All Men Dream

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 12 (v.1) - The Plot Thickens

Submitted: June 03, 2014

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Submitted: June 03, 2014



May 7, 2032

Reed gasped when he found himself surrounded by bright white light.

“What the…?” he said in shock, “Where am I…?”

He squinted as he looked around for any clues as to where he was, when he saw a figure walk past him out of nowhere. He initially could not see the person very clearly, but when he managed to get a good look at the person, his jaw dropped and eyes widened in complete shock.

“V… V… Victor…?”

Victor did not look at Reed when he spoke, and to Reed’s surprise, he proceeded to walk away from him.


Reed tried to run towards Victor, but he quickly discovered that he could not run as fast as he normally could. In fact, he found himself running in slow motion.

“Victor!” he cried out, “Hey, Victor! It’s me! Victor! Victor!”

Victor did not stop, however, and continued to move away from Reed.

“Come back!”

Despite his pleas, however, Victor continued moving forward, and Reed was forced to watch as Victor walked so far away, he disappeared from his sight.

Reed gritted his teeth in anguish as tears welled up in his eyes.

“No… No…”

He held his head as he closed his eyes, and let out a terrible scream of pain and sadness.


Reed’s eyes widened when he suddenly awoke from his nightmare. He was about to scream out Victor’s name, when he realized that what he had just experienced was just a dream. Tears fell from his eyes as he panted heavily, and he turned onto his side as he pulled the bed sheet of his bed up so it covered his whole body, save for his head.

Oh…God…he thought, extremely distraught. He did not want to cry, but he could not pull himself together, and ended up sobbing as he thought of the precious brother he had lost so long ago.

In the Grand Palace of Thailand, a number of men were about to have an important meeting, during which they would discuss the current largest threat to the world: George Louis and TAYZER.

These men sat at a circular table in a dimly lit room. Present at the meeting were Soifo Sacu, the Rama of Thailand, Nofiu Nu, the Prime Minister of Thailand, Sica Rolyat, the Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Army, and Nec Nac, the Police General of the Royal Thai Police. Soli Thai also happened to be at the meeting.

 Everyone wore serious looks when Soli began to speak. “As you all know, we are here to discuss a great evil that is attempting to rule this world. I have already discussed the origin of the evil with the Rama and Prime Minister, so I shall briefly take the time to discuss such for the Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Army and the Police General of the Royal Thai Police.”

Meanwhile, Dante Thai slept on the ground in the forest behind his house. He had trained throughout the entire night, and had ended up passing out because he was too stubborn to stop and sleep of his own volition. Even though he had never seen what George Louis was capable of doing, he wanted to be ready for anything.

Dante turned over and onto his side, when he was suddenly woken up by a voice that spoke in his head.

“Wake up,” said Abi, “We need to talk. I’ve been thinking over something for a while now, and now, I’ve finally made a decision.”

On the sofa in the house, Sorb yawned as he woke up from his own sleep. He tiredly rubbed his eyes, and sighed as he sat up. He heard the crinkle of paper, and looked down at his stomach to see a piece of paper and a pencil in his lap. On the piece of paper were a number of designs for a weapon he had planned to either make or get his hands on. He picked up the piece of paper, and rubbed his chin as he looked at his designs.

I wonder if I can actually pull off making an exploding knife…

Dante yawned as he stretched. “Oh, is it morning already? What is it?”

“You idiot,” responded Abi short-tempered as always, “You shouldn’t be staying up all night training.”

“Shut up,” responded Dante irritably as he scratched his head, “Who are you calling an idiot anyway, dumbass?”

“What did you just call me?”

“You heard me.”


Abi was about to get really upset at Dante, but since he had something he needed to discuss with him, he calmed himself down.

“Look, can you just listen to me for one second? The thing is…you intend to fight George Louis at some point…so I need to make sure you’re strong enough to face him when you do. There’s an ability I have yet to teach you because I did not think you were quite ready to handle such power before. At this point, though…it looks like Louis may be the next person you fight, so I don’t think I have much choice but to teach you the skill.”

“What skill are you talking about?” asked Dante, intrigued.

“The ability to transform.”

In another part of the forest, several miles away from where Dante was, Sixel closed his eyes as he sheathed his dual swords.
He had just sliced a thousand trees down with his swords.

I guess I could call that a warm-up, he thought as he cracked his knuckles, Damn it. It’s always unsatisfying trying to train. I can already do everything. Time to move on to something else I suppose. Now…where can I get a bottle of Sang Som?

Dante closed his eyes as Abi spoke. “Those who possess spirits have the ability to transform into a state where they can gain more access to their spirit’s power. However, in order for one to gain the ability to enter such a state at will, one must be on good terms with their spirit. Lucky for you, you and I are on…relatively okay terms. When you learn to achieve the transformation, you will be able to access more of my power of your own free will and at any time you want.”

At the prison, a guard walked over to Roger Clark’s cell with a bowl of rice, and grunted as he looked at Roger, who sat on his bed with his legs crossed and his eyes closed.

“What’s the point in meditating?” asked the guard scornfully as he set the rice inside of Roger’s cell, “Or are you contemplating becoming religious? It doesn’t matter, you know. You will enter the gates of hell, and you will burn! There is no redemption for you, and there never will be.”

“So where do we go from here?” asked Sica once Soli finished recapping the origin of the evil they were dealing with.

“We need to completely eliminate Louis’s and TAZYER’s presence in Thailand.”

“We have already seen to that by taking away their funding, arresting all the TAYZER operatives, and shutting down their headquarters,” said Soifo.

“Was that not enough?” asked Nofiu.

“My associates and I have been investigating them, and apparently, their headquarters is up and running. Allow me to go into detail. Their headquarters, which is located in Hat Yai, is gargantuan, and has an overwhelming number of defense weaponry. The main building of the headquarters has such an advanced security system that it will activate its own defense mechanisms and attack the intruders without being commanded by a human. The headquarters is up and running because it is not powered by a common source of energy. Instead, it is secretly powered by a lightning-shaped invention of Louis’s design, one that acts as a source of unlimited energy. We need to infiltrate the headquarters, locate and remove the power source, and eliminate Louis.”

“Did you not state in our private conversations that Mr. Louis possessed a spirit of his own?” asked Nec with a confused frown, “Who in the world could possibly hope to match such a dangerous man?”

Soli smiled as he thought of one person in particular.

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