All Men Dream

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 14 (v.1) - Things Get Worse

Submitted: June 13, 2014

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Submitted: June 13, 2014



Dante desperately struggled to free himself from George’s grasp, but it was no use. He put one of his hands over his injured eye, and gritted his teeth in pain as he opened his one good eye and looked at George with fury.

“Don’t get so upset,” said George with a wicked smirk, “At least you still have one good eye.”

Sixel and his team finally arrived in the room where the power source of the headquarters was located. The lightning-shaped device rested on a machine that resembled a pedestal, and was protected by a rectangular, Plexiglas cover. There were a number of machines in the room, and they all had wires that were connected to the machine, and thus, the power source.

“Finally!” said Sixel, “We finally found this room! Time to destroy that damn device!”

At that moment, a large number of gun turrets erected from the walls of the room, and pointed at Sixel and his team. The jaws of Sixel’s team dropped even lower when they found themselves covered by an overwhelming number of red dots; the gun turrets were equipped with laser sights.

“What the hell?” said Sixel as he looked at the red dots that covered his body, “What are a bunch of little red dots supposed to do to me?”

Soli continued to cough severely as he weakly looked up at George and his grandson. “…Dante…” he said in between coughs as he slowly stood up.

George proceeded to beat Dante, and this caused Soli to become extremely furious.

“Who do you think you’re beating on?” he yelled as he charged at George, “That’s my grandson, damn it!”

He tried to slash George with his swords, but George stopped beating Dante quickly enough to grab both of Soli’s wrists and prevent Soli from slashing him. He kicked Soli three times in the stomach before sending him flying all the way to the other side of the room, where Reed was. Reed had been in the process of standing up, but Soli crashed into him, and both yelled in pain as they crashed into the wall.

Dante lied on the ground in pain and watched with his one good eye as the rest of his team brought out a number of weapons from their weapon holsters, including pistols, bazookas, machine guns, and rifles. They shot all of these weapons directly at George, but George was fast enough to calmly evade all of the projectiles they shot at him until they ran out of weapons to use.
“What the hell?” asked a dumbfounded Yoot in shock.

George smirked at the men, and the men panicked as he walked towards them.

“What are we supposed to do now?” yelled Oasa, “We have nothing to fight him with! He’s going to kill us!”

No… thought Dante as he lied helplessly on the floor.

“He’s too fast for us to outrun!” yelled Yoot.

“No!” screamed Dante as tears welled up in his eyes.

George, who was still holding Satan’s dagger, blurred into the middle of the group of men, and to Dante’s horror, he began slicing them apart one by one.

Sorb was getting nervous as he and his team continued to evade the missiles being shot at them.

Damn it! We’re running out of explosive weapons and EMP grenades. All we can do is run! What am I supposed to do?

He gritted his teeth as he tried to think of a plan.

We can’t afford to fail this mission. There has to be something in my arsenal I can use to deal with this situation... Maybe I can use…

His eyes widened when he thought of a way to deal with the matter at hand.

That’s it! Ah, but I haven’t tested it yet... No time like the present, I guess!

“Start planting the bombs!” he yelled as he reached into his weapon satchel.

“Are you kidding?” asked Niu fearfully, “We’ll die before we get the chance!”

Sorb brought out a cylinder-shaped device from his satchel, held it firmly by the handle, and pointed it at one of the turrets. He pressed a button on the machine, and his team watched in awe as a continuous laser beam shot out of the machine and destroyed the turret.

“I’ve got your backs!” exclaimed Sorb as he proceeded to use his device to destroy all the turrets around them, “I’ll destroy all the turrets and missiles I can with this weapon, so just focus on planting those bombs!”

“Please…have mercy!”

“How dare you do this to my friends!”

These were some of the things Dante heard his team scream right before George killed them.

“Did you fools truly believe ordinary weapons would be enough to harm me?” asked George with a smirk as he continued with his genocide, “I’m the most powerful man in the world!”

Dante grunted as he watched every man who tried to attack George get beat down.

“Yes, take a good look, child,” said George, “Watch as your allies fall, all because you were too weak to protect them.”

George had already taken down half of the men when he felt someone’s hand grab his leg. Dante, despite his anguish, had managed to crawl over to him.

