In Maze With The Devil

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Debra

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Submitted: October 26, 2011




The sixteen young woman got down the stairs twice steps at a time sustaining her school bag while it bounced on her shoulder. When her mother, whose eyes stalked her each morning from the kitchen hatch asked ''Debra, isn't this bag troubling you baby?'', Debra accustomed to the same question answered very typically '' No ''.It was one more of mom's repeated questions. So she hand her a ''prerecorded'' answer herself and took off.

The next day when the policeman asked her '' Did you sense any weird that day? '' And clarify '' like being watched by a force, an unearthly - odd air around you like a warning for what you found when you got home? '', Debra replied with two words.

''Oh'' and '' Odrie ''. The policeman consider it more like delirium than an answer the way she spoke and didn't give it much importance.

Debra could take an oath that in her entire life, the times she had kissed her small brother before school would be three at most. The relationship between the two siblings was strong but was not built so much over kisses and hugs (that is TV bullshit) as so in games and fights. That day of the death though she felt an intense desire to goodbye him the sweet way a bigger sister would. She wanted to show him how much she loved him, so that even if the apocalypse came at least she'd go away knowing that she gave him her love.

She froze staring to the road. Oldie’s picture with his buttery cheeks flooded her thoughts and filled her chest with a touchy glow of gratitude. She was so lucky to have such a nice brother. She run back to goodbye him. And Odrie received her kiss with an expression of sheer question mark. As many time as it passed since that moment, the image of that face brought about hate to Debra about her self. She ought to shot him how much she loved him more often.

When her mom asked her everyday she deserved to get one last '' yes '' instead of the bland '' no ''.As for her dad, she wished to not have hurt him so much in his life. Just the same morning she argued for the school bag again. Since her fifteen birthday Debra took up intentionally the trait to carry it from one sling, only because she stupid to be the only one to go to school turtle backed. But her dad insisted maddeningly that these behaviors were plain crap. All her classmates, hell all the school, had from the ones with the single strap which you hang around your neck and they fall until your thigh. Indeed they seemed useless as her mom insisted but this doesn't mean that they really were. The girl next to her squeezed all books, notebooks and her additional 'gear' such as drawing notebook, cigarettes, makeup, condoms, colored markers and always without exception a novel of a distinguished writer. Whoever knew Paullina was well aware how meaningless all those were to her. The only reason she dragged a ten kilos bag every day was to manage being likeable to all.

Paullina saw that Monica was smoking. She went and buy a packet with her mom's pocket money. Paullina learned about Raph, the loneliest kid who frequent curled into ball the corners, that he was not jerking off like the rumors had it but he was drawing in his notepad. The next day she appeared with an album overblown with pencil sketches. Immediately when she got bored of Raph and his sketches she picked up a guitar and followed after Suzan in her home every other afternoon. She had as much enemies as friends and as much friends as personalities (unlimited that is).You'd always find her untouched to someone new. Unfortunately though for this someone it was a given that the entire girl was a faceless lie and the only thing they could do was to endure her until she leaves.

Debra wondered constantly while she admired to those tremendous drawings, which Paullina shoved to Raph’s face, to who they really belong to. Maybe someone who, during his rage, forgot them in her home, when he discovered, like all of her victims eventualy, he was just a temporary entrairtainment. With expire date and everything. So many amazing people constantly surrounding this little liar and she never gave the chance to anyone. Why could she be doing this?

She was approaching now for the first time in three years the headmaster’s office. Paullina told her a little late that mister Dust was looking for her. She knocked on the door formally.

''It's open, come in''.

She stepped into the room examining the legendary headmaster desk. He must had no idea how legendary this office was to his pupils, when he greet her with a simple movement. His head down and his eyes sink deeply into to the paperwork. Maybe he knew but simply couldn't care less about it. That's were Paul had sex with Vera, Danny smoked pot, once they hid a dog cadaver and once in the past they had placed a chemical bomb with a happy face. And what hadn't happened in there! If someone came off with something ''evil'' without being busted, he'd 'sign' automatically the cool paper until graduation. Really, whatever happened to the dead dog? There was never a word about the issue.

He pointed the plastic seat in front of his desk without bothering to take his eyes off the letters.

''Paullina told me, you wanted me''

''Yes, sweaty, I sent her. How are you?''

