining. This will make the battle more…exciting.”

“Who’s this old guy?” exclaimed an officer.

Another one of the mysterious invaders suddenly blurred into the courtyard, and the officers watched in awe as their armed weapons began to fall apart one by one.

“How is this happening?” asked an officer as he looked at his shotgun, which had been sliced in half.

“What’s going on?” asked one of the citizens outside the fence, “What’s happening?”

“Look!” yelled another citizen as she looked up at the sky above the palace, “Something’s in the sky over there! Is that…Reed Anthony? How did he get up there?”

How indeed. As he fell towards the courtyard, he took in a deep breath, and blew a gigantic ball of fire in the direction of a large group of TAYZER officers positioned near the gates of the palace. Three hundred TAZYER officers screamed when the fireball struck them and burned them alive.

When Reed landed in the courtyard next to Dante and Soli, Sorb, who lied next to him, closed his eyes and spoke.

“We’re going to have to fight our way out of this, aren’t we?” he asked.

“I’m afraid so,” sighed Reed.

“You don’t have to fight if you don’t want to,” said Dante with a demonic smile, “I’d be happy to take all these guys on myself.”

“Don’t get too excited, Dante,” said Soli with a devious smile, “I think Sixel wants to fight too.”

Sixel, the man who had sliced the weapons of the TAZYER officers in the courtyard, and who happened to be carrying a satchel across his person, suddenly appeared next to the others, and smiled as he used one of the swords he had strapped on his back to cut Sorb out of his restraints.

“Who’s ready to rumble?” he shouted with a crazy smile.

“Oh, shit!” yelled one of the officers, “They’re freeing the men we captured!”

Without their weapons, the men could do nothing to prevent Sixel from freeing the rest of the captured men.

“Thank you,” said Yoot, one of Soli’s associates, as Sixel freed him from his restraints.

“No problem,” said Sixel, “You can repay me by helping me kick some ass!”

Dante scratched his head as Sorb and Soli’s associates stood up and cracked their knuckles.

“Prepare…for the beating of a lifetime,” he said fiercely as all the TAYZER officers looked at him and his team with dropped jaws.

So this is that guy Anthony was training?, thought one of the officers in the courtyard as he looked at Dante with his mouth agape, How did they even get in here? They should’ve been stopped by the others.

“Well…that went well,” commented Reed.

Soli smiled as he thought. Cutting every weapon we could spot was a good way to lower the attack power of our enemy. Having Dante dig a tunnel into the palace turned out to be a good idea too. I can’t believe he’s strong enough to do that now. He really has come far...

Outside the palace walls, the citizens of the city were cheering with happiness.

“We’re saved!”

Dante and the others gasped as a man walked into the courtyard from the hole Roger had created when he had crashed through the wall.

“There he is!” said one of the officers with a smile.

Sorb grunted as he saw Roger walk towards them.

Him again…

“Our leader will become the ruler of this world,” said Roger with a devious smile, “All the people in this country will bow down to him! No one will be able to oppose him, because I’m going to kill you, Dante Thai. I’m going to kill you, just like George Louis killed everyone else who lived in Bangkok!”

Dante’s eyes widened in surprise when Roger mentioned Bangkok, and slowly closed his eyes and gritted his teeth in anger.

Who do you think you are…?

“Get ready to kill them!” exclaimed Roger, resulting in a loud cheer from his men as they cracked their knuckles and prepared for battle. They did not have any arms, but Roger’s presence and confidence had managed to increase their morale regardless.

“So we’re really about to face all these people?” asked Sorb as Sixel handed him the satchel he had been carrying, “This is not going to end well…for them.”

Sixel yelled as he gripped the dual swords he held in his hands. “Get ready to die, bitches!”

The two of them gasped when they heard someone growling, and looked over at Dante, whose eyes were still closed, and whose body was beginning to glow with green spiritual energy.

“Dante?” said Sixel, concerned and confused.

“Dante…” said Soli with concern.

Oh, boy…thought Sorb, Clark really shouldn’t have made that remark about Bangkok.

All the TAZYER officers in the courtyard laughed deviously as they began to make their way towards the men.

Dante’s body began to shake when he remembered how horrifying it had been for him to crawl out of the rubble that was Bangkok and find that his beloved parents and home were dead. He growled as the veins in his neck became visible. He was growing angrier and angrier as he thought on Roger’s words.

“No one will be able to oppose him, because I’m going to kill you, Dante Thai, just like George Louis killed everyone else who lived in Bangkok!”

He looked up at the sky with eyes filled with fury, and once his anger peaked, he snapped. He took in a deep breath, and roared the most powerful roar he had ever produced, a roar of truly epic proportions. This roar rang in the ears of everyone in the palace, and quite possibly, all of Chiang Mai. The ground itself began to shake because of the intensity of his roar, and the TAYZER officers who had been walking towards him stopped in their tracks, for Dante’s behavior had just instilled them with great fear.