“Bastard…” he said weakly as George looked down at him, “What do you think you’re doing? Stay away…from them… I won’t…let you hurt them… Guys, you have to run!”

Still holding onto his injured eye with one hand, he was too weak and helpless to keep George from grabbing the hand he had on his leg, and yelped in great pain when George swiftly broke his arm. Now he did not know what to focus on more, his slashed eye or his broken arm.

Ah!, thought Dante as he writhed in pain, Damn it!

“Dante!” yelled Yoot.

“This bastard is like a demon!” yelled another man, “He’s inhumane!”

“He’s unforgivable!” yelled another

“He’s pure evil!” yelled Oasa.

George smiled villainously as he walked towards the rest of the men, and the men backed up in fear as he did so.

Reed stood up as quickly as he could and got into a fighting stance. He was about to go after George again, when he realized just how much trouble they all were in.

He looked over at Dante, who writhed in pain on the floor, and then looked at Soli, who was still experiencing a severe coughing fit.

He frowned as he watched George walk towards his helpless allies.

You bastard…, he thought as he angrily balled up his fists and gritted his teeth, You’re gonna pay for this!

He closed his eyes as he took a deep breath.

I didn’t want to have to do this, but it looks like I don’t have much choice. This is getting really, really bad… I can’t beat this guy unless I take it to the next level. It’s a risk for me, but…I have no choice…! He’s gonna kill us all if I don’t do this…!

Reed closed his eyes, and as he stood there silently, he began to sweat, and steam began to emit from his body.

Damn it all!

George stopped walking towards the men, and looked at Reed with intrigue as his body and clothing became engulfed in blue flames.

What is he doing?

Reed,” said Ukaku in fear, “What are you doing?”

Don’t interfere, Ukaku! It’s the only way for me to beat him.


I know the risk of using this mode, but…I have no choice. I can’t save these guys…I can’t beat him…unless I use my strongest transformation!

Reed and George glared at each other, and after doing so for about five seconds, Reed suddenly blurred at George faster than a speeding bullet. George did not expect this incredulous increase in speed, so he was not quick enough to defend himself from the fiery punch Reed delivered to his chest. He went flying back, and hit the wall with a thud.

He recovered from the physical aspect of the attack in a matter of seconds, but he clutched his chest in pain because of the fiery aspect of the attack.

Ah! It burns! He didn’t burn me this badly when he hit me before…! What the hell is happening?

Once he got a hold of himself, George blurred at Reed while gripping Satan’s dagger. He tried to slash him a number of times at supersonic speed, but Reed effortlessly dodged every single attack. He grabbed George’s hand when George tried to slash at him once more, and grunted as he grabbed George’s neck and squeezed it tight. George closed his eyes and gritted his teeth in anguish as Reed let go of his hand, and sent him flying with a fiery, supersonic punch to the chest. George screamed in pain as he went flying across the room and into the wall.

This child is something else… Should I expect anything less from the son of Oliver Anthony?

He grunted as he slowly got on his feet. Reed was beginning to get the upper hand; he even had George sweating.

“Do you think…you can defeat me so easily?” yelled George angrily as Reed blurred at him.

Reed was about to strike him again, but George managed to strike him first by stabbing him in the chest with Satan’s dagger. Reed grunted in slight pain, and yelled when George sent him flying with a punch to the face.

What the hell? I’m engulfed in flames! How did he stab me, and how did he punch me without hurting himself!?

“He stabbed him!” yelled Yoot in shock, “We have to do something!”

“What are we supposed to do!” yelled Oasa, “We have no more weapons, and even if we did, he would just dodge them all!”

Dante and Soli, who were both still on the ground, looked over at Reed in fear.

“Reed!” yelled Dante desperately, “No!”

“Reed!” yelled Soli in between coughs.

Dante began to slowly stand up, and looked over at George as he did so. He was surprised when he saw that George’s fist was covered in ice.

Huh?, he thought, What’s with his fist?

He thought for a moment, and gasped when he realized what had happened when George punched Reed.

