All Men Dream

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 18 (v.1) - Invasion

Submitted: July 08, 2014

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Submitted: July 08, 2014



It was a beautiful day in the entire country of Thailand. Kids all over played outdoor games, and everyone just relaxed and enjoyed their joyous afternoon.

If only it could have lasted. 

Somewhere in Pakret, Andres, one of George Louis’s accomplices who possessed a spirit, channeled his body’s electrical energy to his hands, and smirked as he began to shoot huge bolts of electrical energy from his fingertips at everything living and nonliving thing around him. Every man, woman and child did their best to run from him, but what human is capable of evading energy moving as fast as lightning?

Somewhere in Nonthaburi, a little boy ran as he carried around his toy. He stopped for a moment, and turned around to wave to his father.

“Come on, papa!”

“I’m coming, son,” said the father as he ran over to his son.

Miles, another accomplice, suddenly appeared in the middle of the street a few yards away from them, and took off the rocket launcher he had strapped to his back.

“What?” exclaimed the father as Miles pointed the weapon at his son, “Wait! What are you doing?”

His son noticed that the man was aiming the weapon at him, and began to run away.

But how can a child escape an RPG?

His eyes widened, and he watched in complete shock and awe as Miles shot an RPG at his son.

“No!” he screamed in fear.

Sadly, his heartbreaking scream could not save his son, so he had no choice but to helplessly watch as his son met his demise before his very eyes.

His mind shattered, the man fell to his knees in sorrow as he remembered the birth of his son.


Tears streamed down his face as he looked up at his son’s murderer, who was now pointing the rocket launcher at him, with eyes filled with hatred. Despite that, he could not bring himself to get up.


Broken, the man did not have the will to live any longer, so he allowed his body to be blown to bits just like his son’s.

Miles proceeded to fire RPGs all over the place, which resulted in the instant annihilation of any pedestrian who had the misfortune of being around him.

Somewhere in Hat Yai, Bryant, another fellow who possessed great power, spun around at an unbelievable speed, and slowly created a tornado that laid waste to most every building in the city.

Somewhere in Korat, Tim stood over a police officer whom he had weakened through battle, a battle that had consisted of a single blow. He knelt down and grabbed the neck of the man, who was shaking with fear.

“Why are you shaking?” he asked indifferently.

The man did not answer him, so Tim went ahead and broke his neck.

“The weakling should consider himself lucky, to have died like that. I could have crushed his throat and ripped out his eyes before kicking him in the balls until he died of shock.”

 Birds flew all over the country in a frenzy. Within the hour, everyone in the country frantically ran around, trying to evacuate by any means available to them. Unfortunately, buildings everywhere fell apart during the invasion, so falling buildings ended up taking many innocent lives.

All the while, a massive, aerial warship hovered in the stratosphere right above Thailand.

In Udon Thani, Yoot had just rescued Oasa from the wreckage of a building that had crumbled to the ground. He carried him to an open area, and laid him down.

“Y… Yoot…”

Oasa tried to speak, but he felt so weak, he couldn’t even speak normally.

“Don’t try to speak,” said Yoot caringly, “Don’t waste your strength. You’re going to be okay… I’m here for you.”

Oasa…thought Yoot as he gritted his teeth. He was so angry that something like this had happened to his beloved friend.

Why did this have to happen? Who did this to him?

Suddenly, George Louis appeared right in front of them, causing them to gasp in shock.

“I remember you two,” said Louis with a smirk, “You were two of the people present when Dante and the others fought me in my headquarters.”

Yoot’s eyes widened in great fear, for the man he had watched cut down his friends now stood before him. George noticed his fear, and put his hand up in response, confusing both Yoot and Oasa.

“Don’t be so afraid,” he asserted, “I’m not here to hurt you. In fact, I intend to create a new world, one that does not know war or crime, but in order for me to do so, I need to eliminate a certain pest who intends to stand in my way. Tell me where Dante Thai is…or you will leave me no choice but to brutally murder you in cold blood.”

Yoot and Oasa remained silent, and that irritated George.

“I don’t think you quite understand me,” he said irritably, “You seem like reasonable gentlemen, so I shall give you one last chance. You can answer my question and walk away…or suffer complete and utter annihilation.”

“I have no intention of telling you anything of the sort!” exclaimed Yoot fiercely.

His response made George furious.

“If you don’t tell me where he is, you will find yourself in a world of hurt, so I highly suggest you do so now!”

“Who do you think you are fooling? You have no intention of helping this world! All you hope to do is control it so you can rule over everything and do anything you want. You speak of wanting to help others, but if you actually controlled this world, no one would benefit but yourself. You are nothing more than a self-centered man who is hungry for power and control.”

George remained silent for a moment before he spoke.

“You really do have a death wish, don’t you?”

George was about to punch Yoot, when he suddenly received a fierce punch to the face from a man that had blurred right at him. He yelled as he went flying through a number of buildings.

“What?” yelled Yoot in complete surprise as he looked at the man who had punched George away, “You’re…Dante!”

A smoke bomb suddenly fell next to the two, and Yoot and Oasa gasped as it went off, enveloping them in smoke.

“I can’t see!” exclaimed Yoot.

“Don’t worry,” said a voice in the smoke cloud, “We’re the good guys. Just take your wounded friend and leave this area. It’s about to become a battlefield.”

Once he realized who these newcomers were, Yoot quickly picked up Oasa and held him in his arms.

Good luck, guys, he thought as he made his way out of the smoke and left the area.

Having recovered from Dante’s blow, George slowly walked back into the area, and this time, he had all seven of his associates at his side.

“He sure didn’t waste any time contacting his friends,” said the voice in the smoke.

“They must have some sort of communications system set up…” said another voice.

“One…two… It looks like there are eight of them,” said the original voice, “This shouldn’t be too difficult. Hopefully, they aren’t all as powerful as Louis.”

“I don’t think it will matter too much if they are,” said Dante, “It’ll give me a chance to see if I’ve truly become stronger in such a short span of time.”

“I’ve been waiting for this moment,” said a third voice, “I hope they don’t disappoint me!”

When the smoke finally cleared, it revealed Dante, Sorb, Sixel, Reed, and Roger, all of whom stood in fighting stances.

Dante smiled as he looked at Sixel from the corner of his eye.

“Do you want to say it, Six, or should I?”

“I’ll think I’ll let you take this one, mi amigo.”

Dante chuckled as he cracked his knuckles.

“Time to fuck these bitches!”

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