All Men Dream

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 15 (v.1) - An Unexpected Ally

Submitted: June 18, 2014

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Submitted: June 18, 2014



George held his head as he sat up and looked at Roger irritably.

“I don’t know if I’ll be able to defeat him,” announced Roger to the others, “I can delay him, though, so hurry up and get these three out of here. They’re all gonna need medical attention!”

“But we’re going to blow-,” began Yoot.

“I know,” interrupted Roger, “Don’t worry about me. Just go!”

Soli looked at Roger in surprise as the remaining members of his team ran around the room to pick up Dante and Reed.

Reed deactivated his transformation so the men could help him up without getting burned.

Dante did not have the strength to stand, so he let the men carry him.

Roger helped Soli up as George stood up and looked at him.

“You’ve betrayed me, Roger,” he said indifferently, “Does this mean you no longer care if I kill you?”

“Eight years ago…you killed my parents…and you threatened to kill me if I didn’t work for you,” said Roger emotionally, “I was so scared of you…of what you would do to me…so I gave in to your demands… Finally, not long ago, I decided to free myself from my dilemma by arranging my death. I revealed your identity and your plans as revenge, and captured the Rama and the Prime Minister so people would view me as a threat that needed to be taken out. I got every single one of your lackeys to think what I did was all part of your plan, and that got them all arrested. I captured Dante’s friend to ensure that he would kill me. I even deliberately provoked him to that end.”

“I’m going to kill you, Dante Thai, just like George Louis killed everyone else who lived in Bangkok!”

“Despite that, however, he spared me! He spared me…his adversary! That’s when I realized that I was meant to do more with my life; that I was meant to live. That’s why I’ve decided to man up and take you on right now. The truth is, George, I don’t care if you kill anymore. Whether I live or die no longer matters to me. The only thing that matters to me now is that you are taken down!”

Roger… thought Soli as he looked at Roger in surprise, So he was just a pawn…

“If that’s how you feel,” began George with a villainous smirk, “then I’ll proceed to kill you right now!”

George blurred at Roger, and tried to attack him, but, to Soli’s surprise, Roger managed to punch him away.

“You’re stronger than before,” said George irritably, “but why? Why are you stronger than before?”

“I was always physically strong,” said Roger indifferently, “I just didn’t have the guts to use my strength against you. After all, you do possess a spirit of some sort. If you’re referring to my fight with Dante, like I said, I wanted him to kill me, so I obviously didn’t fight as hard as I could have. But I will with you.”

George looked at Roger angrily, and blurred at him again, but Roger knocked him away again, and this time, he sent George flying across the room and into the wall.

“You should go,” said Roger to Soli.

Soli nodded his head, and headed to the exit with the rest of his team.

“Oh, and hey!” exclaimed Roger, “Make sure you guys get strong enough to beat him next time!”

“We’ll do our best!” exclaimed Soli as he and his team ran out the door.

Soli took a police radio from Oasa and spoke to everyone in the base with it.

“We failed to defeat Louis,” he said, “but we can still blow up the place. You guys aren’t gonna believe this… Roger Clark is keeping him busy.”

George looked at Roger indifferently as Roger walked towards him.

“Shouldn’t you be in prison?” asked George.

“I escaped.”

George smirked as he raised an eyebrow in slight surprise. “You escaped a prison? I really have underestimated you, haven’t I? What exactly are your intentions?”

“Well, for one thing…I’m here to show you that I am no longer going to be used by you.”

“Well, you’ve certainly done that, haven’t you? I’m not in the mood to deal with you, so you should leave right now if you know what’s good for you.”

“Have you not been paying attention? I’m stronger than you think.”

“If you don’t leave right now,” began George irritably as he walked towards Roger, “I’m going to make sure you never see the outside of this room ever again!”

“No!” yelled Roger fiercely, “You will not threaten me anymore! For the past eight years…for the past eight years…I allowed you to intimidate me into helping you with your wicked plans! No more! No longer will I allow you to manipulate me! Now, you are going to stand there and listen to what I have to say, you bloody bastard!”

George smirked at Roger as he stopped walking and crossed his arms.

“I’m going to work alongside those men after today,” asserted Roger, “and I’m going to assist them in taking you and the rest of your associates down.”

“Is that so?”

“Before I can do that, however, I need to distract you. That’s the only way those men are going to get out of here alive.”

