All Men Dream

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 22 (v.1) - The End is Near

Submitted: July 28, 2014

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Submitted: July 28, 2014



“Well that sucked,” said Sixel as he yawned, “I was expecting a more challenging fight than that. That fight was so lame, it wouldn’t even have made a good fight scene in a movie or a book…”

“Shouldn’t we be thankful that guy was so easy to fight?” asked Sorb, “Just imagine if we had ended up fighting someone with a spirit. That would not have gone so well.”

“Maybe not for you,” said Sixel, “but I’m sure I would’ve stood a pretty good chance. Maybe Dante will end up losing his fight, so I can fight that bastard Georgie.”

“Don’t say crap like that, Six, and for the last time, can you please get off the guy? At least show a little respect toward the dead.”

Sixel was sitting on top of a beheaded Miles Fikes, and looked at his cold face with little amusement.

“Oh, I’ll respect him, alright,” said Sixel.

To Sorb’s chagrin, Sixel picked up Miles’s head and began to toss it up and down as though it was a ball.

“What the hell? Are you kidding me?”

“You’re right,” said Sixel, “This is no way to treat the dead…”

Sixel put the head down, but instead of leaving it alone, he used one of his swords to poke Miles’s face.

 “…You are so going to hell…”

Reed blurred at Sot so quickly, Sot did not realize he was right in front of him until it was too late. Unable to defend himself quickly enough, he yelled in pain when Reed punched him right in the face, and gritted his teeth as he went flying through the air.

Damn!, he thought as he closed his eyes in pain.

When he opened his eyes, he gasped when he saw that Reed had jumped into the air after him. He nervously gritted his teeth when he saw him take in a deep breath, and quickly produced a circular white energy barrier around his body to protect himself from whatever attack Reed was about to assault him with.

Damn it!, he thought, This power takes up too much of my energy…! Ah, but there’s nothing else I can do…!

After taking in as much air as he possibly could, Reed bellowed in Sot’s direction, releasing a massive blast of blue fire from his mouth that spanned a wide area. The fire rained down on Sot with great intensity, and struck every building in a four mile radius, setting them all ablaze. Thankfully, the buildings were devoid of life, so no innocent people got hurt by the powerful attack.

Reed shot jets of blue flames from his feet in order to hover in the air, and silently watched the massive fire he had produced, waiting to see if Sot had survived. After a few seconds of watching, he saw a figure near the edge of the fire jump high into the air and away from the blue flames, and gritted his teeth angrily as he balled up his fists and went after it by propelling himself forward with the blue flames under his feet.

Sot gritted his teeth as he looked back to see if Reed had spotted him, and balled up his fists when he saw Reed flying towards him at high speed. When he landed on the ground, he quickly jumped into the air again, and created a bow and arrow of white energy in his hands. He stretched the arrow back against the bow in preparation for his attack, but as soon as he turned his body around to aim at Reed, he gasped when he saw Reed right in front of his vulnerable self. Reed punched him hard in the stomach with his fiery fist, and Sot yelled in pain as he went flying through the air. Unfortunately for him, the blow caused him to lose focus with his power, causing the bow and arrow he created to dissipate instantly.

 Reed watched as Sot held his stomach in pain, and proceeded to spin around in the air at high speed, creating a large, threatening tornado of bright, scarlet fire around him in a matter of seconds. He launched the blinding tornado of fire at Sot, and a sightless Sot screamed as he got sucked into the tornado, causing him to experience an excruciating burning sensation all over his body.

He swirled around in the tornado for about seven seconds, when it finally sent him flying far away upon its sudden dispersal. He yelled as he helplessly flew through the air, and grunted when he crashed to the ground.

He screamed as he writhed in pain on the ground, for the burns all over his body were pretty severe, but unfortunately for him, he had no time to dwell on the anguish that radiated throughout his being.

He gasped when he saw a huge, blue fireball fall from the sky and at him, and looked at it in horror as he struggled to get up as quickly as he could. He grunted as he leapt into the air, and lucky for him, he managed to escape the attack by jumping away before it could strike him.

He ran as fast as he could for ten blocks, and grunted as he used his great speed to scale up the side of a building without falling. When he jumped onto the rooftop, he created two large, white orbs of energy in his hands and threw them at Reed, who was hot on his trail. Unafraid of the attack, Reed quickly took in a deep breath, and right before the orbs could strike him, he bellowed in their direction, releasing a massive blast of golden fire from his mouth that completely enveloped them, and caused them to dissipate in a matter of only a single second.

