All Men Dream

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 24 (v.1) - Cry, Louis

Submitted: August 07, 2014

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Submitted: August 07, 2014



That night, a number of doctors in the hospital devoted their time to healing those who had saved them from what would have been a world without freedom.

Compared to the others, Roger had the least amount of damage done to his body. When Bingham had shot him in the back, he had missed his spine, so he could still walk. He would be okay in due time.

Sorb’s injuries were more serious. Over half of his ribs had been broken, and he had frozen limbs, so the doctors had no choice but to keep him at the hospital until he recovered enough to move without pain.

Reed, Sixel, and Dante, on the other hand, had extensive injuries, and all three of them had fallen into comas. Dante and Reed had accelerated healing abilities because of the spirits within them, so they would recover naturally in due time, but Sixel, who was, more or less, an ordinary human, had to undergo various procedures to recover from his injuries, and like Sorb, he also was forced to stay in the hospital until he was stable.

Meanwhile, the world leaders who had sided with George Louis discussed recent events during a meeting in an undisclosed location where there was still daylight. They were not at all amused by what the events that had occurred in Thailand.

“It is unbelievable!” exclaimed Gao Lan, the President of China, “For all his power, he was defeated by a child!”

“It’s not that surprising when you think about it,” commented President Adam Johnson of America, “Dante Thai was trained by Reed Anthony.”

“Louis should have killed the child when he first had the chance,” said the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Robert Spencer irritably, “Instead, he allowed the child to live because he never imagined the child, dare I say anyone, would become powerful enough to defeat him. What an arrogant fool he was.”

“He could have easily eliminated Thailand at any time,” said President Boris Romanov of Russia, “He had all of our nuclear weaponry at his disposal, as well as all of our military forces, but what did he do? He toyed with the people of Thailand like a fool, and he paid the price! What an arrogant fool indeed.”

“What should we do now?” asked Mahiro Kokobu, the Prime Minister of Japan, “We no longer have Louis to lead our plans.”

“We will have to come up with plans of our own,” said Savtaj Patel, the President of India, “We must act quickly! I suggest we have an army invade Thailand and eliminate the men who defeated Louis and his associates as soon as possible.”

“I agree,” said President Kim Jong-en of North Korea, “They are singlehandedly the most powerful threat to our plans. They are incapacitated now, so this is the best time to strike. If we don’t, we may end up like that fool Louis.”

“You two are right,” said President Kokobu, “Those men once fought an army of forty thousand men. Who knows how many more they could combat so effortlessly. They must be eliminated immediately.”

“Reed Anthony did a lot of good for my country,” sighed President Johnson with a smirk, “It’s such a shame that he now must be eliminated.”

Before the men could continue their discussion of their maniacal schemes, they were alarmed when the light that shown through the solitudinous window in the room turned red.

 “What is happening?” asked Prime Minister Spencer as he and the others slowly stood up and walked towards the window.

When the men looked up at the sky, they saw that the sun had turned blood red, which was why the light that shown through the window, as well as throughout the rest of the world, was blood red as well.

“My God…” said Patel in shock.

“It… It can’t be…” stammered Kim Jong-en in awe.

“You can’t be serious!” exclaimed Romanov.

The men continued to stare up at the sky in awe, when all of the sudden, the power went out.

“What happened?” asked Romanov with a confused frown.

“Look!” exclaimed Kim Jong-en, “Up at the sky! The clouds…are black!”

Indeed, the clouds that hovered in the sky were now as black as the night sky.

“Why is this all happening?” asked Spencer in fear.

“It’s not over yet…” said Johnson, “There are number of flying objects soaring in the sky. What are they? It looks like they’re getting…bigger!”

Chotto matte!” exclaimed President Kokobu, “I think those are…planets!”

Indeed, all the other planets in the Milky Way were hurtling towards Earth, and most everyone on Earth looked up at the sky in fear and awe as they did so.

“What’s going on?” they would yell as they ran around in terror, fearing for their lives.

“Why is this happening?”

“I’m freaking out!”

“This can’t be the end!”

“We can’t do anything to save ourselves!”

“It’s the end of the world!”

“We’re all finished!”

In one home, a little girl looked up at the sky from the living room window.

“Mommy,” she began as tears filled her eyes, “Are we gonna die?”

The mother held her daughter close as tears streamed down her face.

“I… I don’t know, sweetie…”

“I’m scared, mommy!” cried the child as she held her mother.

“It’s going to be alright, sweetie,” lied the mother in an attempt to comfort her child, “I promise!”

God, help us all!