George blurred towards the exit, but Roger blurred after him, grabbed him before he reached the exit, picked him up, and threw him several feet away.

George grunted as he stood up. “If you want to fight me so badly, why don’t you just try to kill me right here and now? Clearly, you have the strength to take me on…”

“Nice try. I know full well I wouldn’t actually be able to defeat you in battle. I don’t even know all of your powers. I shall leave you to Dante. My fight…is with my brother.”

George was confused by that statement, and Roger used his confusion to his advantage. Roger blurred at him, and knocked him several feet away with a punch in the stomach. George hit Roger with a punch of his own, and knocked him several feet away.

The two fiercely looked at each other as they balled up their fists, and charged at each other. They tried to punch each other, but their punches clashed. They tried to punch each other again, but once again, their punches clashed. George tried to punch Roger a third time, but Roger ducked to evade the attack, and proceeded to punch George in the stomach.

George was becoming extremely annoyed with Roger, and yelled as he tried to punch him. Unfortunately for him, Roger fiercely punched him in the stomach before his attack could connect. He managed to quickly recover from the attack, however, and fiercely punched Roger across the face, causing Roger to grunt in pain.

Roger managed to grab George’s fist before he could pull it away, and pulled George towards him so he could punch him in the face. George ducked to avoid the blow, however, and kicked Roger in the shin, causing him to fall to his knees in pain. He got on top of him, and began punching him in the face.

“I will destroy you!” he yelled as he punched him repeatedly.

He punched him three times, and before he could punch him a fourth time, Roger grabbed his fist, and forced George off him. He grunted as Roger got him in a chokehold. He struggled to get out of the hold, while Roger grunted as he struggled to keep him in it.

Roger suddenly felt his arms get cold, and yelled in fear when he saw that his arms were beginning to freeze. He quickly let go of George, and George proceeded to fiercely punch him in the stomach three times, before he picked him up, and slammed him on the floor.

“It’s time for you to learn your place,” said George with a villainous smirk.

“Roger Clark?” asked Sixel as he spoke on a police radio, “What the hell? Isn’t that bastard supposed to be in prison?”

“Don’t worry about him,” responded Soli, “He’s on our side now. Dante and Reed are both in bad shape, and it’s thanks to him that we managed to escape Louis. Roger knows we’re gonna blow up the base, but he said not to worry about him. Hurry up and complete your objectives so we can all get out of here and blow this place up.”

“We just finished planting the remaining bombs,” said Sorb over the radio, “We’re on our way out.”

In the room where the power source was located, Sixel sliced up the Plexiglas that protected the power source, and smiled as he grabbed the lightning-shaped device and broke it in half using his raw strength.

“Well, that was disappointing. Getting rid of those red dots was as exciting as taking a shit. Ah, well, I guess that could qualify as a warm-up.”

Sixel ran towards the exit while the rest of his squad looked around the room with their jaws dropped all the way to the ground. All the red laser sight gun turrets that had pointed at them upon entering the room had been effortlessly sliced apart by Sixel.

“That guy…” said one of the officers as they walked towards the exit, “He acts like an idiot…but he’s as powerful as a demon!”

After taking quite a beating from George, Roger grunted in pain as George lifted him into the air by his neck.

“I told you to go if you knew what was good for you,” said George as he held Satan’s dagger firmly in his free hand, “If you had listened to me, you wouldn’t be in this position.”

Roger gritted his teeth and looked at George weakly as George smiled villainously. “It’s a shame it has to end this way… You really were the greatest pawn I possessed.”

Roger grunted as his body slowly became enveloped in blue energy, and George gasped when he realized that the energy was coming from the hand he had on Roger’s neck.

What the deuce? What the bloody hell is happening to me? What the hell is happening to Clark?

As George studied Roger, he noticed that Roger’s muscles were beginning to grow bigger.

He grunted when he realized what was happening to both him and Roger.

Snou, you fool… You think you can lend him some of your power without my permission? I don’t care how much you struggle… You will only do what I desire! Do you hear me?

“Looks like my spirit has taken a liking to you, and wants to help you out,” said George with a smirk meant to cover up his anxiety.

This isn’t good. If that stupid spirit is now capable of doing something like this against my will, then that means my ability to control it and keep it sealed within my body is weakening. I need to regain control!