It’s like the fire and ice canceled each other out, he thought, I see…

By encasing his arm in ice, he protected himself from being burnt when he hit Reed, thought Soli as he looked at Reed, who clutched his chest in pain as he lied on the floor, Things are not going well here. He clearly has even more power than he's letting on. What are we supposed to do now?

He heard yelling, and looked to see Dante charging at George.

“Dante, stop! You’re gonna get yourself killed!”

“That doesn’t matter!” asserted Dante furiously, making Soli gasp in shock, “This guy keeps hurting the people I care about, so like it or not, I’m gonna fight him and make him pay!”

Dante tried to punch George with his good arm, but George easily evaded the attack.

He tried to headbutt George, but George evaded that attack as well.

He tried to strike George with a number of other attacks, but George easily evaded them all.

“You can’t harm me,” said George as he evaded each and every one of Dante’s attacks, “This is just pitiful.”

“Who are you calling pitiful?” yelled Dante as he punched George in the stomach.

Despite that attack, however, George did not even flinch.

“Was that a punch or a tap?” he asked with a smirk as he punched Dante and sent him flying several yards away, “I could not tell.”

Dante managed to land on his feet, and yelled as he charged at George, and tried to punch him again. George evaded the blow quite easily, and knocked Dante several yards away with a kick to the stomach. Dante grunted when he hit the ground with a thud.

“You should stop,” advised George indifferently, “You can’t stop me from carrying out my plans. You’re too weak.”

Dante slowly stood up as George continued to speak. “I’m trying to change this world for the better,” he said, to Dante’s disbelief, “Are you really going to try and stop me from doing such?”

Dante looked at George angrily as he spoke.

“Are you serious? You expect me to believe that everything you’ve done…was for the good of the world?”


Dante growled before he yelled in fury.

“Who the hell do you think would fall for bullshit like that?”

He charged at George yet again, and punched him repeatedly with his good arm, but his blows were so weak that George didn’t even try to dodge his attacks. He just stood there with a smirk on his face as though Dante wasn’t even doing anything to him.

“If you could not injure me with your punches before,” said George, amused, “why do you think you could injure me with your punches now? You are even more foolish than I imagined you to be.”

Dante yelled as he increased the rate at which he punched George, but George remained unaffected by his blows.

“This is foolish,” said George with a smirk as Dante growled irritably, “You aren’t strong enough to face me, and you never will be.”

Dante stopped punching him and took in a deep breath. Seeing that he was about to roar, George jumped back several yards, and used his strong lungs to breathe icy cold wind at him, wind cold enough to freeze his body. Dante repelled the attack with the shockwave produced by his roar, and the two remained in this deadlock for about fifteen seconds.

Afterwards, George spoke as Dante charged at him.

“It doesn’t matter what you do,” he said coldly, “You will never grow strong enough to defeat me. You will never be anything more than a failure who can’t protect the people he cares about from danger and death!”

Dante tried once more to strike him, but George blurred up to him and sent him flying across the room with a fierce slap across the face. He hit the wall with a loud thud, but managed to get up a few seconds later. He took a few steps towards George, but ultimately, his body was overwhelmed by pain and exhaustion, and he fell flat on his stomach.

“Dante!” yelled Soli as he slowly stood up, “No…”

He gripped his swords and charged at George, for all that coughing had left him too weak to blur at him.

You should really sit down,” said George as he looked at Soli indifferently, “You’re clearly already suffering from something.”

“Damn you!” yelled Soli as he closed in on George.

Before he could even attack, however, George gripped Satan’s dagger and stabbed Soli in the abdomen multiple times at supersonic speed, causing a severely pained Soli to fall to his knees as blood trickled from his mouth.

“Soli!” yelled Yoot in fear.

“Didn’t you tell me that I wouldn’t live to see another day if I attacked your grandson?” asked George mockingly.

What is wrong with my body?, thought Soli as he panted and trembled.

He looked at George fearfully as George knelt down and held Satan’s dagger to his neck.

“Death is upon you.”

“Not if I can help it!”

Soli gasped in surprise, for that voice was familiar to him somehow. He saw a foot strike George’s face, and watched in complete shock as George was sent flying several feet away. He looked up to see who had managed to strike George, and was completely shocked when he saw who it was.

“Huh?” he asked in complete disbelief, “What the hell are you doing here, Clark?”

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