Patel, Johnson, and Romanov dropped to their knees in fear, while the rest looked up at what seemed to be hell with their mouths agape.

I didn’t think I’d ever see the end of the world… thought Patel, who felt completely helpless.

“This is…the end…” said President Gao Lan as tears formed in his eyes.

It doesn’t have to be,” said an unknown voice that echoed throughout the world.

Suddenly, a gargantuan being appeared in the sky above out of thin air, one so large, it blocked out the sun and the hurtling planets from the view of the people of Earth. It was a humanoid entity whose body seemed to be composed entirely out of ice.

The entity looked down at Earth with wide, glowing eyes as it spoke.

“I am the God of spirits,” it announced, “the creator of the spirit world, and the most powerful being in this universe.”

The world leaders, as well as everyone else on the planet, gasped in shock as the entity continued.

“You have done well, Dante Thai. I am only doing this because you saved my one and only son, Snou.”

“What’s going on here?” asked Romanov with a confused frown.

“I am here to repay Dante Thai,” replied the entity.

Romanov gasped when he realized the entity had heard his personal inquiry.


“Yes… Dante Thai saved my son from his captivity at the hands of George Louis, and I am here to repay him.”

Romanov gritted his teeth as it continued.

“I am the one who has altered the elements of this world. I have turned the sun red and the clouds black, and have sent the other planets hurtling towards Earth, all for one simple reason: to make a point. Those world leaders who intend to rule this world will suffer grave consequences if they continue to go down their current path.”

“This world is not meant to be ruled by anyone, and there is no human in this world who deserves to rule it. My name is Toan, and I will destroy anyone who tries to rule this world from now on!”

The hearts of the world leaders beat unsettlingly fast when the severity of the situation fully sunk in.

“Y… You…” stammered Kim Jong-en as he trembled in complete fear.

“There is no point arguing with me,” said Toan, “I owe Dante Thai a favor, and this is the least I can do. Get on your knees right now, and promise me the seven of you will give up on your plans and turn yourselves in.”

The men, despite all their fear and awe, despite their understanding of the situation, were hesitant to comply, so Toan raised his hand and pointed a finger directly at the building where the men were located, causing the men to gasp in unbelievable fear.
“If you do not comply, I will crush the seven of you right now under my finger! Am I understood?”

The men gritted their teeth and clenched their fists as they stood trembling in fear. They knew they would be sentenced to death if they turned themselves in to the rest of the world, but they also knew they would suffer a more painful death if the Creator of the Spirit World crushed them under its finger.

Toan was about to attempt to do just that, when all the men dropped to their knees, helpless to defend themselves against the God of spirits.

“We…surrender…” they said bitterly.

“Good,” said Toan, “I am glad you see things my way. I am going to leave this world alone now. I will return everything back to the way it was, but I promise you, if any of you decide to go back on your word, and try to rule this world, I will make you suffer unimaginably painful death.”

The men let of breaths of reliefs as Toan put its hand down.

“The same goes for the rest of this world!” it proclaimed, “I will destroy anyone who decides to rule this world! Am I understood? Fall to your knees if I am understood!”

“Quickly, get on your knees!”

“On your knees everyone!”

“Don’t be foolish! Get on your knees before he kills us all!”

It took a while, but everyone on Earth, regardless of gender, ethnicity, and culture, fell on their knees out of fear, shock, and awe.

Toan raised its arms once they did so.

“Dante Thai…wherever you are, sleep well tonight. This world will no longer see the suffering created by those who seek to rule this world. This world will hopefully now enter into a new age of peace…”

“…and it is all thanks to you.”

June 10, 2032

George Louis sat handcuffed in Bang Kwang Central Prison, in a special cell separated from all the other cells. His birthplace, the United Kingdom, did not care to involve itself with him in any way, so he remained in this Thai prison. He was indifferently looking down at the floor, when the door to his cell opened.

“Well, look who we have here,” he said as Dante Thai walked into the cell.

Elsewhere, in the forest, Roger lied on his back and watched rain fall from the sky with eyes full of sadness. He remembered how when they were children, Bingham would always want to play games with him.

“When I was adopted into the family, all I wanted was to be loved by our parents! But you know what? They cared about their genetic child a lot more than me!”

He remembered how Bingham had always wanted to spar with him when they were kids.

“They did everything for you! They got you the best tutors, they got you personal trainers when you did martial arts, which is why you’re better than me in hand to hand combat, and they were a lot less hard on you than they were on me!”

“All I wanted was recognition and respect from our parents, or should I say, your parents, but I never got that.”

He remembered the time he had told his brother that he would always be there for him.

