All Men Dream

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 19 (v.1) - Separation

Submitted: July 13, 2014

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Submitted: July 13, 2014



The five watched as George and his associates walked towards them.

“You finally showed yourself, huh?” said George with a smirk as Dante looked at him angrily.

“You bastard… I can’t believe you did this to our home! Is this how you intend to help this world?”

Dante was about to start walking towards him, when he saw a man walk into the area.

“Huh?” he said in surprise when he saw that the man was none other than his grandpa.

Soli positioned himself in between Dante and George, who now stood sixty yards away from each other.

“Shit just got real,” commented Sixel.

“Grandpa!” exclaimed Dante, “What are you doing here?”

“There you are, you bastard!” yelled Soli furiously, “You’ve caused far too much trouble for the world, Louis! I’m going to make you pay for it all!”

Dante looked at his grandpa worriedly as he coughed. He could tell his cough was getting worse and worse.

“It seems to me that your cough is going to kill you anyway,” said George, “but…since it seems you wish to die sooner…”

Suddenly, Andres blurred at Soli like a speeding bullet, but before he could strike him, two bullets penetrated his body. One went through his eye, while the other penetrated his heart. He fell to the ground as Sorb and Sixel, the shooters, blew the ends of their guns.

“Bang!” exclaimed Sixel excitedly.

That’s one down, thought Sorb, Seven to go.

Dante blurred over to Soli’s side as Soli looked back at Sorb and Sixel in awe.

“What are you doing here?” asked Dante, “You should be in the hospital! You can’t take these guys on the way you are now, and there’s no reason why you should deal with these people in your current state. As you can see, we are perfectly capable of taking care of them ourselves.”


That damn fool!, thought George as he gritted his teeth in anger, He was always too damn headstrong… It would seem that these men have gotten better. I wonder just how strong you have gotten, Dante Thai.

“Sorb!” exclaimed Dante.

Sorb quickly ran over to him as Dante continued.

“Take my grandpa to a safe location.”

“Got it!” he exclaimed.

“Grandpa, you’ll be safe now.”

Soli closed his eyes and lowered his head as Sorb picked him up; Sorb knew he would have to be assertive if he was actually going to manage to take Soli away.

“I love you, grandpa,” said Dante, to Soli’s great surprise, “That’s why I have to make sure you stay out of this. Go, Sorb!”

Sorb quickly carried Soli away, and Dante looked at George as he fiercely clenched his fists and started walking towards him.

He said he loved me, thought Soli as Sorb carried him to a safe area. Sorb slowly put him down, and watched with concern as he coughed.


“Don’t worry, Sorb,” said Soli in between coughs, “I’ll be fine. You go on back to the battlefield. I’ll stay out of it like Dante asked.”

He continued to cough, but signaled for Sorb to leave, so Sorb did as he asked.

He actually said he loved me…

All the enemies besides George and Bingham got into fighting stances as Dante walked towards them.

“Does he really think he can just walk up to us and take us on?” exclaimed Tim.

“Let’s kill him!” exclaimed Bryant.

Bingham stepped in front of the others, and began to walk towards Dante.

“You’re no match for us!” he exclaimed as he took a sword out of a scabbard he had strapped to his waist, “I’ll finish you!”

Dante remained unfazed, however, and continued to walk forward.

“Dante Thai! I’m about to put you in your place!”

Despite his threats, however, Dante remained completely unfazed, for he knew full well that his friends would have his back. This mentality of his was proven to be a good one when Roger jumped in between the two and grabbed Bingham’s arm.

“You won’t be getting in his way anytime soon!” exclaimed Roger as he kicked Bingham in the stomach, causing him to release the sword and grunt as he flew back and crashed through a building. Roger grabbed the sword before it could land on the ground, and used his raw strength to bend it so much it became unusable.

“Stop him!” yelled James as he drew his own sword.

He and a few of the others began to charge at Dante, and Dante gritted his teeth as he smirked at George, causing George to raise an eyebrow.

He’s…smiling… Why the hell is he smiling?

It did not take very long for George to discover why.

James had charged at Dante with his sword, but Dante punched him incredibly hard in the stomach, causing him to throw up blood. He sent James flying, and James’s allies watched in surprise as James crashed right through the building behind them.
Upset at him, Stanley tried to punch him, but Dante grabbed his fist, and shattered his collarbone by jabbing it with the elbow of his other arm. Stanley cried out in pain as he fell to the ground and went into shock.