“Sorry, Clark, but I cannot allow this little fight of ours to drag on any longer.”

Roger slowly opened his eyes, and they widened when he saw George raise Satan’s dagger to his chest.

“Death is upon you!” yelled George fiercely as he made to stab Roger’s heart.

The tip of the dagger was only an inch away from his heart when Roger grabbed George’s hand, and squeezed it tight. George looked at Roger in surprise, and cried out when Roger tightened his grip. Roger punched him right in the nose with the newfound strength that Snou had given him, and the pain caused George to let go of Roger’s neck.

Roger rubbed his neck in pain, and George proceeded to punch him twice across the face while he was distracted. He tried to punch him a third time, but Roger grabbed his fist, and yelled as he fiercely kicked George in the stomach. George groaned as he stumbled back a few feet.

Wha… What’s…going on?

George blurred at Roger and tried to strike him, but Roger yelled as he fiercely punched him across the face before his attack could connect. George managed to recover from the attack quickly, however, and fiercely kicked him in the stomach. Roger tried to punch him, but George evaded his attack, and proceeded to punch him twice across the face. When he tried to punch him a third time, Roger grabbed his arm, and proceeded to break it with one swift motion, causing George to cry out as he fell to his knees in pain.

I should be able to take more damage than this… What’s happening…to my strength…?

Roger punched him in the stomach, and sent him flying across the room.

He panted as he struggled to stand up.

This…cannot…be happening…What the bloody hell is happening to my strength?

He mustered up all the strength he could to stand up, and yelled as he blurred right at Roger, and kicked him in the stomach with all his might.

All his might was not even enough to make Roger grunt in pain.

This has to be because of Snou. That stupid spirit is trying to contain its power so I can’t use it!

Roger grabbed the leg George had used to kick him, swung him around, and threw him several feet away. He gritted his teeth as he angrily balled up his fists.

“You’re unforgivable…” he said as he walked towards George.

“You killed my parents…”

He kicked George in the face, and George grunted in great pain as he fell on his back.

“…and intimidated me into working for you…”

 He stomped on George’s ribs, and George grunted in pain, for a few of them had been broken.

“…but that’s not even the worst part… No…”

He glared at George furiously as he picked him up by his neck.


He gritted his teeth as he raised his hand into the air and made a fist.

“…of all…”

Roger tightened his fist as much as he could, and George watched as it began to shake with fury.

“…you got my own brother to work with you!”

Fueled by immense hatred, Roger delivered a devastating blow to George’s stomach, and watched as the villain fell to his knees and threw up blood.

George tried to grab him with his good arm, but Roger grabbed it, and George cried out in pain when Roger broke that arm in one swift motion. He proceeded to punch George across the face over and over again, and after punching him fourteen times, he looked at George’s bloodied face as he slowly stood up.

Roger wanted to kill him. He wanted to kill him so badly. He wanted to exact his revenge as much as he could… But he knew there was another person who had the same desire, another person who had suffered because of the villain’s deeds. George panted, and looked at Roger with great anger as Roger sighed and began to walk away.

“You little shit!” he yelled as he struggled to sit up without the use of his arms, “You don’t even have the courage to finish me off!”

Roger heard a series of loud booms in the distance, and realized that the bombs that Soli and his team had planted were starting to go off.

“You have no idea how badly I hate you,” said Roger solemnly as he turned around and looked at George, “A day never went by during these past eight years where I didn’t think about killing you…but if I did that…if I decided to exact my revenge in full…I would be depriving someone else of their chance to exact their revenge on you. So I’ll settle for dealing with my brother…”

George looked at Roger furiously as Roger stretched his legs.

Don’t look at me that way,” asserted Roger, “You and I both know…that the bombs won’t be enough to kill you. Still…I have to admit…I can’t help but pray that…someday…death…will be upon you. Goodbye, George Louis. May God have no mercy on your soul.”

George watched as Roger blurred out of the room with a sonic boom, and watched as the room began to shake. He gritted his teeth in anger for a moment, but that villainous smirk of his slowly grew on his face. He grunted as he slowly sat up without the use of his arms, and watched as pieces of the ceiling began to fall to the floor.

I should’ve killed him a long time ago.

It didn’t take long for the ceiling of his office to cave in, but it took slightly longer for the entire base to crumble to the ground.

© Copyright 2020 Needless. All rights reserved.


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