Decisions Must Be Taken

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The Nords are about to have the shock of their life as what they believed was their her turns to bite them on the ass and what until then was thought to be evil rises to take the place of their savior. They have either the choice to accept and embrace the Adynn, the Dunmer, or they can chase her back to her home, Morrowind (Nords are kinda racist after all).

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Decisions Must Be Taken

Submitted: December 15, 2012

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Submitted: December 15, 2012




Author blabbing ahead:

Skip this shit to chapter next if you already know what Skyrim is -especially if you spend all night from 12.00 to playing it and end up looking like a drug addict. If you are here to comment something like "Good. Read mine" in every chapter, then may I suggest profile request? I usually respond to requests, but if you are being an attention whore, like me at times, then no.

Onto the task at hand now. Since I post this is a non fanfiction site (because I hate having ten different accounts everywhere- and don't fancy like booksie) I aim on paying a little more attention in making this understandable. Like, describing the dunmer, the redguards, the highelves and blabla. So that anyone can read it, regardless if elder scrolls world is burned in their memory or not.

I just love Elder Scrolls Oblivion, Skyrim line. I wish I had the previous games too (particularly Morrowind). It kills me when I compete 100% and have nothing new to do, which is why I thought of starting up this story. This way there is no limit at all and also I get to take out all this hunger for old times and heroism, which I so like, through my characters.

The language will be unlike what I'm used to. Fucks and sons of bitches will be only rarely so I can make it less modern sounding, you get it. I've learned to control myself over the Internet chat so I think I can make it. So I am going to warn that they are in there but just once, twice, thrice (haven't counted them).

Bethesda is the creator of the games and everything is Bethesda's. The only thing mine is the plot and characters who are not found inside it. And of course the civil wars, dragonborns tales, races, map and all of that. Okay. Go read.

Violence, racial discrimination, possibly sexual few scenes will be included in the story.


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