Sot watched in terror as Reed proceeded to propel himself at him. He quickly jumped off the rooftop of the building he had been on, and when he landed on the street, he began to blur all over the place as quickly as he could to make it harder for Reed to aim his attacks at him.

Unbeknownst to him, however, Reed had the ability to identify his heat signature in his current state.

Annoyed, he spat a ball of purple fire from his mouth, and sent it flying at Sot at high speed, but Sot did not pay them much attention…until he realized that the vicious ball of fire was following him. By the time he realized that, however, it was too late. He tried to jump away from the attack, but the fireball managed to strike him in the back, scorching it, and sent him tumbling forward when it exploded.

He tumbled for about seven miles before he managed to get back on his feet, and as soon as he did so, he immediately ran forward, knowing that Reed would not be far behind.

After several seconds of running, he looked back out of the corner of his eye, and gasped when he saw Reed flying at him, and getting closer and closer with every passing millisecond. He gasped in fear, and gritted his teeth as he blurred at his absolute fastest speed, desperate to get away from the fiery demon that followed him wherever he went with the goal of extinguishing his existence.

Despite his efforts, however, Reed managed to catch up to him very easily, and gritted his teeth as he created a small ball of black fire in his hand. He threw it at Sot’s feet, and Sot screamed in pain when it struck him. He lost his balance, but before he could crash to the ground, Reed suddenly appeared in front of him, and roared as he blurred at Sot and gave him a fiery kick in the stomach. He gritted his teeth as he proceeded to punch him across the face, and Sot yelled as he was sent flying miles through the air in the other direction.

After being sent flying five miles in the opposite direction, Sot managed to land on his feet, but yelled in pain when he did so, for the black fire had completely damaged them. He did not even have enough time to fall back and catch his breath, for before he knew it, Reed was right in front of him, and before he could do anything to defend himself, Reed gave him an unbelievably powerful uppercut, and he was sent flying high into the air, well above the clouds. Reed roared like a beast as Sot disappeared from his sight.

Fifteen seconds later, Sot appeared from out of the clouds, and dived towards Reed with great speed. Reed gritted his teeth as he glared at him, and broke the sound barrier when he made a great leap towards him. Sot tried to defend himself using his energy barrier, but Reed broke right through his defense, shattering the barrier, and punched him in the stomach so hard, he was sent crashing to the ground at four hundred miles an hour.

Sot groaned as he got up from the crater that had been created when he had crashed onto the ground, and looked up to see where Reed was. As soon as he looked up, though, Reed landed right on top of him with incredible force, causing him to become paralyzed with pain. Reed proceeded to pick him up by his head, and threw him several yards away.

“…Damn it…” winced Sot as he tried to stand up, “…My…legs…”

Due to his incredibly thorough beating, however, he could not muster up the strength to get up.

His power… It’s…too great…

“What’s wrong, Sot?” commented Reed with a crazy smirk, “Don’t tell me this is the extent of your power! You acted so high and mighty before! What happened? Huh? Where’s the cockiness now, you dick?”

What in the world is with this guy? How can he channel this much of Ukaku’s energy without experiencing side effects?

Dante and George had been engaged in hypersonic battle for a while, but neither of them had managed to strike each other. All they had managed to do was destroy the surrounding area with the shockwaves that were produced whenever their blows clashed. One thing was for sure, though: they were both growing extremely tired, for their new transformations were really taking a toll on their bodies. After evading another one of Dante’s blows, George used Dante’s loss of sight in his right eye to his advantage by quickly blurring into his blind spot. He punched Dante across the face, and Dante yelled as he tumbled five miles down the street.

He managed to land on his feet, and panted as George blurred at him. He quickly took a deep breath, and roared at him. The continuous shockwave the roar produced caused George to slow down bit by bit, but unfortunately, he managed to reach Dante anyway. Unbelievably exhausted from using his transformation, Dante did not have the strength to stop George from punching him across the face three times. George proceeded to get him in a chokehold, and he grunted as he desperately grabbed George’s arms and struggled to escape the hold.

“You did this to yourself,” asserted George with a smirk as he struggled to keep Dante in the hold, “You are the fool who decided to anger me, you are the fool who decided to fight me, and you…are the bloody fool who I am about to kill!”

“Why can’t you realize…how stupid this all is?” stammered Dante, “That this whole thing is ridiculous? You’re not some kind of god…and no one man was destined to rule this world anyway!”

“Then answer me this… Why does…oneman…rule this universe?”

