All Men Dream

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 21 (v.1) - Brothers

Submitted: July 23, 2014

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Submitted: July 23, 2014



George manically laughed as he looked at Dante. “You look so shocked!” he said with a villainous smirk, “You should’ve known I would train after dealing with you people when you attacked my base. Now I have access to even greater power than before, and you know what? Since I control my spirit, I can even channel its full power!”

“So what?” said Dante as he looked at George furiously, veins popping out of his neck, “I don’t give a damn! I won’t give up… I will defeat you no matter what!”

The two charged at each other, and yelled as they engaged in supersonic fisticuffs.

After engaging in fisticuffs of their own, Roger and Bingham panted as they stood several feet away from each other. Roger was the better hand to hand combatant, but Bingham was the superior weapon user. He had managed to stab Roger in his arm, the side of his stomach, and his shoulder.

Roger gritted his teeth in pain as he panted, and his eyes widened when he slowly began to realize something.

Wait a minute… What am I…doing…? This is my brother…This… This is…crazy… Why…? Why am I fighting my brother…?

Roger took a deep breath as he looked at his brother with a mixture of anger and hurt.

Bingham chuckled as he crossed his arms and smirked at him.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, “Is the pain of the stab wounds I gave you getting to you?”

As Bingham chuckled, Roger sweated as he looked at Bingham with his mouth agape.

He balled up his fists as he remembered how they studied martial arts together growing up.

He gritted his teeth as he remembered the time Bingham took the blame for him after he had accidentally broken a vase in the house while practicing the martial arts he had learned.

“Bingham…” said Roger as his body began to shake, “What is this all about? What?”

Bingham looked at his brother in surprise, for Roger looked at him with genuine sadness and anguish.

“What is this all about?” Roger yelled, “What happened to make you this way? I don’t understand!”

Roger panted as Bingham looked at him irritably.

“Nor need you,” he said sternly.

“We don’t have to fight, Bingham,” asserted Roger solemnly.

“Yet, here we are.”

“Please, tell me what’s wrong with you. Maybe I can help you, Bing.”

Don’t ever call me that again!” yelled Bingham angrily, “I think you’ve done quite enough! When I was adopted into the family, all I wanted was to be loved by our parents! But you know what? They cared about their genetic child a lot more than me!”

Roger’s eyes widened in surprise as Bingham continued.

“They did everything for you! They got you the best tutors, they got you personal trainers when you did martial arts, which is why you’re better than me in hand to hand combat, and they were a lot less hard on you than they were on me! Remember the time I covered for you when you broke that priceless vase? Do you know that bastard of a father did to me?”

Roger raised an eyebrow as Bingham took off his shirt, and looked at him in horror when Bingham turned around and showed him his exposed back.

My God…

There were scars all over Bingham’s back, and tears welled up in Roger’s eyes as Bingham turned around and looked at him with anger.

That is what our father did to me while mother took you out to a movie,” said Bingham bitterly, “Ever since that day, I’ve wanted revenge on all of you. Why do you think Louis killed our parents and made you suffer by threatening to kill you if you didn’t work with him? I asked him to! I didn’t tell him I was related to you people, but he was happy to do so regardless!”

“Do you know why I joined up with Louis in the first place? It’s because he promised me that the entire world would recognize and respect me if we accomplished his goal. All I wanted was recognition and respect from our parents, or should I say, your parents, but I never got that. Everything has led me to this moment, brother, and you know what? I’m not sorry about what I’ve done. Soon, George and I will rule this world.”

Sot closed his eyes as he tried to get back some of his nerve, while Reed walked towards him until they stood three feet away from each other.

I’m gonna make this guy regret this, thought Reed as he gritted his teeth.

“I have waited so long for this day…” said Sot as he thought about how long he had waited for the coming fight, “Now, the time has finally come…”

Reed remained silent as Sot continued.

“The time has finally come for me to take your life!”

Reed might have said something in response to that remark, but his anger had reached its boiling point. He could no longer do anything with his mouth besides grit his teeth in fury.

Sot yelled as he leapt at Reed and tried to kick him in the stomach. Despite that, Reed did not try to evade the attack. Sot’s attack struck him in the stomach, and while he stepped back a bit with a grunt, Sot could tell that the blow had done almost nothing to him.

What?, thought Sot in shock.

Reed grabbed his leg, pulled him close, and punched him square in the face, sending him flying into a building.

Sot grunted as he slowly stood up, and watched as Reed charged at him like a wild animal.

I warned him… thought Reed as he thought about tearing Sot limb from limb.

They engaged in about thirty seconds of supersonic fisticuffs, but neither Dante nor George had managed to strike each other during that time. Eventually, George finally managed to land a blow on Dante, and Dante yelled as he flew back a quarter of a mile. He grunted as he landed on his feet, and watched as George blurred at him. He thought George was going to try to attack him again, but instead, George began to blur all over the place like a pinball, and laughed maniacally as he did so.

