In Maze With The Devil

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Audrey (Debra's little brother) is found killed in the kitchen and her parents gone missing.The police wont believe Debra claiming that Satan himself did this thing and so she begins an eligal demon hunting along with Kuyunn in desprerate search to find her parents and avenge Audrey's death.But fate throws them at the fangs of a much more mighty demon...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Adam eats Akrabash

Submitted: October 26, 2011

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Submitted: October 26, 2011





...And the naughty demon walked towards his ending. The path was paved with meat for him.

Traitor! Traitor! I loved you!

His little heart, that pumped warm blood, humain, was ready to burst from anxiety. For the first time he felt so human. It paused along the tunnel to calm down but it's legs shiver, he couldn't stand. It kneeled, bend forth, rest it's hideous head on a pair of horn and spoke English.

''There's no time for rest'' answered plainly the other pulling it impatiently from it's arm.

They reached the end were the cave path was interrupted suddenly to a wall and toss there the demon on it with hate.


It's body banged the wall before it slides. It was impossible to stay up on it's feet.

''Forgive me Akrabash but I have to eat you now and take the half you stole from me. You had a good time with it but now you lost. Time to hand it back''

''No'' barked berserker.

''Yes, he insisted peacefully'' The demon's eyes shoot fires.

''You can't kill your other half Shiktis! If you do, you'll never see me again. You love me, you need me, you want me. After you suck me you'll return in your pathetic petty life with your pathetic little wife and there will be no return to hell. You'll lose all your powers, you'll be mortal, you will...''

In order to prove the originality of his decision Adam stood exactly in front of the kneeled (his boot sinked in the bloody saturated meat with a sickening squeak) and stretched his hand to the shoulder. This brought upon silence once more. The evil kept it's head down, though it's empty eyes underneath the sharp eyebrows, were always locked on the enemy thirsty for soul.

Shiktis, the room whispered to Adam. No demons mouth was moving. Shiktis...Shiktis...traitor...

''Stop!''Screamed Adam to the devil. Stop messing with my brains! Leave! The snake hissed to his direction, revealing it's bicuspids.

Damn traitor. Blind little human, weak, worthless, horrified, unprotected little human...Satan's traitor! You will be punished in all rest of eternity for what you are about to do. Casey will die and you, you will go blind. You will rot slowly in death alone a million times unbeliever-atheist and then you will need me. Your god will never take you. You are a bitter judge, a fat liar Shiktis. Don’t kill your demon for I am your Satan.

Adam kicked wrathfully his demon's sides and instantly the cursed hushed. He dried his tears before they run down. The voice was present again only this time a penitent was speaking.

I've got a name. They call me Akrabash. He was shaking. The demon's body was starved to the limits. They call me Akrabash, repeated sad giving special emphasis to the name. I am begging you Shiktis don’t kill me. I am only trying to survive. Help me. Why are you doing this?

''Why are you doing this.''

I am your other half. Don’t kill me. Do not imprison your other half. Don’t please...please.

Adam brought his hands on his forehead to retain self control. He was in hypertension. Screaming inside him: Now - now I will lose it. Now, half, let me live.

''You are my half. M-Y half!'' exploded Adam in screams.

The demon cringed in the corner seeking for minimum protection. The body which brought him to earth wouldn't take anymore abusement, the brain however was immortal.

If you dare kill me, my Father's gonna curse you for the rest of your life.

''Satan? ''Adam chuckled entertained.''Do you believe Satan takes revenges for third class scamps such as kind? You believe that your death costs anything to him? What do you believe?''

The devil thing raised it's lips growling. Adam was delighted.

''He was the one to betray you Akrabash not I. I just want to take back what you stole from and I will take it''

Chest pain...fear...betrayal

It begged in four for its life.

This is not revenge...It's a right.

The bridge of the nose shrugged.

Yeah...we all lose sometime. Living and dead.

The demon clunched with its nails on Adams back shaking all over. It hoped that as long a piece of Adam was inside him, he'd pity and offer its life. It was holding on to that slight possibility.