After ten seconds of roaring, Dante calmly closed his eyes. Roger looked around at his men, and everyone watched in awe as, one by one, all the TAYZER officers succumbed to fear. Some of them had heart attacks because their sudden and extreme fear of Dante was so great, but most of them sweated, trembled, and backed away from him.

Roger gasped in shock and sweated as he looked at Dante with his mouth agape.

What the hell is going on here?, he thought as his body shook in fear, I feel…chills…and all he did was roar… What is he? He’s like a wild animal!

He really has grown…thought Soli, who was in awe of what Dante had just done to his enemies.

This guy… thought Sixel with a smile.

Sorb, Reed, and Soli’s associates just looked around at their trembling enemies in shock.

“Wha… How did…?” asked a dumbfounded Yoot.

“He…used fear!” exclaimed Niu, a second associate.

“You can’t be serious!” yelled Oasa, a third.

That was unexpected, thought Sorb in amusement.

What the…hell...?, thought Reed in disbelief as he looked at Dante, How on Earth did he do that? Even I didn’t know he had such power! He defeated them by using fear…and fear alone… This guy… He just might turn out to be one of the most powerful forces of nature this world has ever seen!

“Roger Clark,” said Dante fiercely as he began to walk towards Roger, “You talk too much… I’m gonna maim you. You’re gonna pay… All of you people are gonna pay for what you’ve been a part of... I don’t know who you people think you are, but there’s one thing I do know…”

Dante blurred at Roger, and Roger grunted when Dante punched him in the gut and sent him flying out of the courtyard, just like he had before.

“It doesn’t matter how many of you there are! I’m gonna kick all of your asses, and then, I’m gonna kick Louis’s ass!”

Roger crashed into one of the walls that fenced in the palace, and fell to his knees. He gritted his teeth in pain as he looked up and saw Dante and most of his allies walk out of the courtyard. The ones that remained where they were guarded the Rama and the Prime Minister in the courtyard.

Dante gritted his teeth and looked at Roger fiercely as he led the group towards Roger.

The rest of the TAYZER officers on the premises huffed and puffed as they ran into the area.

“Don’t allow them to escape!” yelled one of the officers.

“Be careful!” yelled another, “These are no ordinary men!”

Dante and Roger stared at each other as the officers split up and came at Dante and the others from four different sides.

“You guys aren’t going anywhere!” yelled an officer.

Dante proceeded to walk towards Roger, while his allies split up to combat the enemy.

Reed jumped into the middle of a large group of enemies and began burning them alive.

Sixel watched as a group of six thousand men ran at him with the intent to kill. He smiled as he gripped the two swords he held in his hands.

Ah, now this is what I’ve been missing. For the first time in quite some time, I finally get to cut someone up! Those military pricks I used to work for made a big mistake kicking me out…even if I am…reckless…unstable...bloodthirsty… Well it’s not my fault I have ADHD!

“Now die, motherfuckers!” he exclaimed as he charged at the men and began cutting them up left and right.

A group of two thousand men charged at Dante, but when he performed a fierce roar at them, they stopped in their tracks, and trembled while he continued to walk towards Roger. Soli’s associates proceeded to attack these stupefied men with their fists and any arms they could get their hands on.

Dante continued to walk towards Roger until they were two meters away from each other. Roger smirked at Dante as he crossed his arms.

“Dante Thai,” he said, “You’re mine!”

Soli smiled as three thousand men charged at him, and grabbed a sword from a weapon holster he had wrapped around his abdomen.

These people are just begging to be put down, he thought as he charged at them and began swiftly slicing their flesh like fruit.

Dante gritted his teeth as he spoke. “It’s over,” he said as he looked at Roger with a demonic glare.

Roger closed his eyes as he stood up.

“You’re right,” he said as he lunged at Dante, “for I’m the one who will end it!”

Roger grunted when he tried to punch Dante across the face, but Dante grabbed his fist, and knocked him back with a fierce kick to the stomach, sending him crashing into the palace wall with a loud boom. Roger fell to his knees in pain, but he quickly got back on his feet after several seconds, and charged at Dante. He yelled, and they both grunted when they tried to punch each other. Their blows clashed, and the clash was so powerful, it created a small shockwave. They tried to punch each other again, but their blows clashed yet again, and another small shockwave was produced. Annoyed, the two yelled as they proceeded to throw punches at each other one after another at sonic speed.

Sorb cracked his knuckles when he found himself surrounded by a thousand men.

These guys shot me with a stun dart when they kidnapped me before, but now…

“You don’t want to fight me,” he said sternly, “You should quit while you’re ahead.”

He took up a fighting stance, and when they tried to attack him, he punched and kicked them away using his martial arts skills.

I didn’t think I’d do anymore fighting after I left the military a few years ago. It’s a good thing I kept my body in shape. Speaking of good things…

“Bring it on!” he proclaimed as he reached into his weapon satchel, “It doesn’t matter how many of you there are!”

He brought out dual pistols, and began shooting at his enemies.

“You won’t win!”

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