“Everything has led me to this moment, brother, and you know what? I’m not sorry about what I’ve done. Soon, George and I will rule this world.”

“George Louis…will destroy you…and your team…”

“You people…will not win… The world will be his… You…will die…”

Roger gritted his teeth as an abundance of tears streamed from his eyes. He had been trying to keep himself together since that day, but he no longer had the strength.

Dante shook his head as he closed the cell door, and walked over to George until he stood only a few feet away from him.
George gritted his teeth irritably, and looked at Dante fiercely.

“What are you doing here?” he asked, “You’ve already beaten me. What do you want?”

“I want to know why you haven’t escaped yet,” said Dante seriously, “If Roger could do it, you should be able to as well, so why haven’t you?”

George grunted as he looked away from Dante.

“Is that all? Is that the reason you’re here? I would’ve thought you’d want revenge on me for hurting everyone you cared about…and more specifically, killing your parents.”

“Don’t be stupid,” responded Dante irritably, “I’m not going to kill you. I don’t need to.”

“If you insist. Let me ask you a question… How does it feel, child…to be the only survivor of the Bangkok incident?”

George knew he struck a nerve with that remark, and grunted when Dante grabbed him by his neck and lifted him into the air. He looked at Dante indifferently as Dante looked at him with fury.

“I thought you weren’t going to kill me,” he said, “Of course, it wouldn’t matter if you did. I am on death row, after all.”

George grunted as Dante squeezed his neck. He wanted to kill George so bad. He wanted to subject him to as much pain as possible before finishing him off…but…for some reason, the thought of killing him did not feel quite right, at least, not as right as it felt when he roared him into a coma on the day of the invasion.

What is this…feeling?

“Don’t toy with me,” he demanded furiously with a glare of death.

“If you really want to know why I haven’t escaped this prison yet…” he began, unaffected by Dante’s actions, “it’s because I no longer have a spirit within me.”

Dante raised an eyebrow as George continued.

“I had used my strong spirit to subject Snou to my control. When you defeated me and made me fall into a coma, Snou used its great power to escape from my body. Most spirits could not hope to force themselves out of their hosts…but Snou was truly powerful. Now I am weak and powerless. I still possess great speed, but such is not enough for me to break out of here. As for Clark’s escape of the prison, he more than likely possessed greater natural strength than I.”

Now that he had the information he wanted, Dante let go of George and walked towards the door, and George grunted as he hit the ground with a thud. He looked at Dante with indifference as he opened the door.

“Is that all?” he asked, “Don’t you want to finish me?”

Coincidentally, when Roger stopped crying, the rain stopped falling from the sky. He slowly sat up, and sighed as he wiped rainwater and tears off his face.

No more crying, he thought as the birds in the forest chirped, That won’t help anything... What happened with Bingham has given me the increased desire to be there for the people I care about. Dante, Soli, Reed, Sorb, and Sixel… These are the people I care about… These are my friends! Things are going to change from this day forward… I’ve met good people, and I’m going to make sure I’m there for them, so I don’t lose them…so they don’t become overwhelmed by their hardships… This…is a new beginning!

“Don’t you want to finish me?”

Dante’s eyes widened in surprise when he heard George speak those words, the same words Roger had spoken to him long ago to tempt him to kill him. Now he knew what felt wrong about killing George. Roger had wanted to die when he said those words, and now George Louis had said those same words.

“You just don’t have a pair of anything down there, do you?” continued George.

Dante sighed as he looked away from George.

“Cry, Louis,” he said, surprising George greatly.

“You’ve lost a lot of people who are important to you, but I can tell that you’ve never wept for them. I know it’s not the “manliest” thing to do. I hated crying when my parents died. Even my best friends promised themselves they’d never cry after they cried over the death of their parents. But in the end, we all cried, and we really needed to. It didn’t make things better, but it allowed us move past those darkest moments in our lives. I can tell you never cried over your lost loved ones, so you need to do it soon. Just let it all out. No one will judge you if you do.”

George did not want to listen to what Dante was saying, but despite what he wanted, a single tear streamed down his face, and he wiped it away in shock.

“Goodbye, George…” said Dante with a solemn tone of voice as George sullenly looked down at the floor, “…I hope you find peace in the next world.”

Dante left, and George shook his head as he sat up.

Foolish child, he thought, annoyed.

Despite that, however, he ended up thinking about all the people he had lost, and as he did so, he looked down at the floor, closed his eyes, and finally wept for his fallen loved ones, who had been taken from this world by the cruel mistress that is fate.

© Copyright 2020 Needless. All rights reserved.


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