What is going on here?, thought George in disbelief, He hasn’t even transformed…yet my men, these skilled combatants…are losing to him...

George and his remaining allies realized that Dante was more powerful than they expected, so they fell back as Miles aimed a rocket launcher at him.

This will finish him!, he thought as he shot an RPG at him.

This proved to be a foolish action, however, when Dante produced a small shockwave with a roar, and sent the RPG flying back towards them. They scattered as quickly as they could, but Bryant was not fast enough, so his body blew apart upon being struck by the RPG.

George sighed as Bryant’s blood splattered on his face and clothing.

I can’t believe I chose such weak associates to fight alongside me.

“George Louis!” yelled Dante furiously, “I’m gonna kick your ass!”

“Dante, chill out!” exclaimed Sixel, “I want to fight too, you know! Leave some for the rest of us!”

“Shut up, Sixel!” asserted Sorb.

“No problem, Six!” exclaimed Dante with a smirk, “I’ll leave the rest for you guys.”

“Don’t listen to him!” yelled Sorb, annoyed.

“Interesting,” said George as he wiped Bryant’s blood off his face, “It would seem you all really have gotten better. However, I wouldn’t get carried away. I have yet to unleash my full power.”

He was about to go after Dante’s friends, but Dante jumped in front of him and got into a fighting stance.

“Let’s see what you’ve got!” yelled George.

George tried to punch him, but Dante parried his punch down.

He tried to punch him again, but Dante parried his punch to the side.

He tried to punch him in the stomach, but Dante blocked the blow with his hand.

He tried to punch him in the nose, but Dante parried the blow to the side.

He tried to sweep kick him, but Dante jumped back six inches to evade the attack.

As Dante continued to dodge and divert George’s attacks, Sorb reached into his weapon satchel.

“I’ve got your back, Dante! Don’t worry!”

“I’m going to transform!” exclaimed Dante before Sorb could bring out a weapon from his satchel.

“So?” asked Sorb, not seeing Dante’s point.

“Don’t get involved, Sorb! I want to fight this guy alone!”

George tried to punch him, but when he threw the punch, Dante grabbed his fist, and began to spin him around at high speed. His eyes turned completely black, his body increased in muscle mass, and green energy glowed around his body.

After spinning George around at high speed for ten seconds, he yelled when he threw him, and George yelled as he went flying through five buildings.

“So…now that I’ve reduced their numbers a bit…” said Dante as he looked at Sorb.

Sorb sighed as he shook his head, but smiled a moment later, and nodded his head.

“Beat the shit out of him!” exclaimed Sixel.

Dante chuckled as he got into a running position, and the others watched as he blurred away.

Now that Dante was gone, Tim thought it would be a good time for him to attack the others. He blurred at them, but before he could strike them, Reed, who had transformed into his strongest transformation in the blink of an eye, gave him a powerful uppercut that sent him flying through the air.

“You should go after him,” said Ukaku, “I can sense a spirit within him. Sorb and the others can deal with the rest of the enemies, but with Dante gone, you are the only one capable of fighting and defeating that man.”

But what if they need me…? I can’t just leave them…

“Sixel, Sorb,” began Roger as he looked back at the others with a serious expression on his face, “I know you guys are capable of taking this other guy down. I’m gonna go deal with Bingham. He’s a personal issue I have to confront. Reed, you’ll need to go take care of Tim. He has a spirit, too. Be careful, all of you.”

“Yeah, yeah,” said Sorb as he reached into his weapon satchel.

Miles aimed his rocket launcher and fired RPGs at Sixel and Sorb. Roger and Reed were worried, but Sorb threw grenades at the RPGs while they were in the air, destroying them in the explosions.

Both Reed and Roger looked at Sorb in surprise, for the average soldier might not have ever thought of such a tactic.

“Don’t worry your pretty little heads about us, man,” said Sixel as he cracked his knuckles, “This little bitch won’t know what hit him.”

Roger and Reed nodded their heads at them, and blurred off to confront their respective opponents.

“Get ready,” said Sorb as he grabbed more grenades from his weapon satchel.

Sixel simply smiled as he cracked his neck.

“I was born ready.”

After being thrown through five buildings, George groaned as he pushed a bunch of rubble off his body. Once he did so, he walked out of the building he had crashed into, and spotted Dante, who had been waiting for him to get up.

“Hey there,” said Dante with a smirk as George brushed dirt off his body.

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