''Please Adam leave me (called him with his small) I will do anything. I will listen, I will stop torchoring and never fool you, ever. I love you. Save me''

Bluffing. How many times in the past did Adam hear the same? Demons never follow their word. It's hands were seeking desperately on his clothes, chest, face arms, everywhere to find a vulnerable human spot. Like one fragile drug addict search for her dose on her lover it gave itself. Nothing. Like the rapist disgusted after throws her mistreated body in the side, used, likewise Adam grabbed it from the arm again and dragged it into cage. There was a square room of bars enhased to the raw room. He let the room open without worry of escape.

That's it...

Full of despair Akrabash pierced into his eyes only for an instant before Adam blocks him from the eyesight. That demon, always hoping.

''I don’t want''

''Neither do I, shut up''

That's it...pain!

It didn't want but what possibly could it do to prevent Adam's determination. Nothing. It folded into the corner like scared wild beast.

''No more. I don’t want to, I don’t want to!''

''Hey, he went close, easy Akrabash. Dont be frightened. In a while everything will end''. He went out and closed the door gently behind him. Along with the demons terrified stare, Adam, proceed to keep its words behind the barriers. The words of a dying man. No matter what he'd hear from now on were nothing more than just the voice of a dead carcass.

''No wait for a little''

Adam put both hands open in front of the face of the demon...

''Just five minutes! Just one!'' he was trying to read it's mind from distance, and the monster threw itself in the steel to hug him. It permit panic to overcome enough to it's body as it's soul. It belonged to him. He had sensed his weakness.


''Shiktis, I love you!''

Silence...pain again!

''Please, sit to hear me only for a little. Don’t do it Shiktis. No! Don’t kill me! I don’t want, I don’t want, I don’t wanna die. I don’t want, I don’t...'' it cried with every power resource and even stronger, chaotically, like it was being slaughtered.

''I'm hurting! I am in pain! I exist...I am...I can speak!''

Adams eyes flooded with tears. He was dying to confront the one he was betraying and with great sorrow say ''forgive me''. His eye lids resisted, flickered and suddenly open!

Look at me...look at me...let me see you..

Thankfully he had considered it previously: A sick demon who is in danger could grow dangerous. One just alone dare look into him and he will suck you whole all at once. That's why Adam's hands were standing like that. In his moment of sympathy they covered his face.

Shield of hand. How frustrating! Akrabash berserked. He began purring insults in defused languages. This kind of woke Adam's will again. He kept defending against the eyes of the eyes of the fiend.

Filthy! ...Traitor! ...lifeless! ...

Akrabash was none. It didn't have a soul. It was only a name. When he referred to Akrabash he only referred to his other half. The part those dead eyes stole from him. Akrabash never existed. Only Adam somewhere lost in Akrabash's nude reddish corpse. That's what Akrabash was: A cold devil, cadaver. Skin and bones. Robot of hell programmed to revenge.

But... the demon hunchbacked.

''What will I become after?''

Adam's fingers bend and saw it suffering. Do soulless bodies suffer?

No! The bones suborned, his hands stretched. The only one who is hurting is himself. Adam.

''You are me, said strongly and clearly''

The demon screamed in agony as loud as his vocal chords allowed and finally surrender completely to his defeat. It didn't spoke again. Adam approached the cage.



Adam believed it had lost it's life but just then it jumped up and hugged from Adam's neck. With tears it started an endless begging.

''Don’t do this to me Akrabash. I can't, you don’t exist, damn it''

The creature kept sobbing like a child.

''Please stop it''

''I love you, whispered it's raucously voice, why do you want to kill me? But why? Why?'' Tears were flowing one right behind the other from both men. They are fake, told himself Adam. However he could not, not feel compassion. They looked so convincing.

Without helping he squeezed slightly the little scull. This would be the last time he was able to pet it's skin, feel it's bones and whisper ''Sorry'' and ''I love you''.

They curled up one into another wordless until the demon snaps out. It gave a strong push chestly to Adam.

''Finish me, said heavily, do it. Don’t wait''

That's it...farewell...

Now, being his half, Akrabash could sense that Adam was decided and there was no way things could turn. The moment had arrived for the undefeatable monster to meat his end and it was accepting it with seriousness.

That's it...

It was human...

Blood! ...human blood...

Human tear...

Inhuman death...

The teeth sinked deeper. It close shut its eyes. Its fists locked on the rails.

Fear...betrayal...pain...tranquility...void...that's it.

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