All Men Dream

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 9 (v.1) - The Stakes Are Raised

Submitted: May 19, 2014

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Submitted: May 19, 2014



May 6, 2032

“Someone, help us!”

“Please help us!”

“Save us!”

“Don’t let them take us! Please!”

“Won’t anyone help us?”

Chaos ensued in the streets this morning. Everyone in the area watched as a group of TAZYER officers dragged a few women through the streets. Everyone knew what they were planning to do to the women, but because these men were supposedly here to protect them, not to mention armed and dangerous, they allowed the men to do as they pleased. The women screamed in fear and terror, but unfortunately, no one who could help them would help them, and none of those people planned on helping them.

“Thai women sure can yell,” said one of the officers.

“Yeah,” said another, “but I think it makes things more…fun.”

“It certainly turns me on,” said a third officer.

Everything turns you on,” remarked a fourth officer with a smirk.

All the men in the group laughed at the remark, and the civilians watching them closed their eyes in shame.


A voice rang in the streets, and the TAZYER officers watched as a man stepped out into the street and stood before them.

“Let them go!” he asserted.

Who is this guy?, thought one officer.

Who would be foolish enough to face us?, thought another.

“Listen,” said the officer in the front of the group, “I don’t know who you are, but… Wait a minute… I do know who you are! You were with Dante Thai that night!”

The man, Sorb, crossed his arms as he glared at the TAYZER officers.

“I swear, if you don’t let go of those women…you’re going to regret it.”

“Oh, really? What are you going to do to make us relea-?”

A gun went off, and the man grunted as he grabbed his arm and held it in pain.

He grazed me…, he thought as he gritted his teeth and looked at Sorb, who now held a pistol in his hand.

“I warned you,” he said as he walked towards the astonished men, “Now let go of those women…and get ready to hurt.”

Dante, Reed, Soli, and Sixel were having lunch at Dante and Reed’s home, and were listening to the radio while doing so.

“What’s taking Sorb so long to get here?” asked Dante.

At that moment, a message began to play on the radio. “Hello, citizens of Thailand. This is one of the chief officers of the paramilitary organization TAYZER, Roger Clark! I just wanted to let you all know…that TAYZER has plans… Plans that will change the world as you know it.”

“Who the hell does this guy think he is?” exclaimed Sixel.

“We will take over Thailand, and soon, the world as you know it. If you aren’t okay with a future like that, then you might as well kill yourselves right now, because we will kill you anyway eventually! I promise you, if you rebel against us, death will visit you. You will surrender your wills to our leader, George Louis, and embrace his ideals, just as key leaders of China, America, the United Kingdom, Russia, Japan, India, and North Korea have. Why do you think these nations have been waging wars all over the world?”

The four men gasped in shock as Roger continued.

“George Louis managed to persuade each and every one of these nations to join his cause, and so they do as he pleases, and do battle with the rest of the world. He thought that if most of the world was forced to deal with what I would call World War Three, he would have an easier time accomplishing his goals, and I’d say he was right. The world really has been too busy to pay the mysterious TAZYER organization much attention, what with all the battles that have been fought so far. Can you believe people here in Thailand failed to bother to investigate the organization’s origins? I mean, I know you’re all scared after what happened to Bangkok, but come on!”

“Anyway, we no longer see any reason to hide our existence. We already have the most dangerous nations in the world on our side. Who could possibly hope to defeat us at this point?”

I…can’t believe this…thought Soli as he gritted his teeth in anger.

So they’re the ones responsible for all that…thought Reed as he gritted his teeth in anger as well, Unbelievable…

“Since we are based in Thailand for the most part, Louis tried to persuade the Rama and Prime Minister to join his cause. Unfortunately for all of you, they were foolish enough to reject his goals, so Thailand will be the first country we actually take over, and will serve as an example of what happens when countries go against Louis’s ambition. Now here comes the part of the plot I find especially entertaining. To make sure our takeover of Thailand goes smoothly, we have captured both the Prime Minister and the Rama of Thailand.”

“What?” said all four men simultaneously.

“Citizens of Thailand…you must prepare yourselves for the reign of a new leader! Right now, these weak leaders are tied up and surrounded by TAYZER officers in the courtyard of Thailand’s new Grand Palace in Chiang Mai. Forty-five minutes from now, we are going to execute these two leaders! Their deaths will lead to the beginning of our leader’s domination of this land.”

“You may be wondering how this particular scheme of ours worked out so perfectly. It’s a simple explanation, really: we killed every single opposing force we encountered.”

“I believe I have said most everything I needed to say, so let me say one more thing. Soli Thai and associates…I’ll let you in on a little secret. TAYZER knows all about you people. We know that you all have been trying to figure out a way to defeat us.”

I don’t like where this is going… thought Reed worriedly.

“We have captured thirty of your men, Soli, and they are tied up and surrounded just like the Prime Minister and the Rama. They will be killed along with them. Reed Anthony and Dante Thai…We will kill you guys if you get involved, so you might want to think twice before trying to save Sorb. Oh, did I forget to mention that we managed to capture your friend too? My mistake. I must admit, though…he put up a hell of a fight. The bastard managed to take out a total of two hundred men before the stun dart we shot him with made him collapse.”

Roger laughed maniacally as Dante gritted his teeth in anger.

“This is the end of my speech. Our leader will rule this country before you know it, and soon enough, he will dominate the world!”

The house suddenly grew quiet as the four men sat and dwelled on the massive amount of information they had just received.

Soli slowly picked up his glass of rum and fiercely drank it all without stopping to put it down.

So that’s how it is…

Reed gritted his teeth and closed his eyes as they began to twitch furiously with anger.

That’s what this is all about? They want to rule the world?

Sixel cracked his knuckles, and his desire for bloodlust slowly made him smile a truly maddening smile that would have frightened anyone.

Those bastards…

Dante, whose body was shaking in fury, gritted his teeth and growled as he closed his eyes.

This is just a group of selfish sons of bitches… People who only care about themselves! I can’t stand people like that!

All four of these men were furious at George Louis and TAYZER, but as much as all the other information pissed them off, they were pissed off the most because their friends had been kidnapped by these evil men.

Dante clenched his fists and looked up at the ceiling as he yelled.

“Louis!” he yelled with a fierce and loud voice that probably echoed throughout the entire city.

“I will not let you take anyone else away from me!”

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