Dante gasped in surprise.

Who…are you talking about? God? I may not give a shit about whether or not God exist…but even I know…you wouldn’t be able to…compare yourself…to him if he did…”

“Why not? He is a being…who chose to take matters into his own hands in the very beginning… I also…am a being…who is taking matters into his own hands… We are not so different…”

Dante was speechless for a moment, but quickly found a few choice words to say.

“Man, you’re a dumbass!” he exclaimed with a slight chuckle, making George angry.

“Is that so? Then why is it that…at this very moment…your life is in my hands?”

Dante suddenly felt his arms get cold, and yelled in fear when he saw that George was beginning to freeze them.

“You know if you kill me…” said Dante with a nervous smile, “I’ll just come back as a ghost and haunt you for the rest of your life…”

“You just don’t know when to shut up, do you?”

“You…son of a…”

Death is upon you.”

With his arms frozen, Dante realized that he no longer stood a chance of freeing himself from George’s grasp. He stopped struggling and closed his eyes, and George gritted his teeth and smirked as he proceeded to, with one swift motion, break his neck.

Dante’s body collapsed when George released it, and George panted heavily as he deactivated his transformation and began to slowly walk away.

It’s…finally…over… he thought with a tired but devious smirk.

Reed began to breathe heavily, and he suddenly yelled as sharp pain shot through his body.

Oh great…thought Sot irritably, Now the side effects are kicking in. Unfortunately, I can’t do much of anything in this state. His blows were too powerful… What am I supposed to do?

No…thought Reed, …Not…now…

 Suddenly, he gave a grimace of pain, and clutched his chest.

Oh God…, thought Reed as he doubled over in pain, Why is this happening so soon? Is it because I went into this transformation earlier today…or because my body still hasn’t recovered from when I used this power on the day we attacked George’s base…?

Reed, who was bleeding from his mouth and nose, stood up and panted heavily as he tiredly looked at Sot.

He began to slowly walk over to Sot at about a step a second. Frightened and weakened, Sot looked at Reed in fear as he crawled back as often as Reed stepped forward. After five seconds of this, a frustrated Sot threw a few energy balls at Reed.

“Damn it!” he cursed when he saw that his attacks did absolutely nothing to him.

Despite the incomparable pain he felt in his feet, Sot slowly stood up on his feet, created an energy sword and charged at Reed, but Reed punched him in the face with a fiery fist, and sent him flying forty yards away.

Sixel was still poking Miles’s head, to Sorb’s chagrin, when they heard footsteps.

“It’s about time you finished your fight,” said Sixel, thinking that the footsteps belonged to one of his friends, “We finished ours not too long ago. So, is he dead?”

“You could say that,” said George Louis, the man the footsteps belonged to.

Roger gasped as he lied there with his brother’s body on top of him. Everything had happened so fast.

“Roger…my death…won’t mean anything…”

Roger’s eyes widened in shock when he heard his brother talking, despite his being shot in the head. He noticed the blood gushing out of his head, and since Bingham was talking noticeably slower, he realized that his brother was saying his last words.

“George Louis…will destroy you…and your team…”

Roger looked at his dying brother with sadness and held him as Bingham continued.

“You people…will not win… The world will be his… You…will die…”

Roger watched as his brother’s eyes closed, and his eyes widened in shock when his breathing stopped.

George smirked as he engaged in close combat with both Sorb and Sixel. Sorb was an excellent brawler, and Sixel was perhaps one of the best swordsmen in the world, and they tried to hit George with their most powerful attacks, but George was skilled enough to block and evade every blow they threw at him. They were out of bullets from their previous fight with Miles, so shooting George was not an available option for them.

After toying with them for a while, George yelled when he punched Sorb in the stomach, and Sorb yelled as he went flying nine yards in the other direction.

Sixel gritted his teeth in anger as he watched Sorb fly through the air.

“You bastard!” he yelled as he threw one of his swords right at George.

At the same time, Sorb grabbed an RPG launcher he had strapped to his back, and fired an RPG at George while he was still in the air.

George smirked as he jumped into the air to dodge both the sword and the RPG.

These two make a pretty interesting team, he thought in amusement as he looked down at his opponents from the air.

Thinking that George could not possibly dodge his sword while in the air, Sixel threw his second sword right at him.

Unfortunately, George managed to catch it, and threw it back at Sixel with such blinding speed, Sixel could not dodge it. Sixel yelled in pain as the sword pierced him right through the chest, and stumbled back due to the force of the blow.

