In Maze With The Devil

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - The Odly Figure

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Submitted: October 26, 2011



During the first hour when Debra spoke Odrie’s name loud in the class and brought his face on her mind, Odrie was sitting similar to his desk and ignoring about how god created the world in only six days.

Day one: Within nothingness god creates heaven and earth and generates light to his new world.

Day two: The sky separated the waters above and under him.

Day three: God creates land and water and fills it with flora.

Day four: Creates the sun and the moon and the stars.

Day seven:Fills the world with fish and fowl. He blesses them.

Daysix:Creates mammals and creepers and beasts. And in the end builds human…

He attempt to kill his time by blackening the eyes of the holy pictures. A little next to them he wrote into small balloons ''Hail Satan'', ''The apocalypse is coming'' and ''God came on to me''. Specifically in one he had to let go off his pencil so he can choke his laugh. In one mother Marry painting were she was holding baby Jesus, Odrie blackened like all the rest her eyes and wrote under ''Mine has eyeballs'', meaning for the infant. And Jesus’ little glims stayed just as the creator of the painting thought of them to be, melancholic and turned back into its scull.

A sudden noise distracted for a while Odrie's attention off his creation. He stared suspiciously the empty chair next to him. Did it just budge by itself? Nuh. As soon as he laid his eyes off it the scrape sound was repeated. This time it did not just annoy Odrie who jumped up but also his teacher, Ms. Melanie.

''Odrie, please''

''But miss I didn't do anything''

She kept writing on the board incuriously. The boy eyed to his classmates to find an alibi. But all his students -all- were mute. Nobody ever raised his head to see his chair. That's how it was always the first hour of the day. He took a deep breath and return to his ''canvas''. From now on his mind would be on the chair.

For the period that followed Odrie renew his book with some more pairs of black eyes until it lost its fun completely. The chalk in the teachers hands 'grip' on fire. He stayed from his seat examining to her hand writing. Writing and writing without letting out the weakest peak. That's using the silence as your weapon. Dare a naughty scamp pull a mischief; she was immediately prepared to tell from which kid, what part it originated. Not that the class was cluttered. They were fifteen pupils at most, along with the ones missing in sick.

''Come on guys, wake up. Time for copy'' she said scribbling her last sentences to the board. She underlined the title and finally drop the chalk leftover to die in peace. Odrie thought of a comical scenario in his brain with the chalk wheeling very slowly on the plastic table top while smokes exhaust from the friction. Then the teacher screams ''Take out your writing books''. Fastest Chalk in all west and the movie title fades in from black. Then he saw her turning in real life. ''Take out your writing books, guys'' .Odrie laughed alone.

''Misses, can we write in our scrap book?'' asked Joan sleepily.

''No, just directly to your good, it's alright. I don't want to burden you with extra homework''

The girl slit it back in her bag and pulled a green in front of her. Together they started copying with different paces whatever they saw in the rooms’ wall. The lesson would start officially the minute all students first copied her design correctly. Melanie found this method efficient, a little more, than just plain narration of the chapter. In this way they could at least remember the critical parts.

Before the chair moves again, absolute silence and the sound of graphite scratching on the paper ruled the air. So it's next, with an atmosphere like that, for the sound to be tripled in everyone's ears.

''Can you tell me Odrie what is it you do to the chair?''

''But I'm not doing it!"

They laughed. Misses Melanie looked at him snooty. ''You're telling me that the chair crawled out of the desk alone'' The boy nodded honestly.''You never kicked it, you never pushed it''

''No I didn’t''

''Odrie I will be forced to put you in detention. Get up and take the chair back in its place''

Odrie obeyed to his teachers’ strict tone and stood up, even though it'd be a lot easier for him to just drag it with his foot, to return it next to him from where it took off (alone).

''Ghost'' he thought, much more excited than spooked of the idea. At least by the time he discovers its mysterious purpose, Odrie perceived his presence friendly and no doubt interesting. Who wouldn't want a ghost pall?

Yeah, it sounds dumb but Odrie was already making plans of his future life. He could see himself as an ordinary sixteen year old surrounded by punks. The crowd yelling ''Odrie! Odrie! Odrie! Hail the grand magician!''. Then lifting his finger and the ghost, which no one else can see but him, picks up cars to the air and brakes noses of his high school enemies.

The pencil had lost its charms against the unattainable dreams of an elementary school child.




"Past twelve?" Debra screamed at her watch "Fuck! Dad is going to cut me to pieces, Don!"

Donald tried not to show startled hearing Debby calling dad just "dad" and becoming hysterical over his name. He licked his upper lip in a vulgar matter. "I'm not your pervert old man, why is it my fault?" he chuckled vilely.

"I told you though, I told you. Not before twelve. Not. Dot. Before. Dot. Twelve. The end. Why didn't you remind me?"

Boldly he shrugged. What a stupid question. Maybe because he didn't feel like it? Maybe because he (not the most wanted bachelor) managed the most hardcore chick in high school? Of course now Debra was behaving as there was no one else in the car, but that could be surpassed easily. Or maybe, maybe, could it be coz that was the night that no way he'd let an old fart ruin it for him? Why didn't he tell her? Wonder why...