''I'm alright. You? ''.She hated how informal this sounded.

''Thanks be, I'm fine. Your family? How is your older sister?''

''She's great. She found a job in a bank and it's good''This happened years ago but it was the only thing she knew about her when they asked.

''Ah, I'm very happy for her. Dennis is a good girl''

Debra agreed with him only from politeness but within her head she was swearing.''She's married'' she added. She tried to be talkative and relaxed''

''Get out! When?''

''Some years now. I just didn't know if you heard of it''

''No - no. Congratulations. Tell your sister I give them my hello and my wishes''


The pertinently smiles stick on their faces for a little more after the conventionalities came to end and then gradually both became serious. Mister Dust took a long time to speak but when he did he was straight to point. Thank heaven for Debra. ''I would like to talk about your appearance for the last weeks. Have you understood maybe to which appearance I am referring to, sweaty?’’

Debra raised her eyebrow and kept it deliberately until Mr. Dust looks at her straight. But the headmaster was busy sliding his finger over a book and noting down stuff on a scrap book next to him. ''I think'' she said.

''That outfit is provocative and raunchy. We would ask from you never to come like this my girl. This is a school and you must set the right example -as the proper character which I'm certain you are- for the rest kids of this school. There is already referred by some teachers that some students, with you as a role model, have started to behave violently and dress nastily. They mainly come from fourth and sixth. I don't know if you know them. Do you know them?

''Which jerks?'' wanted to say Debra. She just shrugged peevishly.

''I don’t have any objection with the way you dress sweetheart as long as this does not create problems in our school''

''I never provoked anyone. How come is my fault coz they apprehend wrong messages?''

''I agree with you Debra but unfortunately we can't do otherwise. You understand, the parents...''

Debra chewed on her cheeks nervously and forced nodding until Mr. Dust finishes his tutoring. More than anything she wanted to speak out freely her thoughts. She won’t change only because the stupid snots decided to swash and throw her name as excuse. But her eyes had nowhere, no trick, to burst their rage so all the hate gathered in the headmaster's face. Mister Dust's hands were crossed on the desk in front of him and he was looking at her with affection.

''You may go now my child and please take off the collar when you go out''

Her chains at the side of her skirt jingled as she stood up. Her leather boots stamp the floor three times before was out of the room. She was very sure that Mr. Dust was looking at her and moving his head in disappointment while she exit, the stupid blockhead. The double -faced bastard. The pervert.

''Fuck you'' she mumbled.

Paullina left the group of teenagers and approached her with curiosity. ‘’Man, you look like somebody died’’ she said while making an ugly face. How flattering.

They kept walking until the stone seats. They picked the ones drying under the sun under the window, without any particular preference. The seats in the shade were already taken like always.

‘’So, what did he want you for?’’ said Paullina.

‘’Don’t know. My ass, what crap Mr. Dust says.

‘’What … he told you something?’’

Debra’s eyes shoot evil on her. It was shit heads like her who sent her to the office. She answered cracked: ‘’He told me that I don't dress property and the kids are copying me and the parents and, and , and…I don’t care. Tomorrow I am coming exactly as I am and if it bugs him he can go complain to my parents. He can kick me off the school the mother fucker, big deal. Like it’s the best that’s ever happened to me’’ Paullina didn’t say anything. She was trying to look not shocked by her friends’ filthy tongue.‘’Paullina, do you perhaps know who are the people who copy me and stuff? Though it might be just simple stories from the headmaster or the teachers to get me to come normally dressed but I don’t know. He says to me that some kids, mostly from first and sixth, came dressed like me and started rebelling. Pushing others around. Did you see or hear their names? I swear that I will catch them and…I will…’’ Whether she was searching for the right words or words were too cheap to represent the rage that was boiling inside her.

Paullina lied that she didn't know so they won't name her a stitch and happily before Debra blow up on her, the bell rang.

Stupid losers all of you, Debra soliloquized while she walked towards the jam. They all deserve to die and rot in hell. I'm bored of seeing them and talking. This is a waste of time. I want to leave and find a job.Only one stayed out of her personal black list and that was Odrie with which she fought most frequently of all people. Oh how she'd like to have him with her sometimes in the same class. Her brother was the only one who ever accepted her exactly as she was.

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