“Look at you,” he said with a smirk, “You acted so confident before, but the fact of the matter is, you’re still too weak. Do you even have the ability to access greater power than what you’ve already accessed? Looks like Anthony has at least two transformations, but how much can you transform?”

George laughed as Dante cracked his knuckles.

“Let me tell you something, you cocky little shit. If you can’t transform beyond that basic transformation of yours, you won’t stand much of a chance against me!”

George struck Dante in the face, and Dante yelled as he flew through a number of buildings.

He landed in the street, and George positioned himself several yards away from him as he stood up.

“It’s hopeless,” said George, “You won’t be able to defeat me.”

He laughed as he proceeded to run circles around Dante. He started off at three hundred miles an hour, but he quickly began to accelerate, and soon encircled him at six hundred miles an hour.

It’s no use, thought Dante as he closed his eyes, Looks like I don’t have much choice.

“You really are a bloody fool!” exclaimed George, “You picked a fight with me, but you don’t have the power to keep up with me!”

He raised an eyebrow as he looked at Dante. All of his muscles were increasing to hulking proportions. His shirt even ripped apart because of how muscular his upper body became. The energy aura surrounding his body grew fiercer, and he concentrated much more of Abi’s power to his arms, causing them to glow with more green energy than the rest of his body.

Interesting, thought George, However

“You still try to fight… When will you realize that you’re weak? You were too weak when we first fought, and you’re too weak now! Even if you can access another transformation, you’re an insignificant piece of shit! I don’t even have to waste Satan’s dagger on you!”

George’s words were irritating Dante, and he gritted his teeth in fury as he clenched his fists.

He talks too much…

Now moving at the speed of sound, George smiled as he leapt at Dante.

“Now, do me a favor and die!”

George thought his attack would be the final blow that annihilated Dante, but Dante yelled as he punched him hard across the face, and George yelled in pain as he flew a few miles away.

“Don’t get the wrong idea!” he yelled furiously, “I have more power than you could possibly imagine!”

After having been sent flying three miles away, George yelled as he struck the ground with a loud thud, and writhed in pain as he held his face. His eyes widened in surprise as he slowly stood up, for he had not expected to fly so far back. Realizing just how much Dante’s power had increased with his new transformation, he grunted as he channeled more of his spirit’s power and achieved a new transformation of his own. In addition to his already active energy aura, his irises turned green, his canines grew larger, and his muscles grew as large as they could possibly get, causing his own shirt to rip apart like Dante’s had.

He began to laugh maniacally when Dante appeared before him.

“Okay, I’ll admit it,” he said with a smirk, “You are indeed strong. However…you still won’t be able to defeat me.”

Dante growled as George continued to laugh.

“Hey, Louis!” he yelled, catching George’s attention, “Can you shut up? If what you say is true, why don’t you prove it?”

George cracked his neck, and chuckled as Dante did the same.

“There’s no way you can win now,” said George confidently.

Both he and Dante got into fighting stances, and after glaring at each other for a few seconds, the two blurred at each other at supersonic speed.

They both threw a punch, and when their punches collided, the shockwave destroyed the windows of the surrounding buildings. George chuckled, and Dante yelled as they tried to punch each other again. Their blows clashed once again, however, and a shockwave was produced like before. They grunted as they looked at each other ferociously, and proceeded to engage in hypersonic fisticuffs.

Meanwhile, Reed and Sot were engaged in supersonic fisticuffs, and like Dante and George’s round of supersonic fisticuffs, these two were also unable to hit each other. After thirty seconds of fisticuffs, they dashed at each other, and tried to punch each other, but both used their free hand to catch the other’s punch. Reed glared at Sot with uncharacteristic ferocity, and Sot looked at him angrily as his eye twitched. Reed was more challenging to fight than he thought he would be.

He gasped when he saw Reed take a deep breath.

Shit! Even if he can’t use his hands, he can still find a way to attack me!

Sot quickly let go of Reed’s fist, freed himself from Reed’s grasp on his own fist, and swerved to the side so the fireball Reed blew at him did not burn him. He jumped back three feet as he tried to think of another move, but before he could do anything, Reed blurred at him, and punched him hard in the chest, sending him flying into the side of a building seventy-five yards away.
 Sot held his chest in pain as he leaned against the building, and panted as Reed charged at him.

“I am going to destroy you!” yelled Reed.

Sot created two large orbs of white energy and held them in his hands.

What the heck is that?, thought Reed as Sot raised his hands and threw the orbs at him.

Naturally, Reed swerved to the side to evade the attack, but to his great surprise, the orbs followed him when he swerved. He yelled when they exploded upon contact with his body, and fell to the ground with a thud.