Herbra was hanging from the mirror over the driver's seat. Debra could remember clearly that she had thrown it near her legs and she almost hit him when she realized what had happened.

"I don't have time, asshole" she said, hating his devious smile.

"In the contrary, I can admire you all night."

"Pervert" She leaned closer offering the hungry teenager the whole detail of her juicy behind, at the point of opprobrium. She knew that she had to play along his game if she wanted to go home as quicker as possible. She reached it. "There, dick. Now take me home. Now."

"I love you too, baby. "With a hop, Don landed on the front seat while Debra was already next to him, hooking her bra. "Why don't you take it off?"

"Take your tentacles off" Debra pushed his hands away.

"Come on, baby, they are awesome. Let them out." He leaned towards her, but again she hit him on the shoulder. "Watch the road" she commanded. He obeyed frowned.

At the stop light, he tapped on his cigarette. He was speaking for the first time after the second try. "Can I ask you something?"

"Shut up" she took a sip and whipped the ashes away.

"It's personal" he didn't expect an answer "Don't you like your tits, my baby?" The stop light turned green, but the car staid put."Why aren't you talking to me Debby? Don't you love me?’’

"Green, Don."

"What is it? I'm too good, huh? Is that it?"

"Yes, Don, perfect" she replied completely bored, saying exactly what he wanted to hear "Now get on with it. I would prefer to be back before next morning."

It wasn't exactly what any teenager would dream. Yes, Don, you were perfect and all. Get on with it please, we have school tomorrow. The bitch! He stepped on the gas petal and after a few steps, again the brake. Red light.

"What the hell, Don, move! There's no one there"

They reached Debra's house and Don stopped. "Is it here?"

It was there. He knew that well, but he wanted to hear her voice once more. Debra ignored him and rushed outside. If Don hadn't stepped up, he was sure that she wouldn't have even thanked him.

Donald hated being called "Donald" like Debra was annoyed when she'd be called by her nickname "Debby". No one bother correcting it anymore, though.

"Goodnight, Debby."

"Goodnight, Donald. Thanks for the lift" she said hastily. It would have been more believable if she hadn't turned around immediately and headed home.

"Wait, Debb!" he yelled as soon as she reached the first step.

Debra sighed impatiently. "What! What is it!" she whispered a yell.

"You … You’ll come tomorrow, right?"

"I don't know-bye."

"Byyye." As soon as she was in a safe enough distance he muttered: "Bitch."

Great. Beautiful! Secluding dad's curse -what a drag parents were- everything had turned out dreamy. And the next day, if she was be absent, all the best for him. It would give him the green light for everything that he'd think of.He already started weaving the first crazy scenario of two bare skinned teenagers facing two cops, their trained hunting dogs, a wolf, someone who was peeking at them and a vampire (what good would be the cone without the ice-cream), that stayed around and accompanied him to his slumber.




Silence. She knocked again and waited." Mom. Audrey." She yelled after some time. Again nothing. She was about to scream for the forth time when the fence windows flew open behind her and an old lady appeared from the darkness. Certainly, she had entered her fifty long ago.

"Miss, quiet." she crowed.

"I'm sorry. Did you maybe notice if our parents left?" From the way the old lady raised her eyebrow, Debra understood that she wasn't going to get an answer. At least nothing while she stayed standing, instead of bowing down to her. Maybe she needed a different approach.

"You see," she started "I was supposed to return early and I forgot. Really, my friend didn't remind me."


"And? I'm locked down here, outside. Have you maybe seen..."

"And what. I can't do anything" she replied coldly. In her mind, Debra pulled a finger at her.

Once more the hag pleaded for solitude and disappeared in the total darkness of her apartment. She more, like, enforced the silence than she asked nicely and turned her back. Debra had a scary thought of the old woman disappearing from Earth as soon as she enters the darkness.

Suddenly, she felt as if she was no longer alone there, and buttoned her jacket. She dared to look upon noticing some movement.

On the roof of the vet's -she was the only one still having a detached house with a roof in the city's center- her eyes barely made out something long and narrow, somehow human-like. Robber! Was the first thought that raced her mind. Was it moving? It was moving, no doubt about that. No, it was only her imagination.

She blinked her eyes just in case everything was a joke of her imagination. However, when she focused them again, the thing was still there, slightly shifted.

"What the…" she stood up. She took three steps to get a better look at it and noted an imaginable starting point under its feet. Then, she returned to the marble stairs. She waited only for ten minutes and looked at the figure again. Not only was it still there, but it had surpassed Debra's broken starting point, the pan tile.

Immediately she felt thousands of needles piercing her back.

The shape was surely human -a statue- and most likely male, judging by the waste line and its broad shoulders. And it was moving very cautiously. It wasn't moving legs, hands or anything of the sort like it should. It was standing on military attention and was moving like a crab, sideways, towards somewhere. Without a single movement. It'd either look her way or the opposite, of hers. In any case, the vet's house wasn't far. If it had heard the old lady, then it was ignoring her completely.

She was curious to stay and observe it a little bit more, but some other force inside her was screaming to her that the right thing to do was run. Run the sooner away from there. The sight was inspiring something illogical, wrong, as if it had escaped from a wrong world in theirs. And there was something else that she could not figure out.

She hastily walked around the block until she saw the door's light.

She froze.

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