Damn him…!, thought Sixel as blood fell from his mouth, It hurts like a bitch…!

George chuckled as he looked at Sixel, but because of his focus on Sixel, he failed to pay attention to what Sorb had been doing when he had finally landed on the ground after being punched nine yards back. He turned around in the air to look down at Sorb, but he was too late, for Sorb had already fired an RPG at him. Since he was still in the air, George could not dodge the attack, and yelled as the RPG struck him, sending him flying towards the ground.

Sixel yelled as he yanked his sword from his chest, and jumped into the air to strike George. Normally, a sword would not affect a person who contains a spirit, but Sixel possessed the skill and strength to slash George right across his abdomen, causing George to scream in pain as his blood went flying from his wound and into the air.

George was about to slam onto the ground, but both Sorb and Sixel knew that it would be harder to fight George once he landed on the ground, so Sorb threw Sixel, who was still in the air, a M32 Multiple Grenade Launcher from his weapon satchel. When Sixel caught it, he immediately aimed at George, while Sorb aimed his RPG launcher at George, and they both fired propelled grenades at him right before he hit the ground.

Sixel landed on the ground as he watched the explosion, which caused a massive amount of dust and dirt to fly into the air, and both he and Sorb waited to see if George was still alive when the smoke cleared.

“So, that’s the best you two can do, is it?” asked a voice from the smoke, causing Sorb and Sixel to gasp in surprise, “How disappointing!”

When the smoke cleared, it revealed a smiling George Louis who, despite his injuries, seemed to have suffered very little during his fight with the two.

“You two aren’t half bad,” he commented, “You certainly make a good team, if nothing else. Unfortunately for you, teamwork won’t be enough to defeat me!”

This isn’t good, thought Sorb as he gritted his teeth angrily, We barely slowed him down!

As much as I’d like to enjoy this challenge, this isn’t a game, thought Sixel seriously, If we don’t stop him right here and now…who will...?

Sixel gritted his teeth bitterly as he thought about the fate that had most likely befallen his old friend.


To Sorb and Sixel’s surprise, George began to take off his shirt.

“Let me show you two something truly special,” he said with a smirk, “I probably shouldn’t show this to you, but…since you two stand no chance of beating me…I don’t think it will make any difference.”

Sorb and Sixel looked at him with confused frowns, and gasped when they saw a small mechanical device embedded in George’s chest.

What is that?, thought Sorb, A bomb of some sort?

I know he wouldn’t even think about blowing himself up, thought Sixel, so what is that thing?

“Take a good look at this device,” said George, “for this is what I will use to kill everyone in Thailand.”

Sorb and Sixel’s eyes widened in shock as they gritted their teeth in anger.

“What?” asked Sorb as sweat dripped down his face.

“What did you say?” grunted Sixel angrily.

“Right now, there is a massive, aerial warship hovering above Thailand. This warship contains tens of nuclear bombs. This device on my chest is wired to my heart, and is set to produce a detonation signal if my heart rate lowers to a certain rate… If that signal is produced, all of those bombs in the warship will drop down onto the country when the warship receives the signal. This was meant to be a back-up plan just in case one of you actually came close to killing me, but since it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen…”

Sorb and Sixel gasped when George pointed a finger at the device.

“There’s a button on this device that will allow me to produce the signal manually,” he said with a smirk, “Once I press it, I’ll use my great speed to flee the country before the bombs drop, while the rest of you meet your demise. You two may have skill, but there’s no way you’ll be able to flee the country before the bombs drop, and there’s no way you’re going to be able to stop me from pushing the button right now.”

This…bastard… thought Sixel as he trembled with fury.

Damn it!, thought Sorb, We have to do something and fast, but the propelled grenades won’t reach George in time to stop him. The only thing we can use that might be fast enough to stop him is…

“Sixel!” he yelled.

“I know!” yelled Sixel as he blurred at George as fast as he could.

“Run as fast as you like,” said George with a smug smile as he moved his finger towards the detonation button on the device, “You won’t be able to stop me.”

Tears welled up in Sixel’s eyes as he got closer and closer to George.

I have to make it!, he thought nervously, I have to make it! I won’t let him get away with this! I already lost my parents and my friend! I will not let this bastard take my brother away from me, too!

“You won’t make it,” said George as his finger moved within one inch of the button.


“You’re too late,” said George as his finger rested on the button.


“You’re dead,” said George as he applied pressure to the button.

“No!” screamed Sixel as he closed in on George.

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