 Perfect, thought Sot as he smirked at Reed, That was one of my most powerful attacks. This fight will soon come to an end…

Reed’s clothing was now stained with blood, and he grunted as he looked at Sot.

What the hell? he thought as he looked at his bloodied shirt, How did his attack follow me?

He began to sweat, and gritted his teeth as he looked at Sot angrily. He felt pain shoot through his chest, and clutched it. He also felt some pain shoot through his ribs; the attack had managed to damage eight of them.

“Are you in pain?” asked Sot smugly, “I hope so! Looks like I’m getting the upper hand in this fight! Look at you! You aren’t as powerful as you claimed to be after all.”

“Don’t…get…cocky…” said Reed with rising anger as he slowly stood up, “You can’t defeat me so easily… Not when I'm this pissed!”

Bingham threw a grenade at Roger, and Roger jumped out of the way to avoid it. He shielded his face from the explosion, but when he uncovered his face, he was surprised to see Bingham directly in front of him. Bingham punched him across the face, and proceeded to get him in a chokehold. Roger grunted as Bingham reached into his weapon holster and held his gun to the side of his head.

Roger just barely managed to knock the gun out of his hand, and Bingham yelled when Roger jabbed him in the ribs so hard, one of them broke. He let go of Roger to tend to himself, but Roger did not give him the chance. He punched Bingham as hard as he could, and Bingham cried out as he went flying and crashed into the side of a building.

He looked at Roger angrily as Roger charged at him.

“That’s it!” yelled Roger angrily, “Who do you think you’re trying to shoot? I’ve had enough of this! You leave me no choice, Bingham! I’m putting an end to this now!”

Bingham got up and charged at Roger with a knife, but Roger grabbed his armed hand, and Bingham cried out in pain as Roger broke his wrist. Bingham wanted to tend to his injuries so badly when Roger released him, but he did not want to lose the fight. He shot two bullets at him with a second gun he possessed, but Roger easily moved his head to dodge the bullets, and punched him across the face. Furious and thus unable to think properly, or at least, as properly as he usually did, Bingham threw his gun at Roger, but Roger caught it, and shot him in the foot with it, causing him to fall to his knees in great pain.
Roger placed the gun in his weapon holster as Bingham got up as quickly as he could. At this point, though, he was no match for Roger.

Roger yelled as he punched him in the nose, head butted him, and punched him hard across the face, before he grabbed onto his neck.

“I’m sorry, Bingham,” he exclaimed as he picked him up, “but whether you like it or not, I am your brother, and as such, I cannot let you go down this road!”

He slammed Bingham down on the ground, and watched as Bingham lied motionless.

“Why…” he sighed sadly, “Why did it have to be this way…? Bingham…”

Reed looked at his bloodied shirt, and to Sot’s surprise, he closed his eyes and began to chuckle.

What the hell is wrong with him?, thought Sot as he looked at Reed fearfully. His jaw dropped when he saw Reed slowly get up, and was even more shocked to see that his body and clothing were becoming engulfed in blue flames.

Reed laughed for ten more seconds before he looked at the ground and panted.

“You didn’t really think…I would go down that easily…did you?” he asked as he looked at up Sot with widened eyes and an unnerving smirk.

He cracked his knuckles as Sot looked at him in fear and awe.

“What’s the matter, Sot? You look like you’ve seen a ghost or a monster.”

Reed chuckled again, and Sot gritted his teeth as he looked at the fiery beast that was Reed’s ultimate transformation. Reed shook his head as he closed his eyes.

“You should’ve known better than to fight with me,” he said, “Now you’re going to pay for your mistake.”

Roger walked away from his brother, but before he actually left the area, he heard a gun go off, and gasped when he felt pain in his backside.

“You didn’t think it…would be that easy to finish me…did you?” asked a voice.

Shocked, he slowly looked down at his stomach, and saw that his shirt was now stained with blood. He slowly turned around to see the shooter, but as soon as he did so, a Taser came into contact with his chest, and he yelled as he fell on his back and experienced continuous electrocution at the hands of his badly beaten brother.

“This isn’t over!” yelled a disheveled Bingham as he knelt down beside Roger and got in his face.

Bingham…don’t make me do this…

“You will beg for your life!” yelled Bingham crazily.

“You have to stop…”

“Do you hear me? You will beg for your life!”

“Bingham, for God’s sake, stop this now!”


Roger closed his eyes as he reached into his weapon holster, and looked away from Bingham as he pointed Bingham’s former gun at his head.

I’m…sorry, Bingham…

He pulled the trigger, and gritted his teeth when he felt Bingham’s body fall on him.

What have I done…?, he thought, horrified at the act he had just committed.

© Copyright 2020 Needless. All rights reserved.


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